Some Random Thoughts On Angel 2.17 Disharmony and Angel 2.18 Dead End

Angel Season 2

Angel meets another former Sunnydale resident in Disharmony and sees a former adversary leave town in Dead End.  All a part of my exciting My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!



What Angel Investigations Did!

Angel is getting used to the new AI with Wesley in charge.  Some teens are making out in a car and someone with a hood attacks.  Cordelia tells Angel they are not friends.  She gets a vision about the teens.  Cordelia takes the night off and is visited by an old Sunnydale friend, Harmony.  They catch up.  And Harmony does not mention she is now a Vampire.  But she does mention her break-up, but not Spike.  Cordelia tells her to stay with her.  AI finds the teens car and hear a scream.  They save the lady from hooded people, who turn out to be a Vampires.  Cordelia and Harmony hang out and Harmony is tempted to feed.  She approaches at night and Cordelia thinks Harmony is a lesbian.  Cordelia call Willow and finds out Harmony is a Vampire and that Willow is a lesbian.  Willow calls AI and tells them of Harmony so they bust into Cordelia’s place.  Cordelia believes she can help Harmony.  They enlist her help with the robed guys.  But Harmony annoys them as they gather clues.  Gunn finds out about people being taken to build a Vampire army.  A Vampire cult leader converts a large gathering of Vampires to his cause.  And he has cage full of people.  Cordelia figures out the lead Vampire is motivational speaker Doug Sanders.  Cordelia takes Harmony to the demon karaoke bar , all to find her destiny.  Lorne says that Cordelia will help Harmony.  AI gets Cordelia to bust the cult and Harmony tags along, saying she will help.  They find the place and Angel tells Cordelia that Harmony is evil and will betray them.  Cordelia does not believe this.  Harmony is sent in undercover and lets AI in the back door.  But it’s a trap as Harmony has joined the cult.  Cordelia fights Harmony as AI take on the cult.  They win.  Cordelia lets Harmony go.  Angel gets Cordelia to like him again after he gives her new clothes.


My Thoughts!!

So AI is back at the hotel.  And getting lectured by Wesley.  Ha Ha, lets punish Angel by making him get us coffee.  Willow is in this one???  Cordelia can really hold a grudge.  I knew she was gonna say her and Angel were not friends.  Vision time!  Young lady being kidnapped while making out, that sucks.  Harmony!  I am guessing nobody told Cordelia Harmony was now a Vampire.  This is one awkward conversation.  Does that count as an invitation to come in?  Crazed Vampire cultists!  Angel is soooo overcompeting with the blue robes bit.  Guess what Cordelia said does count as an invite.  Betcha Harmony wants to convert Cordelia so that she can have a Vampire bff.  AI makes no money, with or without Angel, but Cordelia can still afford this place.  Holy cleavage Harmony!  Great, now Cordelia thinks Harmony is a lesbian.  Classic misunderstanding which has not been funny since the 1980’s.  A place that big is not a two bedroom?  Willow!  Brushing her teeth!  And Willow suddenly realizes!  Harmony is a Vampire!  Love Willow’s eye roll.  Now Cordelia finds out about Willow and Tara?  And they don’t show Willow’s end of the conversation?  Okay, that was funny, with Willow calling Angel that makes Angel and Wesley bursting into Cordelia’s place.  Will Harmony join AI?  Cause that would be interesting.  But Wesley actually getting the stake was not funny.  Wow, Harmony makes blood sound so sexy.  So a Vampire can’t feed and convert at the same time?  Vampire cult leader?  Doug Sanders.  A Vampire ponzi scheme.  Harmony spilling coffee on the computer was not funny and rather lame.  Leeme guess, the demon karaoke bar.  The Way We Were?  Done badly?  AI action shot coming down the street!  And Harmony jumps in!  Love how Wesley still walking weird from his wound.  Harmony can guard the car.  Now Cordelia is letting Angel know exactly how she feels.  They are right, Angel is well known amoung the Vampires in town and some can sense his soul.  And Cordelia is right, Harmony can be a spy on the cultists.  Even if she is an evil Vampire.  Unless she joins them.  It’s a trap!  Harmony is about to betray them!  Called it!  Cordelia looks pissed.  Fight!  And most of the cultists run.  Why is Angel having such problem with Doug?  Just kill her Cordelia.  Gunn is really really good at staking Vampires.  Does Harmony ever come back as an evil incompetent Vampire?  Wesley is acting so official here with Angel.  So Angel bought Cordelia a ton of clothes?  Because of the gag all through the episode and because Cordelia is that shallow.  Not.


