Five Days and Five Pictures

Guest Post by the Wonderful @rebeccahh95


Scoop Here:  In mid November 2014, Rebeccahh took part in a facebook challenge of posting five black and white pictures over five days.  And here are the amazing results.  Rebeccah was kind enough to let me repost them here, but she is unfortunately far too busy with something called exams to do a commentary.  So ye shall get my comments instead, aren’t you lucky?


1 Rebeccah bw pic Notebooks

A laptop and what seems like ten different notebooks.  This feels like, from what Rebeccahh has told me, the most she has been organized in quite some time.  Really evokes modern studying, doesn’t it?


2 Rebeccah bw pic Cat

And in a complete reversal, the cat sleeping.  Because it is very tired being full of attitude all day like all cats are.


3 Rebeccah bw pic Rebeccah

Self portrait.  The flecks of snow remind me of an Ingmar Bergman movie, of which I have only seen one.  And I have no clue if Rebeccahh even knows of what I am going on about.


4 Rebeccah bw pic Man

The laughing young man, and I think I know who this is.  Definitively not stressed because he has a nice hot drink with him.


5 Rebeccah bw pic Window

The window looks dreary and sad.  But that is what November is all about isn’t it?  The bit of light in the middle gives some hope though.



RebeccahhHello. This is my guest post and this is me. I was born in 1995, so my age changes every year. I enjoy novels and television and I am attending U of T in order to get my BA in literature and religious studies.

You can see my blog here and my twitter @rebeccahh95 here


Scoop here:  I have gently been cajoling/badgering the very well read Rebecca to do another guest post for quite a long time.  This missive was originally on facebook, but a little begging from moi helped land it into the great and vast internet.  Her first post, A Message To Annoyed Friends and Family is here.  Now go check out Rebecca’s wonderful blog!




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