Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 5.14 Crush

Buffy season 5

Buffy has to deal with love and other damages in an episode called Crush.  Time for one more post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

The Scoobies party at the new Bronze and Buffy just watches.  Spike goes to talk to Buffy and Xander intervenes and sends him away.  Willow is still not well after the teleportation spell.  A train shows up at Sunnydale and all the passengers are dead.  Harmony agrees to play act like Buffy for Spike’s sex games.  Buffy hears about the train and knows it is a Vampire.  Buffy finds Dawn with Spike, who is telling scary stories.  Dawn tells Buffy she has a crush on Spike and that Spike has a crush on Buffy.  Buffy tells Xander, while looking at the train, that Spike loves her.  Xander thinks it is a joke.  A doll is in the train and it is like the ones Drusilla had.  Buffy sees Dawn and Joyce chatting with Spike and Spike tells Buffy he knows where the train Vampires are.  While going after the Vampires, Spike keeps asking Buffy what her fav booze is, music, etc, and this annoys Buffy.  They attack the Vampires and Buffy can tell these aren’t the Vampires they are looking for.  Buffy finally figures it out and argues with Spike.  Is this a date?  Does Buffy want it to be a date?  Buffy is angry and says Spike can’t loved without a soul.  Each goes home.  Spike sees Drusilla at his home.  She tells Spike about what’s going on in Angel’s show in Los Angeles and wants him to come with her.  She knows of the chip and still wants him to be evil.  Harmony shows up and argues with Drusilla, but Spike decides to be evil again.  Buffy is advised to make sure Spike is clear they will not be together.  Buffy asks Willow for some help with that.  Spike and Drusilla go to the Bronze and find some victims.  Buffy finds Spike’s shrine to her in his basement.  Buffy is caught leaving the basement by Drusilla, who is then caught by Spike.  Buffy wakes up and is chained up in Spike’s basement, as is Drusilla.  Spike tells of his romance to Drusilla, then says he is in love with Buffy.  Spike offers to kill Drusilla for Buffy.  And he will let Drusilla kills Buffy if she does not admit her love to Spike.  Buffy says no and Spike rants about woman.  Harmony shows up and shoots Spike with a crossbow.  They fight.  Drusilla gets loose and attacks Buffy.  Spike frees Buffy.  Drusilla is upset by this and leaves Sunnydale.  Harmony leaves Spike.  Buffy hits Spike and leaves.  Spike follows.  Buffy tells him to get lost.  Spike tries to enter Buffy’s house, but is magically barred thanks to Willow.  Buffy closes the door on Spike.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Dancing at the Bronze!  It’s all been repaired!  Everyone happy!  But Buffy all alone by herself!  Spike!  She really can’t believe Spike wants to make talky talk.  Of course, Spike stole Xander’s money.  Willow has headaches from the spell?  That musty have been one Hellmouth of a spell.   She Who Not Be Named?  For Glory?  Nice Harry Potter reference.  Dr. Ben!  Buffy is trying to move on very quickly.  And Ben is worried about what Dawn saw.  Xander gives Spike crap, like he cares.  Wonder what comic that guy is reading? That’s scary, a train where no one gets off.  And now he’s dead.  Giles is hanging out at Buffy’s place?  Oh, as security.  Spike took the blue cashmere sweater because he is just all stalkery lately.  Harmony!  I really don’t think Spike is in the mood.  We all knew he would get her to roleplay Buffy.  Hunchback of Notre Dame talk.  Knew it was the Disney version.  Love how Buffy just grabs the guy’s newspaper.  Dawn at Spike’s?  Is she being disobedient or does she have a crush?  Love how Spike gets so freaked when Dawn says he is not a threat.  This would be so different nowadays since every teen has a smartphone.  Spike telling Dawn a ghost story is so cool.  Buffy’s look tells Spike to make the story PG at worst. And Buffy figures it out.  So Buffy likes cool moody Vampire Angel.  And Dawn likes cool moody Vampire Spike.  Angel mention.   Dawn is the first to notice Spike’s crush on Buffy?  Cue shocked Buffy.  Love the look on her face.  Love how Buffy and Xander just enter the crime scene.  Xander finds Spike’s crush funny.  Xander is annoyed and freaked out Dawn’s crush is now on Spike.  Scary doll!  Joyce tells gallery stories, and Spike’s there???  Buffy is so not dealing with this well is she?  Spike’s tip should be fun.  Awkward car waiting.  Sex Pistols is so very very Spike.  Vampires with cd’s.  Spike opens the door for Buffy, what a gentleVampire.  Spike really does have feelings for Buffy, and he really has trouble explaining it.  That is one pissed off Buffy storming out.  Drusilla!  Time for catch up with what’s going on with Angel’s show.  Drusilla is so mentally unstable, it is still freaky.  The Last Temptation of Spike?  And right on cue, Harmony.  Drusilla’s gonna stake her, isn’t she?  Threesome mention.  Sweet boo-boo?  Feel sad for Harmony here.  Time for the return of season two Spike.  Group therapy session for Buffy.  Has she told Giles yet?  Good advice Willow, make it clear nothing will happen.  Sigh, I thought we were over these indie bands in the Bronze.  Drusilla is very very vicious.  Guess Spike can bite already dead people.  He’s Baaaaack!  Betcha Spike has a Buffy shrine down there, blue sweater and all.  Yep!  Drusilla with a taser for the win.  Spike tasered Drusilla?  That is s look of disgust for the ages on Buffy’s face when Spike says I Love You.  Spike is gonna stake Drusilla?  All Buffy has to do is admit to something even I can see is there.  Time for the freak out.  Harmony? And she’s pissed and has a crossbow.  Fight!  Harmony’s doing better than I thought.  Buffy versus Drusilla!  Drusilla looks so hurt by Spike’s betrayal.  Now that was a punch!  And the force field is back at Buffy’s place.  Spike looks so hurt and shocked.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Xander tells Spike what he thinks of him, “Spike, you diabolical fiend.”  Tara gently chides Willow with, “Honey, in case you didn’t hear me the first six thousand times, no more teleportation spells.”  Dawn tells Buffy what she thinks of Spike, “I don’t think Spike’s icky.”  Dawn tells Buffy off when she compares Angel to Spike because of the soul, “Spike has a chip, same dif.”  Spike tries to explain his feelings to Buffy with, “Two people.  In the workplace.  Feelings develop.”  Buffy rebuts Spike with, “You can’t love without a soul.”  And finally Buffy makes her feelings clear for Spike with “What part of punching you in the face did you not understand?”


While you definitely feel for Buffy here, being essentially stalked by Spike who has a violent past, you also feel something for Spike.  He has no soul, so no moral guidance, and cannot really understand these feelings plaguing him.  Each of them feel so emotionally right by the final scene.



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