Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 5.13 Blood Ties

Buffy season 5

Buffy reveals all about the Key, er, Dawn, in Blood Ties.  Yet another Key post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

The Scoobies makes plans for Buffy’s birthday and fighting Glory.  Giles tells them Glory to keep her human form she needs to pull energy out of people, which drives them insane.  The Scoobies are told that Dawn is the key.  The Knights are meeting and Glory shows up and slaughters them.  Dawn is at the Magic Shop and feels weird because everyone is weird around her.  Buffy opens her birthday gifts and all feels strange when one gift is a picture of her and Dawn.  This upsets Dawn and she goes to her room.  She sneaks out and bumps into Spike, who helps her get Giles book from the store.  They find the book and Dawn reads about the Key, and finally figures it out.  Dawn is the Key.  And this upsets Dawn.  She goes back to the house and cuts herself , crying, asking Joyce who she was.  Buffy tries to talk to her, but Dawn is to upset to listen.  Buffy is angry at Spike for helping, but he blames Buffy for lying to her.  Dawn hears Buffy and Joyce talking and gets angry, burns her diaries and leaves home.  The smoke alarm goes off, telling them what Dawn did.  The Scoobies all go in search of Dawn.  Xander thinks its cool a ball of energy has a crush on him.  Dawn goes through the park, then goes to the hospital.  She goes to the psych ward and asks the patients what she is.  Ben shows up and she tells him she is the Key.  Ben freaks and changes into Glory, who doesn’t know Dawn is the Key.  They talk.  And Dawn does not recall Ben changing into Glory.  Buffy arrives and she fights Glory with the Scoobies help.  Willow and Tara do a spell which teleports Glory away.  She ends up in the sky and plummets straight down.  Buffy and Dawn talk and make up.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Buffy’s 20th birthday!  Time for a disaster!  Glory is a Hellgod from a demon dimension.  She’s a brainsucker to keep herself together.  So much of this season is now being explained.  Time for Key talk.  Buffy admits to knowing where the Key is, and the Scoobies are annoyed.  Are they gonna tell them about Dawn???  And now you cut to the Knights??  Zombie Monks versus Knights.  Well, that was a short battle.  Glory ftw!  I really wanted to see the Scoobies reaction to Dawn.  Willow and Tara do some street graffiti magic.  And here comes the Key, er, Dawn.  Willow seems so calm with all this.  And the spell disappears!  Xander looks slightly nervous.  Anya, you are so not subtle.  Dawn sees Giles put his notebook away.  And the sisters needle each other.  Glory!  From torture to sex?  Nope, just feeding off the Knight.  This can’t be the first birthday party Anya has been to.  Awww, Dawn gives Buffy a picture and frame with seashells.  Joyce looks so sad, and its hitting everyone.  Dawn is overhearing again.  Time for teenage girl paranoia, but this time for real.  That was a good door slam Dawn.  Sneaking out?  Gonna run into stalking Spike.  Yep!  With a gift.  Teletubies mention!  Spike and Dawn would be a great sitcom.  And who is badder?  Of course Spike can pick a lock.  Is Dawn gonna learn she is the Key?  Spike really shouldn’t be smoking around Dawn, bad influence.  Dawn is reading about herself and not even realizing it.  And the lunatic comment clicks with Dawn.  Okay, flashbacks not required, we know all this.  DAWN KNOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!  And Spike is calm with this.  No card from Riley, the jerk.  Dawn slashed her arm!!!  Oh crap they know she knows and she knows they know.  Dawn says Key and Buffy mentally screams.  Six months ago Dawn was born.  Dawn is so hurt and devastated and hurt.  One question answered, how Dawn found out.  Spike has a point.  Kick the Spike sounds like a cool video game.  Joyce actually looks hurt.  Dr. Ben sees the Knights.  Dawn suspended for swearing and now she overhears Buffy making really stupid comments.  Dawn looses it.  Joyce calls Buffy on it.   Fire alarm and one missing Dawn.  Buffy takes charge like a boss, all to find her sister.  That can’t be the same swingset because they weren’t in Sunnydale at that age.  Xander, stop driving Giles nuts.  Spike is actually being nice and comforting.  Dawn sneaking into the mental ward is not a good idea.  Dr. Ben and Dawn comparing sisters.  Oh freak, Dawn just told Ben she’s the Key.  Yikes!  Ben changing into Glory is freaky.  But Glory doesn’t know still that Dawn is the Key.  And now Dawn is realizing the full magnitude of what she is.  What does the Key unlock?  Glory, take a breather please.  Buffy!  Fight!  Spike knocked out!  That’s gonna piss him off.  Again, if Buffy and Spike date, I shall scream.  Glory is really kicking the crap out of the Scoobies.  Willow and Tara spell!  That spell really hurt Willow.  Teleportation spell!  To right above the city.  Will this mixing of Buffy and Dawn’s blood gonna be a plot point?  And the sisters make up.  Does Dawn really not remember what happened to Ben?


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Xander brings the funny to the Scoobies with, “A crazy Hellgod?  And the fun just keeps on leaving.”  Anya shows her juvenile humour to Dawn with “Heh heh.  Xander needs help with his thing!”  Buffy asks Dawn a question that sounds ominous with “How was school today?”  And Dawn replies to Buffy with typical teenageness with “Oh, the usual.  Big square building filled with boredom and despair.”  Dawn flips out to Joyce about her being the Key with, “I am not sick!  I am not anything!”  Joyce gives Buffy good advice with “What she needs is her sister Buffy, not the Slayer.”


Holy Hellmouth, crap does happen in this one!  Bravo Joss for putting so much, so well, so wonderfully, into this one.  Really felt for Dawn here.



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