Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 5.15 I Was Made To Love You

Buffy season 5

Buffy meets April, who is very love lorn, in the episode called I Was Made To Love You.  Time for another post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy beats Xander, dressed as a punching bag, while complaining to Giles about Spike.  A young lady named April wanders Sunnydale looking for someone.  Joyce gets ready for a date.  Tara and Anya talk the net and stock trading.  April asks them where Warren is, but they don’t know.  April keeps searching.  The Scoobies are at a university party and Buffy decides to chat up Dr. Ben.  April shows up still looking for Warren, but Warren sees her first and takes off.  Spike sees Buffy with Ben and decides to hit on April, but she is in no mood for him and tosses him through the window.  Then Buffy get tossed through a window by April.  They realize she is a robot.  Buffy goes home and Giles says he should not babysit teen girls anymore because they drive him nuts.  Joyce comes back from her date and is happy.  April is still searching for Warren, now door to door.  Willow tracks down Warren.  Buffy finally calls Ben for coffee and we see Glory changing into Ben.  Warren packs to leave his girlfriend Katrina without saying why.  Buffy arrives and wants answers and Katrina leaves.  Warren made April to be in love with him, but he got bored, so he left, hoping her batteries would run out.  Spike sees the Scoobies at the Magic Box and tell him to get out.  April and Katrina bump into each other.  Warren arrives and tells April it is over, which makes Buffy and April fight.  Buffy damages April and wins the fight.  Buffy talks top April as she shuts down.  Buffy learns she does not need a man in her life.  April dies.  Buffy calls Ben to cancel and Glory hears the message.  Spike asks Warren to make him a robot that looks like Buffy.  Warren finally agrees.  Buffy goes home and chats to her mother.  But her mother Joyce is lying awkwardly on the couch.  Buffy calls out for her mom again, but still gets no answer.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Feel sorry for that punching bag.  Xander’s the punching bag?  Aww, Xander gives good advice.  And Xander has a point about trying to build a relationship on top of a Hellmouth.  Who is this girl?  If Joyce twirls one more time, she will turn into Wonder Woman.  Joyce has been on dates in the last few years.  Tara and Anya!  Talking about computers!  Website mention!  Frat party!  With Dr. Ben!  Nice fake laugh Buffy.  Mystery girl shows up looking for Warren.  And Warren takes off.  Good one Willow, tick off Tara.  Spike!  This still feels very stalkerish.  Mystery girl is April and she is very strong.  Teach you right Spike for making those kind of suggestions.  And Buffy goes flying too.  Love how all the Scoobies think April is a robot.  Giles babysitting Dawn is perfect and fun… for Dawn.  Giles still seems uncomfortable around Joyce, and especially her dating life.  Kinda feel sad for April here, still looking for Warren.  Love Tara’s spicy talk.  They all know but Giles that April is a sexbot.  Glory back to Ben is still creepy.  Wait, are they the same body, but different minds?  Buffy finds Warren, and he is almost on the run.  Ted mention!  Spike has to be under that flaming blanket.  Giles looks really really pissed at Spike.  Giles pushed Spike!  Just like a dad telling a bad influence boyfriend to leave.  Warren is an idiot.  Love how Buffy talks about April like she is a real person with real emotions.  Knew that girl was gonna die by April.  She’s alive!  That view from inside April’s computerized mind is silly.  Warren is a coward and a clod.  Fight!  And now April is all calmed down.  And slowly shutting down.  Is Buffy gonna make a move on Xander?  I actually think this is a good idea Buffy, to give yourself some time.  Why is Spike at Warren’s?  He wants a Buffy bot?  Spike, go see Counselor Troi!  Wait, is that Joyce is the background?  Is Joyce dead? I s this the one before the famous Joyce death episode?


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Xander tells Buffy about his current situation, “I’m alive.  I can tell because of the pain.”  Joyce freaks out Buffy very easily with, “Oh dear.  I left my bra in his car.”  Buffy talks to her mom Joyce one final time with, “Mom? Mom? Mommy?”


We get Warren, who is a loveless person with a soul, and April, who is a loving person without a soul.  Which means Joss you want us to examine what a soul is.  Which makes us wonder even more about Spike.  Hmmm… ya got us thinking.


And that last scene is just plain evil.



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