Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 5.21 The Weight Of The World

Buffy season 5

Buffy and Willow journey to the heart of Buffy’s soul in The Weight Of The World.  And find out Glory is Ben.  And find out Glory is Ben.  Wait, said that already.  All in another post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Glory gets ready to open the portal.  And Dawn is all tied up.  Buffy is still catatonic.  Spike tries to wake her by rallying her violent side, but is stopped by Xander and Willow.  Willow takes charge and tells Xander to take Giles to the Sunnydale hospital, Anya takes care of Tara, and Spike looks for Glory.  Willow will snap Buffy out of it.  Spike says Glory and Bed share a body and quickly realizes the magic makes people forget that fact.  Willow does a spell to venture into Buffy’s mind.  And Buffy has regressed to being a child.  She recalls Dawn being brought from the hospital as a baby by her parents.  Giles is better at the hospital and is told by Xander of Willow’s plans.  Dawn tells Glory she knows she is Ben, which makes Glory worry since it means Ben is getting stronger.  Willow in Buffy’s brain now witnesses adult Buffy putting away a book at the magic shop.  Then Buffy’s memory of the First Slayer saying death is her gift.  Buffy repeats death is her gift and goes to Dawn’s room and smothers her with a pillow.  Willow is scared.  Ben takes over Glory and escapes with Dawn.  Willow sees the same memories over and over again that Buffy experiences.  Spike and Xander see Doc to get info on Glory and realize he is really working for the bad guys.  He attacks them and destroys a magic box.  Spike saves the box and Xander hits Doc with a sword.  They leave Doc for dead, but he is still alive.  Willow stops dream Buffy from killing Dawn again and questions her.  Dawn knocks out Ben which brings Glory up.  Glory and Ben fight for control.  But Glory says if he lets her win, she will let Ben live a separate life, and Ben agrees, handing Dawn over.  Willow asks Buffy about putting the book away.  Buffy says that was when she realized she could not beat Glory.  So Buffy blames herself for Glory winning and Dawn about to die.  Willow gives Buffy a pep talk.  Buffy snaps back to reality crying.  They go to the Magic Shop and Xander tells the Scoobies that Glory is Ben and vice versa.  Giles says Dawn’s blood will open the portal.  Once open it can only be closed by killing Dawn.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Minions rushing around!  I really hope Glory kills all these twits.  Damn, Dawn is all tied up and looking really really scared.  Meanwhile back at the Scoobies…. Giles is looking better.  And Buffy is catatonic.  Everything Will Die And It Is All Buffy’s Fault Is What She Thinks!  Love how it is Willow who tries to reach her.  Joel Grey is back as human ressurrector!  Joyce???  Spike tries to wake Buffy up Spike style.  Xander and Spike fight!  And Willow steps in.  Willow takes charge, just like she always should.  The Scoobies really don’t remember Ben is Glory.  Or is this the writers way to explain the plot because the network thought no one got it?  Spike is gonna go insane from this constant explaining.  Uh oh, Glory’s human side is infecting her Hellgod side.  Willow is gonna use a spell to wake Buffy?  This sounds dangerous.  Anya looks kinda freaked to be taking care of Tara in her problematic mental state.  Love how it is just Buffy and Willow in the room, the two bff’s.  That is a very bright dream house.  Buffy as a little girl.  Spike looks so cocky entering Glory’s place.  Buffy really has mentally regressed.  And baby Dawn comes home for the first time.  Joyce does look so young.  Buffy with a book at the Magic Shop?  Giles looks better, up and about and almost walking properly.  Even Giles comments about how powerful Willow has become.  Love how Spike is going nuts always explaining the Ben/Glory connection.  Wait, Glory having Ben’s memories come in might be a byproduct of being in proximity to Dawn.  Now Buffy is dreaming of the First Slayer.  And the store.  And her house.  Glory should really get human lessons from Anya.  Glory’s dim view of humanity is just like Holland in Angel.  Joyce’s grave in her bedroom.  Dawn looks sick.  Smothering Dawn?  That high priestess goes down like a loser.  Back to Little Buffy.  She keeps reliving the Dawn as baby coming home from the hospital false memory over and over again.  Joel Grey, Baby’s daddy!  Yes, Xander, the fog is lifted as the spell starts to fade.  Spike figures it out!  Now that is a long tongue!  Yay, Xander with the sword.  Dawn knocked Ben out?  Triggering Glory!  Holy Split Personality Buffy!  What is with the book that Buffy keeps putting away?  Buffy’s one moment of doubt over Glory, which will cause her death.  The pain of her existence as a Slayer.  And the blame of that self doubt causing it all.  Willow’s right, it is guilt.  Willow pulls a resolve face on Buffy.  And Buffy looks back at book Buffy.  And wakes up.  And cries.  If  Xander says Ben is Glory one more time, I will slap him.  Giles sounds ominous.  The Only Way To Save Reality Is To Kill Dawn!!



Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Willow, speaking with resolve face, uses a spell to tell Xander and Spike what to do “Separate.”  Glory explains her physical form to Dawn with “This body, it’s just a rental Dawnie.”  Spike tells Xander “This is gonna be worth it.” right before he smacks the back of Xander’s head and causes himself pain.  Buffy explains her life to Willow with “Death is my gift.”  And Willow tells Buffy something important with, “No.  And I think we already deja’d this vu.”


Okay Joss, having Buffy snap off from everything  is scary and freaky and so very very dire.  But we all knew Willow would give resolve face and make our Slayer a Slayer again.  Darn tooting!



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