Some Random Thoughts On Angel 2.21 Through The Looking Glass and Angel 2.22 There’s No Place Like Plryz Glrb

Angel Season 2

Angel finished the season off with finds off with Through The Looking Glass and There’s No Place Like Plryz Glrb, all part and parcel of the Pylea saga.  Another part of my wonderful (hopefully) My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!


Through The Looking Glass…

What Angel Investigations Did!

AI is surprised that Cordelia is now a Princess in Pylea.  She tells them it is because of the visions.   Lorne and Angel head to Lorne’s place where Angel is greeted as a hero and Lorne is greeted with shame.  Cue dance of shame.  Angel tells stories of his adventures, which are previous episodes.  They offer Angel an honour, which he realizes after is killing a human.  Winifred is brought out and Angel says no.  They escape because Lorne sings and it hurts the Pyleans.  Wesley looks at the castle library and finds that Cordelia will have to mate with Gruesome.  And realizes the books form the symbols for Wold Ram Hart.  AI try to escape through the sewer, but Cordelia is caught.  She meets Gruesome and he is a handsome human warrior.  Fred takes Angel to her cave and he realizes she is Winifred the missing librarian.  She does not believe he is from LA.  They head to the castle and are attacked.  Angel goes Vampire mode and instead goes full demon mode and looses control.  He looses Freddie.  Demon Angel then finds Wesley and Gunn and attacks.  He is recognized by them.  Freddie lures demon Angel away.  Demon Angel gets back to the cave and sees his face in the water reflection and changes back.  Wesley and Gun are caught by rebels.  And the rebels plan to kill them.  Angel feels sorry for himself because the demon took over.  Gruesome tells Cordelia about his life.  Cordelia pardons Lorne for his crimes.  The evil monks find out Cordelia wants to rule and do good. and they are not happy.  Cordelia is given Lorne’s head on a plate.  All to be told that she is simply a tool.


My Thoughts!!

Haha Cordelia is their ruler.  And acting like season one Buffy Cordelia.  So no showing the hot pokers scene because this is supposed to be funny?  Of course it’s a prophecy, that’s the other plot crutch this show uses.  The Powers That Be mention!  Cordelia is the Messiah is interesting.  Angel has a reflection is the joke of the episode.  Dissension amount the monks because we need a cliche to move the plot forward.  Okay, I actually like the dance of joy.  The three books equal Wolf Ram Hart.  Cute.  Angel tells such cute war stories to the locals.  Why are they referencing that bad episode with the detachable limbs?  This three parter feels like fifteen.  They want Angel to execute a human and he is too stupid to realize till the last second.  That’s gotta be the library girl.  Why did Lorne start singing?  It may hurt them, but he looks surprised at the result.  Song does fit, Stop In The Name Of Love.  Horsey!  Cordelia might die and she is stealing treasure.  She is not this stupid.  Of course she is recaptured.  That’s a nice hidden cave.  Called it!  She’s the library girl!  Winifred!  Betcha the Grusilag thingies is a hunky guy.  Called it!  Angel’s Vampire look sure got a face-lift or two.  Haha, he’s a virgin.  So now horny Cordelia does not care about her friends?  That demon Angel make up looks awful.  Interesting, that is what Angel’s demon side looks like.  Human freedom fighters?  This could be a whole episode by itself, not just a chunk of one.  Is Cordelia planning on staying as Princess?  Wesley has to get better negotiating skills.  Is Winifred getting all mushy for Angel.  Looks like the monks are the evil power behind the throne.  We all knew a head was on the platter.  No, not Lorne!  Maybe his head can be reattached?


This feels so all over the place, and very very obvious.  Really hopes this goes someplace.

Angel logo


There’s No Place Like Plryz Glrb….

What Angel Investigations Did!

