Some Random Thoughts On Angel 2.15 Reprise and Angel 2.16 Epiphany

Angel Season 2

Angel finds out the secret of Earth in Reprise which leads to a bad decision, and that bad decision leads him back to AI in Epiphany.  All a part of my enticing My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!



What Angel Investigations Did!

Angel stops Wolfram and Hart from doing a sacrifice, and finds out they are worried about “the review”.  Angel asks Kate for help, but she says no because she is under review herself for her strange cases.   Also she knows Angel had something to do with the murders in Holland’s house.  Angels seeks Lorne’s help, and he is reading several Wolfram and Hart lawyers who are singing, and they all want Angel dead.  The review is a senior partner who comes in for a deadly review.  And all the lawyers are smooching butt in order to survive.  Also the magical Band of Blacknil can kill the senior partner.  At AI without Angel, they have gotten rid of the little girls third eye.  But the mother won’t pay because she thinks it is a scam.  Darla tells Lindsay that Drusilla is not coming back to town, then she secretly searches his bag.  Angel tries researching the Band but has no material, so he goes to AI without Angel.  He is rude and takes a book.  Cordelia goes to stop him, but Angel threatens violence.  Wesley stands up and lets Angel go.  Angel goes to the bookstore from fifty years ago and the same guy is still their.  The senior partner has a ring that can take you to hell.  The Band allows you to kill the senior partner.  He goes to get the Band but Darla kills him and takes it.  Kate faces her cop review and is fired.  She gets drunk and trashes her apartment.  Virgina dumps Wesley.  Cordelia gets a call that the client now wants to pay and she goes to see them.  But the client is held hostage by a demon who kills her.  Angel goes to the review and finds Darla and they fight.  The senior partner shows up and Angel gets the glove from Darla and kills the senior partner.  Angel smashes out the window and lands outside.  He puts on the ring and an elevator opens with Holland inside.  He gives Angel a trip to the Home Office in hell and they end up back on Earth.  Angel gets very mopey from this news.  He goes back to the hotel and gets a message from Kate, drunk and overdosing.  Darla is their and Angel and her have sex.  Angel wakes up gasping.


My Thoughts!!

Angel just loves to walk around in creepy empty buildings doesn’t he?  Goats?  Okay, sacrifices.  Wolfram and Hart flunkies.  One Angel rampage coming up!  Hey AI solved the girls third eye problem!  That society lady is a bitch and stupid and kinda predictable.  Because AI has to remain poor.  Wesley is in a wheelchair.  Lindsay and Lila!  Telling us all this boring corporate maneuvering.  Kate the cop!  So with no AI around, Angel goes and bothers Kate who doesn’t care.  Well, Angel’s actions have repercussions finally, with the cops asking questions.  And Kate figures out what happened to the Wolfram and Hart lawyers.  We all know Lindsay is talking to Darla.  Yak’s bile?  Somehow I doubt these lawyers would come to the karaoke bar.  Gasp!  The senior partner is coming!  That is supposed to be creepy, all the lawyers staring like that, but I don’t care.  Angel barging into AI like a jerk.  Wesley stood!  And he popped a bunch of stitches.  Kate at her review.  And she would have a lawyer or police union rep with her.  I actually agree with that one lady about Kate never getting over her father’s death.  And firing her on the spot is stupid.  Old guy cop just had to mention her dad, just to be a jerk.  Wow, callback to bookstore guy from 1950’s hotel episode.  Home office for Wolfram and Hart is hell?  Oh man, just when he was gonna get the glove of whatever, Darla kills the helpful old bookstore guy.  Wesley’s girlfriend Virginia!  They are breaking up already?  Kate smashes shelves, about ten episode too late.  Lila, your security sucks.  Cordelia, it’s a trap!  Lots of head snapping on these shows lately.  Danger!  Danger!  Vampire Alert!  Smart move with the holy water on Darla.  Fight!  Angel gets the glove and Lindsay decks Lila!  Oh yeah, and chanting.  That fall must have hurt like hell Angel.  Angel is seriously going to hell?  Holland!  Definitely means we are in hell.  This elevator ride is bad with the babble, worse with the music.  So Wolfram and Hart is simply fear and evil personified.  Earth is hell.  Cue shocked Angel doing the Bruce Banner walk and seeing how terrible everything is and all hope should be abandoned.  This is straight out of the Rod Sterling handbook.  Is Kate gonna overdose?  Darla’s back yet again.  Angel is gonna have sex with Darla?  No, just throw her through the door.  This looks rather racy.  This is sex, not love, so would he become Angelus again?  Cliffhanger ending on that question.


