Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 5.17 Forever

Buffy season 5

Buffy and Dawn have to learn to live life without their mom in Forever.  Yet another post about one of the most devastating days in Buffy’s and Dawn’s life ever, part of my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy picks out her mom’s coffin.  Dawn wonders if mom would like the coffin.  The Scoobies have dinner at the Summers house and make funeral plans, but do not include Dawn.  Spike brings flowers and Xander confronts him, thinking he is taking advantage of Buffy’s grief, but Spike is paying respects to Joyce, who always treated him nicely.  They argue and Spike tosses the flowers and leaves, and Xander realizes Spike was being sincere.  The funeral is held.  After, Dawn goes with Willow and Tara and Buffy stays graveside.  After the sunset, Angel shows up.  Dawn wants Willow and Tara to help her magically resurrect her mom.  Xander and Anya have grief sex, and Anya thinks she now understands life.  Tara tells Dawn that magic cannot be used that way.  And that it is against Witch law.  Buffy and Angel talk and Buffy wonders if she could have saved her mom.  Angel says he will stay to help, and Buffy wants him to stay forever.  They kiss and that’s it.  Buffy and Angel stay together till the sun comes up.  Ben tells a minion that he will not help Glory, but lets slip that the Key is in human form.  Ben tries to cover his blunder by stabbing the minion.  Dawn is moody because Willow and Tara won’t help her.  But Willow magically makes a book with the spell pull out from the shelf.  Dawn notices and gets the book.  Dawn goes to the Magic Box and steals several things needed for the spell, including dangerous items.  Dawn gets dirt from her mom’s grave and Spike finds her.  He knows what she is doing and wants to help.  Giles gets drunk at home and listens to old records from his ripper days.  Glory is mad at Ben and the minion arrives wounded, telling her the Key is human.  Dawn and Spike see a man called Doc who gives them part of the spell and tells them they a demon egg and a pic of Joyce.  He also warns them about the results.  And to stop the spell she has to rip up the pic of Joyce.  Spike and Dawn go to get the demon egg and barely survive the fight.  And get the egg.  Tara notices the magic book is gone and realizes Dawn took it.  Willow pretends she has no idea.  They call Buffy.  Buffy realizes the spell is complete and confronts Dawn.  Buffy and Dawn argue about how they are each dealing with their mom’s death.  Dawn says Buffy has been so busy with the funeral that she does not care mom is dead.  Buffy slaps Dawn.  Buffy then apologizes and explains she is keeping busy so she doesn’t have to deal with it all.  Their mom is dead.  At this time, something comes out of Joyce’s grave and comes to the house.  A Joyce like shadow goes by the living room window.  A knock is heard at the door.  Buffy runs to the door hoping to welcome her mom home.  Dawn remembers what Doc said and rips the photo up.  Buffy opens the door and no one is there.  Buffy, realizing her mom is gone for good, breaks down and cries.  Dawn cries as well and hugs Buffy.  They fall to floor together.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Buffy picking out her mom’s coffin.  That funeral director is an insincere ass.  Dawn is really not dealing with this well.  Angel is gonna be in this one.  Xander is so nervous and trying to be helpful.  Buffy’s dad mention.  Betcha the jerk is not gonna show.  Buffy is trying so hard to get things done with the funeral and announcement and Dawn withdrawing and life generally sucking.  Dawn deciding to go be with Willow is not surprising.  I noticed Willow referred to her mom’s place, does that mean her dad is no longer in the picture?  Spike!  With flowers!  Xander is even madder at Spike than her ever seemed to be at Angel.  Joyce did always treat Spike well, didn’t she?  One sad empty house with Buffy and Dawn alone in separate rooms.  Not a very large graveside service.  Dawn is barely holding it together.  Tara is still the rock.  Buffy waits by the graveside a very very long time, just trying to process it all.  Angel!  Being the good man he is.  Tara should really be a counselor.  Uh oh, Dawn is gonna ask them to bring Joyce back.  Love the look on Tara’s face.  Xander and Anya having grief sex.  Anya really seems to have grown from all this haven’t she?  Tara understands the natural order of things, and here Willow is kinda considering it.  Buffy and Angel, talking in the cemetery, just like old times.  Buffy talks about how wonderful Joyce is, which I understand is grief talking, but season one and two Joyce was a bitch and negligent parent.  Buffy has moved onto the guilt trip part of her journey.  At least the pain and anguish of dealing with Joyce’s death has pushed aside the earlier issue between them of Faith.  Are they going to kiss?  NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!  They have moved passed each other!!!!!!  Please don’t resurrect this relationship again.  Oh good, they dodged that pain again.  Dr Ben!  Letting out some valuable information about the Key.  It is sinking in to me that Glory and Ben occupy the same body, like some magical Gemini twins.  Dawn is gonna do something bad isn’t she?  WILLOW!!!!  Don’t feed Dawn’s obsession!  For someone is well versed in magic, Willow really doesn’t understand the implications well does she?  Dawn is darn good at pumping Giles for illicit information.  That teen is sneaky.  My spidey-sense tells me this is going to be bad bad bad.  Spike!  He knows what she is doing, and going to help!  Giles deals with his grief by listening to music I can’t stand.  And, by the way, Get Off My Lawn!  Glory!  Ben didn’t do a good job killing the minion.  A log or a bicycle bumper would make excellent Keys.  That’s Joel Grey, Baby’s real daddy from Dirty Dancing, playing the Magi guy.  I will take Useless Trivia I Know Because of Googliebear for $100 Alex.  Spike hangs out at the corner?  Reading DNA off of a hair strand is interesting.  He never said she would come back to life, just appear to her.  You always have to listen to the wordings with magic.  I don’t trust Joel Grey here.  Spike, Buffy is gonna stake you for doing this with Dawn.  You can tell the budget for this demon is about ten dollars.  Spike was really hurt here.  Don’t do this Dawn!  Willow starting a journal strikes me as a future plot point.  Tara notices the missing book and wait till she finds out Willow hinted at it.  Buffy looks really scared, walking in on Dawn doing the spell.  Saw that slap coming.  Actually, Buffy, you have been avoiding Dawn.  And everything comes out.  That shadow at the window is freaky.  Knock three times.  Dawn ripped up the photo?!?!?  Amazing how the sisters switched places in a the span of a few minutes.  And whoever, or whatever was at the door, is now gone.  Did Dawn succeed?  We will never know.  And the two sisters fall on the ground together crying, holding each other.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Buffy tells the Scoobies something Joyce said, “Potlucks are depressing enough as it is.”  Xander talks to Willow about his parents with “I’m not going to my place, those people are scary.”  Tara ties but not quite succeeding with reassuring Dawn with “Sure she does.  We’re witches, we know stuff.”  Anya talks to Dawn in the Magic Shop with “We have some very amusing chicken feet you can play with.”  Joel Grey warms Dawn about resurrection spells with,  “If it was as easy as making an omelet, everyone would try it.”  Dawn explains her life to Buffy, “I’m not like you Buffy.  I don’t have anybody.”


Holy crap Joss.  Just when I thought you couldn’t destroy Buffy’s and Dawn’s life anymore, you up the ante.  Each of the Summers sisters deal with their mom being gone in different ways, and each very valid.  But we all are wondering, what did come back?



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