Cordelia sobs over Lorne’s head.  But he is still alive.  Gotta mutilate the body to kill his people.  The monks send soldiers out to kill AI, and special instructions on how to kill Angel.  And the monks have a device to kill all the humans with.  As the rebels are about to kill Wesley and Gunn, the soldiers attack.  They help defend the rebels.  After, they lead the rebels.  Angel wakes up and talk of the spell to get them home.  Soldiers attack and Angel saves the day.  One tries to stake him.  Freddie saves Angel.  Angel gets info from the soldier.  Freddie leads Angel to the rebels.  Cordelia makes her way to the mutilation chamber with Lorne’s head, all to save Lorne.  They think Lorne is really dead, but turns out Gruesome switched the bodies.  Gruesome says that after mating he will have Cordelia’s visions, but she wants to keep them.  And a vision happens of a demon fighting Gruesome.  Angel and Fred meet Wesley and Gunn and join the rebels.  Wesley plan will involve many deaths and Angel going demon.  Angels tells them he fired them because he did not want them to see his demon self.  And he does not think he can change back to human again if he lets go.  Wesley lies and says he trusts Angel.  Angel calls for a fight with Gruesome.  The monks lie to Gruesome and sends him to fight Angel.  The rebels attack.  Cordelia kills the evil monk before he kills all the humans.  Angel and Gruesome fight and Angel is losing, but goes all demon like and wins, then wills himself back to normal.  Cordelia stops the fight.  Lorne gets his head put back on and tries to settle with his family, but they will have none of it.  Cordelia frees the humans and makes Gruesome ruler.  They use the spell and Angels car and returns to LA with Freddie, landing in Lorne’s bar.  They get back to the hotel.  Willow is waiting.  And they know it is bad news.


My Thoughts!!

Cordelia as Leia doing a really bad crying job.  Knew Lorne was gonna talk now.  And one quick faint later.  That is one long scream which sounds soooo fake.  This is so funny… not.  Mutilation Chamber sounds so nice and cozy.  Paging evil monks.  Okay that part about where Angel’s heart is is funny.  Kinda knew that slave was gonna die, and in a gross way.  Gunn is funny at execution.  That wooden barricade would hurt their neck being used that way.  And yes, Gunn I am sick of this world as well.  Now back to Angel and Freddie in the cave.  Freddie reminds me right now of Moaning Myrtle in Harry Potter.  Tacos!  These slaves are annoying, but at least Cordelia gots a plan.  Knew Lorne was gonna open his eyes, perv.  Okay, Freddie is a quantum scientist or something.  Attack of the Knights!  Angel should kill these losers easily.  Wow, Angel got stabbed a whole lot now.  Freddie’s got a rock!  And now time to move the plot along with Wesley and Gunn.  And now time to move the plot along with Angel and Freddie.  Lorne has five toes.  Nearly Headless Lorne is funny in the dungeon.  Now Wesley is a military genius?  Intimate touch?  What did Cordelia do in that hug?  This is the weirdest sex talk ever.  And Cordelia almost gives her sexual history.  Now time for the real meat of the episode, Cordelia accepting the visions.  Wesley and Gunn have a gentle disagreement over tactics.  Betcha Gunn is right.  And AI is almost all back together!  I kinda like Freddie.  Landok!  Lorne playing dead is cute.  Love how Freddie is the only one who doesn’t freak out.  Wesley admits Gunn is right, and Wesley is showing remarkable intelligence and maturity.  The evil monks are pervs.  Angel versus the Grueselogue should be interesting.  I really really hate these evil monks, they must be from Wolfram and Hart.  Sending men to their deaths is gonna really weigh on Wesley.  Angel is getting the Hellmouth kicked out of him.  Another episode where Wesley can fight.  Angel is about to Hulk out.  Knew Cordelia was gonna do that.  Angel regains control, all thanks to Wesley’s pep talk.  And Cordelia lays the down the law like a boss!  Lorne’s got his body back!  Maggot pile?  Mother Of The Vile Excrement?  Angel’s parents should hang with Lorne’s family, compare shameful notes.  Okay, Lorne’s singing causing pain to the workers is funny.  Interesting how much power Cordelia actually has in Pylea.  And how much she changes society.  Wonder if AI ever returns to see what their Kirk like meddling did to the place?  Gruesume is in charge!  Time for the moral of the story!  Gruesome has really blue eyes.  Freddie cleaned up real well from the caves.  If Gruesome ever left to look over the kingdom, would he be called Groo The Wanderer?  And yes, that was a reach for a joke.  Demon karaoke bar now has a drive through!!!!  Freddie is back on Earth!  Yay!  And back at the hotel!!  Yay!!  And now cue sad Willow awaiting them.  Angel knows.  Wonder if next season we will have Angel and Cordelia and Wesley chatting about Buffy and REMEMBERING fake Dawn memories.  And was this End Of Days Buffy fought supposed to be the one Angel was gonna help with?


Well, that ended.  Some funny moments, abit of adventure, and a few songs or so.  Really digging Lorne as part of the cast, and really really hoping  Freddie stays on.  Wondering if Pylea ever comes back?



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