Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 5.19 Tough Love

Buffy season 5

Buffy sees her war with Glory take it’s first two casualties in Tough Love.  Another part of my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy drops out of college.  Dr Ben is fired from the hospital because Glory has taken over so many times.   Buffy finds out that Dawn has been skipping school.  Anya loves running the Magic Shop.  Buffy gets Giles advice on parenting and becomes tough with Dawn.  Glory gets enough info to figure out who she thinks the Key is.  Willow and Tara talk about Willow’s use of magic, but Willow gets mad.  Tara also wonders if Willow will go back to men.  Buffy tells Dawn to do better at school a=or she will loose custody of Dawn.  Tara is upset over Willow and goes to the fair.  But Glory finds her and thinks she is the Key.  Willow goes to Tara and finds her just as Glory mentally feeds on her, all because she found out Tara is not the Key and will not tell who is.  Tara is mentally damaged from the attack.  The Scoobies see Tara at the hospital as the Doctors try to fix her.  Willow is angry and plots revenge against Glory.  Buffy sends Dawn off to be protected by Spike.  Dawn has a breakdown with Spike, wondering if she is evil.  Buffy talks Willow out of attacking Glory, but it turns out Willow lied and is readying her attack by getting things from the Magic Shop.  Willow enters Glory’s place and slams out spells.  Glory is hurt slightly, but not enough and Willow gets hurt instead.  Buffy arrives and saves Willow.  They escape, barely.  A day later, Willow is spoon feeding Tara while Buffy and Dawn eat.  Suddenly the wall is ripped out and Glory is there.  Tara accidentally says that Dawn is energy and Glory realizes Dawn is the Key.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Meanwhile at University, we have a slide projector.  1990’s calling.  What?  Buffy’s not finishing the semester?  Dang!  Poetry class?  Never struck me as Buffy’s thing.  And their goes the slide.  Haiku.  Dr. Ben!  This other Doctor is a jerk firing him in public.  Twinkie defense mention!  And the real reason mentioned!  This changeover from Ben to Glory feels almost David Banner to Hulk like.  Blindfolded minions?  I figured Glory wouldn’t care if they saw her nekkid.  Dawn’s been ditching school?  I like Principal Stevens better than Principal Snyder.  Xander’s got another comic!  Anya is right, she is American.  Love how Buffy goes to daddy Giles for advice.  Now Buffy has to be the mom and this will no different and difficult for her.  What are Dawn and the Scoobies doing?  Geometry puzzle?  Okay, now Buffy has gone overboard.  Buffy, listen to Willow!  World Educational Fair?  Nice name for the plot point.  Does Glory really know Dawn is the Key?  Willow and Tara!  Interesting, Willow feels jealous of Tara because she understands what Buffy is going through better.  And that Tara has done everything before her.  Love how they spell out the words.  Frightens?  Tara is right and Willow is offended.  Tara is worried Willow will leave her and go back to boys, all because she is not worthy of Willow.  Kinda saw that with Tara’s self esteem.  Surprised she didn’t stutter.  Minions stalking!  Wouldn’t Spike see them?  Buffy with Gold Stars!  Dawn with teen attitude!  Yeah, they would take Dawn away because they are idiots.  Yes, the father who is never around and doesn’t call.  Tara all alone at the fair is so sad.  Willow pouting looks is so teeny.  It’s Glory not Willow!  Minion at Giles door!  Knew that idiot would talk.  Yep, Glory thinks Tara is the Key.  Oh God!  The squeezing hand with the blood!  She can tell by licking the blood?  She never lied Glory and you are a psycho nutjob.  Is Tara gonna have a hand left?  Is Willow saying a spell while running?  What did Glory do to Tara?  Her mind is all mucked up.  Betcha if she had told the Doctor they are girlfriends Willow would have been ushered out.  Willow is gonna use magic to try and cure Tara, isn’t she?  Dawn’s safe with Spike is actually quite reassuring.  Spike still looks really banged up.  Parallels between Dawn and Spike as to evil and are they evil.  Anya is so cute offering comfort.  Buffy is right Willow, Glory would destroy you.  But Willow is gonna do it anyway.  Now that is a big spellbook!  Darkest Magic!  Oh Crap!  Willow is floating and everything is shaking and this does not look good.  Buffy is sooo stupid and Spike knows this, as Willow is after Glory.  We all kinda knew this would happen, with Glory kicking Willow’s ass.  Buffy!  Saving the day!  Salami with peanut butter?  Tara is still not fully back, darn it.  Glory!  And now Glory knows!  Isn’t what Willow did exactly what Tara was afraid of?


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Anya tell the Scoobies her philosophies with, “All oogle, no cash.  It’s not just annoying, it’s unamerican.”  Willow describes to Buffy a typical day for the Scoobies, “Yeah I know, but we were having good clean educational fun and then all of a sudden it was all gloom and doom and the outlawing of human triangles.”  Tara tells Willow how well she knows her with, “Sweetie, you wouldn’t blow off a class if your head was on fire.”  Willow tells Tara and the Doctor what Tara is “She’s my everything.”  Dawn has a breakdown to Spike, “I am like a lightning rod for pain and hurt and everyone around me suffers and dies.  I must be something so horrible, to cause so much pain and evil.”  Willow tells Glory off with “I owe you pain!”


Well, that escalated quickly.  Tara has been terribly wounded, perhaps irrevocably,  and Willow has turned to the dark side.  Now Glory knows Dawn is the Key.  I just know the season finale is gonna hurt.  A lot.



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