Some Random Thoughts On Angel 2.13 Happy Anniversary, and Angel 2.14 The Thin Dead Line

Angel Season 2

Angel thinks he might be wrong in Happy Anniversary and fights zombies with badges in The Thin Dead Line.  All part of my exciting My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!


Happy Anniversary…

What Angel Investigations Did!

AI without Angel clean up their new office and talk about their futures and money.  Angel hears Lorne singing in the hotel lobby and finds out about a man who sang at the bar who will end the world.  Now he needs to find him.  The singer is a scientist named Gene who has figured out how to stop time.  His girlfriend visits him and they talk of their anniversary.  Angel and Lorne go to different karaoke bars and get leads on Gene.  Gene tests his time device and thinks it does not work.  He does not know two demons arrive and change his formula.  Virginia gets AI without Angel a case.  Gene gets his formula to work.  Angel and Lorne find more clues on Gene at the university library.  The girlfriend tell hers friend she is going to break up with Gene and Gene hears.  Angel is attacked in the library by a demon.  Gene takes his time equipment and plans to freeze time while he and his girlfriend are having sex.  Angel talks to Lorne as they head off to stop Gene.  AI without Angel kills a demon and saves a family.  But the truth is the demon was hired to kill for the family money.  Angel and Lorne defeat the demons who sabotaged Gene, then stop Gene from using his time machine.  Gene does use it, but Angel saves the day.  Gene realizes how wrong he was as he talks to Angel and Lorne.  Angel feels bad for how he treated AI.  AI without Angel celebrate their first case and quickly get another.


My Thoughts!!

New office for AI without Angel.  Haha, the power went out.  Demon bar guy Lorne singing in the hotel lobby the Star Spangled Banner.  Oh no, the End Times!  Karaoke flashback.  Boring guy sings boring song.  Okay, demon guy being knocked out is funny.  So the world is gonna end by a math equation.  A snapshot of time, paging Dr Who 50th Special.  So Gene is going to freeze time and destroy everything.  His girlfriend and him are really dysfunctional.  Thank you helpful bartender for that info.  For He’s A jolly Good Fellow?  I think we are supposed to think their is a logic behind these song choices.  Betcha he just froze time.  Demons in suits changing the math.  Her trust fund could help AI.  And what about the rich loser Angel helped with blackmail.  Is Gunn’s gang still hunting?  Betcha Gene is gonna find out his girlfriend is cheating when he tells her he froze time.  What’s with all the tell, not show this show does?  Demon drove the car and all madcap crap happens and they don’t show it?  No one notices a demon walking around the campus library.  Lotta overhearing going on lately on Joss’s show.  Sympathy bone?  At least they sound realistic.  Back to Angel being really good at bsing people.  Fighting in the library is not allowed!  No throwing books either!  Yes, let’s talk plot points instead of leaving before the campus cops show up.  New school mascot joke is getting old.  Could Data please show up and explain this better?  We understand that jilted Gene is gonna freeze him and girlfriend, but it will all go wrong and destroy all reality.  Is this guy gonna freeze time when they are having sex?  He’s right, Angel went from helping the innocent to punishing the guilty.  Army of zombie suits guys coming up.  AI is doing a bad murder mystery.  Aunt Helen is the culprit!  Hey, Lorne can fight, and do killer yodel.  She having second thoughts about breaking up with Gene?  She moves fast.  Really fast.  Perv, freezing time during sex.  So zombie suit guys are doing this on purpose to destroy our reality.  Angel just pulls the plug, paging Naked Gun.  Gene looks so sad.  At least they explain it to him.  Angel now realizes he was wrong to fire the crew.  AI is partying!  And getting new clients.


Know what they were trying to do here, but it all just becomes a mush of mushiness, kinda like a second season episode of Star Trek Enterprise.   Lorne is cool through.

Angel logo


The Thin Dead Line….

What Angel Investigations Did!

AI without Angel gets a case of a girl with a demon eye on the back of her head.  Angel feels lonely at the hotel.  Anne lets two latecomer teens into her shelter because they are scared.  They are being stalked by evil cops.  Anne tells Gunn and he investigates.  Angel trails Gunn and is attacked by an evil cop who is not human but a corpse.  Angel goes to Kate and they find out the cop is dead and that someone is using them as zombies.  Cordelia does not like Gunn’s friends helping with the cops.  They film evil cops being evil and Wesley goes to save Gunn.  But Wesley is hot and badly wounded.  They try to get him to a hospital but are stopped by more evil cops, so they end up at Anne’s shelter.  They fortify the place as evil cops storm the place.  Angel goes to the precinct and the captain tells Angel about the magic used for the zombies.  Angel breaks the zombie statue, returning the cops to dead.  Angel and Kate talk of the neighbourhood crime now.  Angel goes to Wesley’s hospital room and Cordelia tells him off.


My Thoughts!!

Angel’s hotel office looks so sad and empty and lonely and messy.  Yes, make more of a mess Angel.  Meanwhile, at the real AI, they are bored and so are we are.  Clients!  Okay, that eye on the back of her head is gross.  Of course, they are being chased right to Anne’s shelter.  Anne sure be a bitch in these episodes.  Merle again??  Guilt trip from a whiny demon.  Evil cops!  Anne is gonna call Angel.  Nope!  Anne knowing Gunn actually makes sense.  Gunn and Anne romance?  They mention Angel and now the plot thickens.   Angel’s been stalking AI?  Now stalking Gunn and Anne, because that seems to be all these Vampires do lately.  E-mail mention!  Angel versus the evil cop!  Who is not quite human.  Knew he was gonna kick his head off.  Demon zombie cops!  Will Angel call in crazy Kate?  Everyone’s noticed that Gunn is no longer with his Vampire fighting group.  What’s with all rejected Boyz in the Hood dialogue?  Kate!  Back at her old job and precinct.  I am beyond tired of bitchy Kate.  Gotta get AI back into Gunn’s story.  Back to the Kate’s loser dad storyline.  Is this where they finally resolve that one? Wesley mentions cellphone.  Cordelia helping at a youth shelter is very different.  Love how she recognizes the shirt Angel donated.  Hello creepy rapist guy.  Knew they would mention Rodney King.  I have actually seen cops like this in real life.  Wesley is shot!!!!  Holy Crap!!!!!  Police stations are never this dark at night.  Betcha they are all zombie cops.  Wesley does look like crap.  It’s a trap!  These zombie cops aren’t the brightest.  This is almost like Weekend at Bernie’s the Wesley edition.  Jackson is the evil rapist guy and Gunn hates his ass.  Will Wesley pull a Doyle here?  Knew that jerk cop was gonna shoot Angel because he is that stupid.  Hidden passageway?  These zombie cops are nuts.  Time for rapist guy to die.  Nope, dang. And just in the nick of time, Angel smashed the idol over the cops face and the zombie cops all fall down.  Wesley looks dead. Kate is such an idiot, evil zombie cops are brutalizing citizens and she is okay with it.  Than Angel call her out and she changes her tune.  Wesley lives!!  Guilty feeling Angel mopes from a distance.  Ouch!  But Cordelia is right.


Liked the concept and even some of the execution of this one.  Getting abit better with this one.  And I was actually kinda worried for Wesley’s survival here.



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