Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 5.18 Intervention

Buffy season 5

Buffy has to face Glory again and a strange imitation of herself in Intervention.  All part of my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy tells Giles that she may not be able to love.  Giles says Buffy should go to the dessert and have a vision quest.  They go their and do a ritual that makes Buffy a guide, a lion.  It takes her into the dessert and it feels like the dream from the First Slayer.  Glory has her minions examine Buffy’s friends, since one must be the Key.  Dawn steals one of Anya’s earrings.  Spike gets the Buffy bot from Warren.  Spike and the Buffy bot play fight, then have sex.  Spike sleeps and Buffy bot goes out on patrol.  She bumps into Xander and Anya and they think she is Buffy.  After, Xander and Anya see Spike and the Buffy bot having sex in the graveyard.  They are surprised and confront the two.  But Glory’s minions think Spike is the Key, knock Xander out and kidnap the Vampire.  Glory sees Spike and can tell he is a Vampire and not the Key.  But tortures him to find out who the Key is.  Buffy meets the First Slayer at a fire.  She tells Buffy that love is what Slayers are and love will bring a gift.  And death is her gift.  Buffy bot goes looking for Spike and ends up at Xander’s place where Willow also thinks she is Buffy.  Willow tells Buffy her concerns over sex with Spike.  Xander arrives and says Glory took Spike, who knows Dawn is the Key.  The Scoobies and Buffy bot go to the Summers house and get weapons.  Buffy bot goes to change and the real Buffy arrives.  The Scoobies realize their mistake, and are disgusted by Spike.  They head out to get Glory.  Glory tortures Spike, who is not telling anything, and hurls insults at her.  And Spike escapes.  He bumps into the Scoobies.  And the Buffy bot, which is damaged in the fight.  The minions take off.  Glory hurts the minions.  Later at the store, Willow thinks she can fix the Buffy bot, but decides not too because Buffy is not pleased.  Xander hates what Spike used the Buffy bot for, but feels sorry for Spike because of the torture.  Spike is resting when the Buffy bot arrives and wants to know if Spike told Glory about Dawn.  Spike says no, and that Dawn must be protected because Buffy cares for her.  Buffy bot kisses Spike and Spike figures it out this is the real Buffy.  Buffy is grossed out by the Buffy bot.  But Buffy also remembers that Spike kept the secret of Dawn to protect her.  And she is thankful for that.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Giles helping with the Summer’s family housework feels so natural.  To train or not to train?  Buffy wants to hold off abit.  Is Buffy turning into stone emotionally?  A quest for Buffy!  Buffy keeps saying I Love You to everyone.  Warren made a Buffy fembot for Spike?  Okay, both of these guys need a life.  Special skills?  What in the name of the Hellmouth of Kinkiness does Spike want this Buffy-bot to do?  Spike needs a smack if he actually thinks Buffy would ever be that crazed for him.  Or that submissive.  Glory is one whiny god.  This almost looks like the same dessert Buffy fought the First Slayer in her dreams.  Transferring his guardianship?  Hokey pokey!  Spike, Buffy would never wear that outfit.  And the Buffy bot can’t fight?  Is Spike gonna have sex with a the Buffy bot?  Spike needs very serious counseling.  So the puma is gonna lead Buffy to her new temporary guardian.  Tara!  Putting a protection spell on Xander’s place, all to protect Dawn.  Smart thinking Scoobies.  Dawn swipes the earrings?  Minion at window!  Spike and Buffy bot make me sick.  Willow, she sure loves her books.  Buffy bot out to Slay!  This should be interesting.  I am waiting to find out Buffy’s quest is Giles bs.  Buffy bot meets Xander and Anya and Spike finds them and their is no way Xander not gonna figure something is up.  Vampires!  Fight!  Anya is so cute with the stake.  He programmed her to get turned on after fighting?  Ewwwwww!!  Xander and Anya just saw Buffy, really Buffy bot, doing the nasty with Spike, right in the cemetery.  Willow and Tara watching Salem Witch Trials.  Willow should know this would get her pissed off.  Time for Scooby intervention!  Xander giving threats!  Minions!  Fight!  And these idiots think Spike is the Key.  Buffy meets Guide/First Slayer.  Buffy is full of love.  Buffy bot meet Willow.  Buffy-bot’s memory display looks like so kinda early wikipedia entries.  Love how Willow is so creeped out by Buffy bots sketches idea.  Hobbits with leprosy?  Very accurate, and very gross, description of the minions.  Love how Xander’s place looks like one big sleepover.  Death is your gift?  These cryptic ancient guides and dreamstuff is driving me nuts.  Does this mean Dawn is going to die?  Or is this the season Buffy dies?  Glory!  Love how Glory just sniffs Spike and can tell he is a Vampire.  Now that was a punch.  Crap, that’s gotta hurt.  Wouldn’t Willow or Tara notice Buffy bot has no aura or soul or essence?  And real Buffy shows up.  Cue Buffy bot any second now…  Buffy and Buffy bot!  Xander thinks it is a double, nice callback, while Buffy figures it out right away of being a robot.  Now they all realize Spike made the Buffy bot to be a sexbot.  EWWWW!!  Glory really is torturing him.  A lot.  Now Buffy figures out how to find Glory?  Price is Right reference!  What is Spike’s plan with insults?  That’s the plan!  Being kicked into an escape!  He really is in trouble here.  Buffy!  Fight!  Are the Scoobies gonna save Spike?  Why is Buffy having such troubles with the minions?  NOOO!!!!  Not the Buffy bot!!  They are trying to fix the Buffy bot.  Checkers?  Tara’s lie to Dawn about why Spike built Buffy bot is really really lame.  So Willow can fix her.  After seeing Spike’s injuries, Xander realizes Spike took one for the team.  Betcha that is Buffy pretending to be Buffy bot.  Yep, it’s real Buffy.  And now Buffy realizes Spike does care.  He just has a very unhealthy and creepy way of showing it.  Now Spike realizes.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Giles tells Buffy very important information with “Buffy please.  It takes more than a week to bleach bones.”  The Buffy bot tells Spike exactly what he wants to hear, “I want to hurt you, but I can’t resist the sinister attraction of your bold and muscular body.”  And the Buffy bot always says “Should I start this program over?” which just says so much.  Anya complains to Xander with, “Ew, I breathed like a quart of Vampire dust.  That can’t be good.”  Anya tells Willow and Tara “Buffy’s boinking Spike” which leaves them looking dumbfounded.  Spike tells Glory what he is “Damn right I am impure.  I am as impure as the driven yellow snow.”  Buffy says to Anya, after being told of her having sex with Spike, “The who having what with huh?”  Buffy asks the Scoobies an obvious question with, “You guys couldn’t tell me apart from a robot?”  Buffy tells off Spike at the end with “The robot is gone.  The robot was gross and obscene.” and “Don’t.  That thing…  It wasn’t even real.” but finishes with “What you did.  For me, and for Dawn, that was real.  I won’t forget it.”


We are back to the craziness and danger of the homicidal Glory, and the wackiness and grossness of Spike’s crush on Buffy.  Yeah, that Buffy bot was… way too much on Spike’s part.  Very chilling when you think about it.



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