I actually kinda dig Harmony and all her kookiness and issues and was really hoping she would stick around.  After all, the humour with her feels more natural, not so forced, so AI might have some more warmth.

Angel logo


Dead End….

What Angel Investigations Did!

Lindsay gets up and lives his day, fake hand and all.  And looks at his guitar.  Another man is getting up this morning with his family and all is well.  Until the man grabs a knife and something happens.  Cordelia gets a vision about the man and is crying.  AI tries to find out who the man is.  Lindsay and Lila see their boss.  After, Lindsay is sent to a doctor by Wolfram and Hart to get a new hand.  A demon shows up during the operation and does something to the hand.  Lindsay loves life with his new hand and plays guitar.  Lila is worried about the new hand.  But the new hand writes KILL on note paper during a meeting, which freaks Lindsay out.  Angel overorders food for Cordelia all to please her.  AI finds the man and realizes he was being transferred overseas.  They go to the demon karaoke bar for inspiration.  And Lindsay is their, singing and playing.  Lorne tells them to work together, which neither likes.  Lindsay hacks a Wolfram and Hart computer.  They find out that the man who stabbed his eye out went to the same clinic as his hand.  Lindsay sees Lila stealing files.  Angels finds out Lindsay’s hand belonged to another Wolfram and Hart employee.  Lindsay tries to get info from a parole officer but is attacked and Angel saves him.  Angel gets the information.  AI worries about Cordelia as the visions take a toll on her.  They go to the place and find a trap door leading to where the body parts are harvested.  Lindsay sees the old hand owner is a tube and the man wants to die.  They save the ones they can, and mercy kill the rest.  And the building blows up after they leave.  Lindsay goes to Wolfram and Hart and uses his evil hand to shoot a security guard, takes shot at the VP, and molesting Lila.  And he offers the promotion to Lila since he is leaving.  Lindsay sees Angel before he leaves town and they talk.  And Angel sticks a sign on Lindsay’s truck saying COPS SUCK.


My Thoughts!!
Lindsay!  Is he dead so I can stop caring?  Why did Mr Suburbia grab a knife?  Cordelia vision time!  Wolfram and Hart!  Love how the status of Angel is on the agenda.  Love how Lila thinks things are different then they are with Lindsay and the boss.  Lindsay’s getting a hand transplant?  Thanks Obamacare!  Time for demon guy to float through door.  At least they keep mentioning how painful the visions are.  If it is Lindsay I am out of here.  Enchanted jury?  Spin off company?  They are good.  Kill with the new hand is not a surprise.  So now Angel feels guilty about Cordelia’s visions.  Okay, the karaoke bar is really becoming a crutch in these stories.  Lindsay is singing and I don’t care.  This is stupid, why be nice to Lindsay, the bad guy who just hit Angel with a sledgehammer?  Oh, Lindsay, Angel is sooo scared of your lame ass.  Wow, Lindsay can hack his boss’s computer so easily, and see all this completely useless already public information.  They mention Kate, but not by name, and Angel says she got fired, but no mention that she is dead.  Is this episode going anywhere?  Oh look, Lila is taking some files and has a gun.  Can you please keep beating Lindsay?  I can watch that forever.  This is stupid, this haha arguing between Angel and Lindsay.  Sledgehammer, remember?  Lindsay calling Angel gross after everything he has seen at Wolfram and Hart is stupid.  Doyle mention!  Knew Angel was just gonna burst in.  Secret lab!  Now Lindsay has a heart?  For this week, when the plot demands it.  Cordelia admits the visions take a toll, so now we have a brand new subplot.  Lindsay knew Lila was about to pull the gun, so he starts his rant.  Lindsay’s got a gun and evil hand takes over!  Haven’t seen this much carnage in a boardroom since RoboCop.  So Lila gets the promotion and Lindsay just wanders around like a loser.  Is Lindsay finally gone?  Forever and ever?  Good riddance.  Okay, that Cops Sucks sign was funny.


Goodbye Lindsay, may we never see you again.  You were competing with Kate for most useless character.  Maybe your evil hand will strangle you as you leave town?



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