I really was whatever to this one.  And that ending was pure bad 1980’s Twilight Zone with Earth is hell being the oh so uplifting moral.  Plus, that stuff with Angel and Darla was stupid and predictable.  Sex does not always equal love.  Thanks for that update.


Angel logo Epiphany….

What Angel Investigations Did!

Angel has pain and Darla awaits Angelus to emerge.  But he doesn’t.  The sex was not a moment of pure happiness.. So Angel realizes he has made lots of mistakes and Darla is not happy.  Angel remembers Kate’s message and he kicks her out, saying he will kill her if he sees her again.  Angel goes to Kate’s place and revives her.  Darla tells Lindsay about her sex with Angel.  Angel gets advice from Lorne and is told AI is in danger.  Cordelia arrives at the clients house and finds the family dead.  And gets a vision of a demon attack just before it happens.  These demons have eyes in the back of their heads and are mad their spawn was destroyed.  Angel goes to Wesley’s place and helps him fight off demons.  The demons put a third eye in Cordelia.  Angel and Wesley realize Cordelia is missing, and Wesley talks of her change of ways because of the visions.  Less partying, more serious.  Angel feels bad.  Gunn arrives and they head off to save Cordelia.  Angel fights some demons along the way, but then Lindsay arrives and starts kicking the crud out of Angel.  Angel recovers enough to take Lindsay down and steal his truck.  Wesley and Gunn are caught trying to sneak past the demons.  Angel smashes the truck into the house and saves AI without Angel.  But Angel is hurt when they don’t want him back.  Lindsay finds his broken truck and finds out Darla has left town.  Angel talks with Kate and refinds his purpose.  And Kate reminds Angel she never invited him in.  Angel shows up at AI without Angel and says he is sorry.  Wesley says they won’t work for Angel, but he can work for them.  Cordelia has a vision and the new AI with Angel go out on a new mission.


My Thoughts!!

Meanwhile back to when Angel had sex with Darla and is maybe Angelus again.  Not quite the same as last time.  Darla is really pleased with herself.  So Angel is still Angel because the sex with Darla wasn’t that good.  Then why did he scream and yell like last time?  Kidding, it’s because Angel doesn’t love her, so no moment of pure happiness.  Perfect despair sex.  Nothing like threatening to kill someone after you have sex with them.  Angel saves Kate because suddenly he gives a crap after last night.  Was when he invited in?  Or is she dead?  Nope, saves her.  Lindsay bores me.  And Lindsay finding out that his beloved Darla was with Angel and doing nasty sex things is supposed to be intense, but is really boring.  Love how Lorne knows Angel had sex.  So Angel wasn’t supposed to save those lawyers?  All to absolve himself of responsibility.  Sometimes Lorne’s psychic powers are stupid, like why wouldn’t he tell Angel AI was in trouble before this?  Family dead and Cordelia gets a vision of herself being attacked ten seconds later.  I think the writers think this is funny.  Demons with eyes in back of head and the girl was a spawn.  Now they are after Wesley.  Why would he have left the gun way up there.  Wesley, just invite Angel in!  Fight!  Mustard blood.  Wesley is way cold to Angel, which is not surprising.  “Hey, guess who stabbed me?” Angel, trying to be cheerful to Wesley.  “Darla.” Wesley replies dryly.  Aww, look they are bonding again.  Okay, Cordelia is impregnated once again by a demon spawn.  Gunn!  It is kinda cute how Wesley and Gunn have bonded.  Love how Gunn just shoves Angel out of the way.  And  now time for another awkward car ride.  So Angel versus demons with three eyes.  Lindsay with the car!  How did he know Angel was there?  And that is one old pickup truck.  This is getting stupid.  I think Angel would know he to defeat this idiot.  A sledge hammer?  This is stupid.  Even with a sledge hammer, Angel can easily kill this loser.  YAY!  Angel is beating him up!  Angel, Angel, sledgehammer to Lindsay’s head is the next move.  AI was caught.  Truck smashing into front of the house is cliched.  Well, that was nice of Angel to return the truck.  So, Darla, is the love of your life, and yet you hardly know her.  Kate!  And now Angel is gonna offer her a job, but I really hope he doesn’t.  Aww, Angel got a visit from Clarence the Guardian Angel or something and his heart grew two sizes since last episode.  Called it!  Kate is dead!  Because she never did invite Angel in.  He’s been talking to her ghost.  Is Kate gonna hang with Benji?  Wesley is gonna run AI with Angel as the employee?  Vision time!  Aww, Angel caught Cordelia, didn’t let her fall.  So, Kate RIP, you went nowhere fast and was heartingly disliked.


So lets see the housekeeping in this episode.  Kate is killed off and no notices but Angel.  Lindsay leaves town and no one cares but Angel.  AI gets Angel back and the viewers barely care.  Can these storylines move on now please?



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