Some Random Thoughts On Angel 2.19 Belonging and Angel 2.20 Over The Rainbow

Angel Season 2 Angel finds out so much more about a new friend in Belonging, then embarks on a rescue mission in Over The Rainbow.  Another part of my exciting My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!



What Angel Investigations Did!

AI celebrates Cordelia getting an acting gig and have dinner at a fancy restaurant.  Angel is a worry wart and thinks a woman is a witch and attacks her.  But he is wrong.  And Cordelia gets food sick and throws up.  Wesley calls his jerk father and wishes him happy birthday.  Angel sees Cordelia on her commercial set and argues with the director over how he treats her.  Cordelia gets mad and tells Angel to leave.  Two old friends of Gunn want his help with some Vampires.  Gunn is about to help, but Angel shows up with info on a demon.  At demon karaoke bar, a portal opens and a demon pops through.  AI finishes dealing with another demon and find Cordelia upset with her jerk director as well.  Lorne shows up and tells them of the demon and the portal and how they have to kill it.  Cordelia gets a vision about a portal, a woman, and a library.  Gunn goes to his old friends and find them dead by Vampire.  AI at the library and they find out the woman from the vision is Winifred, Fred, and disappeared five years ago.   They find a book where Fred vanished and Cordelia reads aloud from it.  Lorne tries to stop her.  A portal opens and another demon shows up, and he looks kinda like Lorne.  Lorne calls him Landok and does not like him.  Landok calls Lorne Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan.  They are cousins.  Landok asks Lorne what happened because he vanished years ago.  Lorne likes Earth way better.  But the other demon is still loose and Landok offers help.  Gunn bumps into another old friend who is mad at him for not helping.  Lorne tells Angel how his home dimension is boring and has no music.  AI finds the other demon and save a woman.  Landok is bitten and is dying.  Angel kills the demon.  Cordelia plans to read from the book all to open a portal and get Landok home to save him.  Gunn burns his friends body.  At the bar Landok read the book and goes through the portal.  But Cordelia gets sucked in as well.  Cordelia finds herself in another dimension.


My Thoughts!!

AI having dinner in a fancy restaurant.  With no Angel.  Oh look, it’s a mirror reflection, so Angel is really there.  Cordelia is still acting?  Angel thinks that woman is a witch and this is embarrassing.  And Cordelia gets sick from the food.  And Angel is old and still complains about the cost of the food.  I am laughing very hard.  Not.  Wesley is talking to his mother, and now his abusive father.  Happy birthday abuser!  Why does he bother?  Angel on commercial set pretending to be on a beach.  And the director is an asshat and a bastard.  Gunn is torn between both his old group and new group.  And now the haha of the men imagining Cordelia in the bikini.  Demon karaoke bar!  The demon arrives!  Aww, now Cordelia realizes the director is a jerk.  So they gotta find the demon now.  Vision time!  Wouldn’t he make Cordelia sing so that he can see if it is the same portal?  Gunn’s friend is dead by Vampire!  Okay, that part with singing demon bumping into librarian is funny.  Nice explanation.  Winifred vanished five years ago!  No one would notice Cordelia is saying a spell.  Demon from portal knows singing demon.  That is a looooong way to go for a Bonanza joke.  Look, backstory for demon singer Lorne.  So demon singer could maybe track it, if he used his warrior senses.  He uses his senses to help people.  Angel likes the world the demon is from.  Betcha demon singer switched places with Winifred.  Angel going off without orders is something we all knew was gonna happen.  Fight!  Time for Luke to burn Darth.  Bye demon cousin!  Gasp!  Cordelia was pulled through the portal!


Finally have a Lorne episode, a character I like.  And some closure on some Gunn subplots.  All wrapped in a maybe funny episode.  Gotta wonder where all this is going.

Angel logo


Over The Rainbow….

What Angel Investigations Did!

AI notices Cordelia got taken by the portal.  Angel tries to read from the book and open the portal but with no success.  Wesley realizes the bar is no longer active for the portals.  Lorne gets help from a friend with psychic powers to find a place for the portals.  But she wants him to go to Pylea, his home, and fix things.  Wolfram and Hart see Angel and tell him they plan on taking over the hotel.  Angel leaves a phone message about the hotel and talks about Pylea.  Cordelia is chased around and caught and made a human slave.  She has a shock collar put on her to prevent escape.  She meets another human slave who tells her escape is not an option.  Cordelia can tell the woman in Fred.  And Fred is caught.  Cordelia carries thing while her owner shops and gets a vision.  She drops everything.  She sees a demon attacking a villager.  The crowd believes she is a witch.  They take her to the law.  AI drives to a portal and Gunn arrives.  And it was Gunn Angel left the message for.  Wesley read the book and opens the portal and they drive through and the book is accidentally left behind.  They show up in Pylea and it is daytime and Angel can live in this sunlight and is happy.  Then they realize the book is gone.  Lorne looks up an old friend for help but gets a bad welcome.  AI fights the villagers and are caught.  Lorne is taken for questioning and AI is in jail.  Angel hears the guards talk of Cordelia and her visions.  AI is brought to Lorne and are all about to meet the Princess.  And the Princess is Cordelia.


My Thoughts!!

Cordelia is in the Lord of the Flies dimension.  That’s right, cluck your heels together.  That monster looks like an extra from the musical Cats.  Lorne!  Hey, another Lostie in Angel!  Love how Lorne hides while Angel sprouts the spell in Swedish.  Oh look, the Cats reject is really a big puppy dog.  In that close up, it looks like Cordelia is not wearing a bra.  Guys notice these things because we are all 12 years old.  That cow line is not funny.  Okay that gift horse mouth line was funny.  Wonder why Wesley isn’t calling Giles for help.  A dimension without music is as stupid as that planet without music in Voyager.  Gotta get more psychic energy.  Gunn!  Is Gunn quitting the show?  Hope not, like him.  Nope, just not going on this mission.  Is that Angels resolve face?  Haha, Cordelia is wearing a shock collar.  That human lady is probably the one from the library.  Who is this phone lady?  She’s psychic and knows portals.  Cats reference!  So maybe that thing chasing Cordelia was on purpose?  Haha, Wesley had handcuffs.  Lostie lawyer from Wolfram and Hart.  They want to evict Angel.  Hate these guys.  Is Marie Claire still publishing?  This girl is really screwed up.  She has really clean legs for a slave.  Wonder who Angel is leaving a message for?  Buffy or Giles?  Okay, lousy time for a vision.  Time to burn the witch!  So they plan on driving through the portal?  Makes sense.  Gunn!  He was the one Angel called?  Darn, hate being wrong.  Now they seatbelt up?  Oops, book left behind.  And Angel is not on fire and is happy and joyful.  Good excuse for daytime filming.  I keep wanting to shout here “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!”  Funniness ensues as they realize they don’t have the book.  And they don’t show the testing on Cordelia.  Why does the humour on this show feel so forced?  I just noticed AI came here with no weapons.  These peasants really can’t fight.  So Angel can’t break those ropes?  You can tell Wesley and Gunn have chemistry, but this jail cell stuff is lame.  I am predicting the ruler will be Cordelia.  Called it.  Now that is one glammed up Leia bikini outfit.


And Now For Something Completely Different.  After all the doom and gloom and doom of most of this season, we suddenly have this attempt at humour.  Well, at least it’s not depressing.



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