Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 5.22 The Gift

Buffy season 5

Buffy has her final battle with Glory.

All to save her sister Dawn.

And the universe.

And die in the process.

All part of another death defying post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!



Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy confronts a Vampire in an alley and saves a teen boy.  And the teen is a sexist.  And Buffy just kinda sighs.  The Scoobies recap the plot so far and how screwed that are.  Giles says that killing Dawn will save the universe and Buffy says no.  They argue.  Buffy makes it clear that Dawn is under her protection.  Anya tries to cheer everyone up.  Xander wonders if killing Ben would solve everything, eventhough he is an innocent human. Willow figures out that they don’t have to kill Glory, only stop the ceremony. She fails, game over and Dawn is safe. Anya mentions the glowy sphere and the troll hammer, both powerful are in their possession. Tara gets up to leave and they realize she us being drawn to Glory. Ben is now going along with Glory’s, which annoys Dawn. Glory comes back and she argues with Dawn. Giles talks to Buffy again about killng Dawn, and Buffy will have none of it. Buffy remembers killing Angel, wishes her mom were around, and wonders if all Slayers do is kill. Xander and Anya have sex in the Magic Shop basement while looking for the sphere. Then Xander proposes, which makes Anya mad. They also find the Buffy bot. And Anya freaks when she sees a stuffed pink bunny toy. She accepts the engagement with a maybe, all because she thinks Xander is proposing because of Doomsday.  Willow thinks if they reverse the Tara brain suck it will weaken Glory.  Glory has built a huge tower for the Dawn sacrifice.  Buffy gets weapons from her house and invites Spike back in.  Buffy tells Spike to protect Dawn.  The Scoobies at sundown head out for Glory and find her.  Willow does her spell to reverse the brain suck and brings Tara back to normalcy.  Glory is weakened and decides to feed on Buffy.  Buffy throws the sphere at Glory and she catches it, which gives her pain.  Glory destroys the sphere and Buffy attacks.  The Scoobies take on the minions.  Glory punches Buffy’s head off, and realizes Buffy is a robot.  Non Buffy bot Buffy hits a distracted Glory with the troll hammer.  Buffy goes after Dawn and Glory chases.  They fight up the tower.  They fall off the tower.  Buffy looses the hammer.  Glory is ready to attack again when she is hit by a wrecking ball sent by Xander.  Buffy gets the hammer again and beats Glory.  Dawn watches the fight and Doc arrives because Glory sent him to let the blood out.  Spike sees Doc and Willow talks to him telepathically, saying she will clear the way.  Spike and Doc fight, but Doc wins and throws Spike off the tower.  Glory wants Buffy to stop beating her, but Buffy won’t, so Glory changes back to Ben.  Buffy thinks of killing Ben, but decides not to.  Ben/Glory are to leave Sunnydale forever.  Then Buffy goes off to save Dawn.  Giles talks to Ben about Buffy not killing him, so Giles says he will kill Ben.  Ben understands.  Giles kills Ben.  Doc cuts Dawn and the blood creates the portal by the tower.  Demons and dragons and such come out.  Buffy gets to the tower and she pushes Doc off the tower.  Buffy saves Dawn, but the portal open means the End of Days.  Dawn plans to sacrifice herself to save the day.  Buffy stops her, then remembers how the sisters share the same blood.  Also, death was her gift.  Buffy says something quietly to Dawn, then runs and jumps into the portal.  Buffy is hit by the energy of the portal.  Buffy dies.  The portal closes.  Buffy’s body ends up at the bottom of the tower.  The Scoobies find Buffy’s body.  Buffy’s final words are heard, giving hope to Dawn.  It ends with Buffy’s tombstone being shown.



Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Run!  Whoever that is!  Vampire!  Buffy!  This Vampire has never heard of the Slayer?  Hehe, his leg.  Hey jerk ass prey, shut up with your sexism, she just saved your idiotic life.  Love they are all so calm when Buffy says Vampire.  Joel Grey as Doc!  Plot recap!  Tara still not right.  Spike rhapsodizes about blood.  Joss wrote and directed!  It is rare to see Buffy and Giles shouting and arguing with each other.  And kinda scary.  Dawn has become her sister.  Spike, agree with Giles and Xander here, shut up!  Xander is right, Ben can be killed.  Anya is trying, guys.  Does this big hammer make Buffy the original Captain Hammer?  Mention of the Willow grade ten crush.  Dawn prefers Glory to Ben.  Glory, you are a bitch.  Buffy and Giles, round two.  Things are clear, Giles will try and kill Dawn, and Buffy will stop him.  Buffy has saved the world quite a bit.  A Princess dress for Dawn?   That is one tall tower they built.  One last bit of koochie for Xander and Anya!  The Buffy bot!  Wait, they can use that as a distraction.  A Bunny!  Xander is proposing????  Nice slap!  This dude has finally come a long way since season one.  Anya said yes!  Awwww!!!  Willow’s got a maybe save the day spell.  That slap hurt.  Yeah Buffy, you have to invite Spike in again.  He looks touched.  Buffy gives Spike the job of protecting Dawn, because she knows he will do it.  Dawn all tied up looks so sad.  Scoobies getting ready!!  Tara is still not right.  Are they walking to Doomsday?  They really look scared, looking at that tower.  Love how Spike offers Willow liquid courage.  Tara’s the distraction!  Willow!  Reverse the spell and kick Glory’s ass!  Glory is brain hungry!  Buffy!  Glowy orb!  Fight!  Scoobies attack!  Holy Crap!!  Spike for the kamikaze attack!  Dawn sees all!  Tara’s Back!!!  YES!!!!  Knew she was fighting the Buffy bot!  Real Buffy!  With A Big Ass Hammer!  Knew she would lose the hammer.  That fall has gotta have hurt.  A wrecking ball?  Xander!!!  Brick to the head for Spike!  Joel Grey!  And he’s evil!  With a knife!  Oh Crap!  Who in the Hellmouth is talking to Spike?  It’s Willow!  Damn she’s good!  Willow and Tara clear the crowd!  Run Spike Run!  He’s fast!  Glory is hurt!  Spike is hurt!  Holy Crap!  That Is One Loooong Fall!  Keep Hitting Her Buffy!!!!  Ben!  Giles is gonna kill Ben!  Holy Crap!  Suffocation!!!  Dawn’s blood!  Yes!  Let Doc plummet!!  NO!!!!!!!!!  Reality Is Collapsing!!!  THE END OF EVERYTHING!!!!!!  Is Anya Dead???  Dragons???  But wait, Buffy has the same blood, SISTERS!!!  OMG!!!!!!!!!  THIS IS WHERE BUFFY DIES!!!!!!!!!!  And we don’t hear what she tells Dawn, dangit!  Run Buffy Run!!  SAVE THE UNIVERSE!!!!!  BUFFY IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!   The Scoobies, oh God, the Scoobies, see her body.  Willow is loosing it.  Spike is just gone with pain.  Buffy’s final words to Dawn.



Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Buffy tells life advice to a Vampire and its prey with, “You guys having a fight?  Because, you know, fightings not cool.”  Buffy and Giles argue, with so much coming from this line, “Tell me to kill my sister.”  Xander explains to the Scoobies why Anya turns his crank, “Smart chicks are so hot.”  Dawn tells Ben off with “And I wish you would fall on your head and drown in your barf, so I guess we are both disappointed.”  Buffy tells Willow a simple truth, that I agree with one hundred percent, “You’re the strongest person here.  You know that right?”  Buffy insults Glory also with a simple truth, “Glory.  You are not the brightest god in the heavens are you?”  Glory taunts Buffy with “You lost your hammer sweet checks.  What are you going to hit me with now?”  Spike asks Doc about mortality “Doesn’t a fella stay dead when you kill him?”


DAMN YOU JOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BUFFY WILL BE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Scoop is now quietly sobbing in the corner.  More distraught then when Willow and Oz broke up)



What Buffy’s Tombstone Says:

Buffy Anne Summers

1981 – 2001

Beloved Sister

Devoted Friend

She Saved The World

A Lot


Buffy Grave



…is currently reading The Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kravitz by Mordecai Richler





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