Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 6.1 Bargaining Part One

Buffy season 6

Buffy is dead.

The Scoobies have moved on.

The fight against evil goes on.


Willow’s secret plan to bring Buffy back happens.

Bargaining Part One is part of another death raising post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

The Scoobies are on patrol, led by the very powerful witch Willow, fighting Vampires, all with the help of Buffy.  Who does not seem to be dead.  And it turns out to be the Buffy bot.  All because they must keep Buffy’s death secret.  Willow keeps having to tweak the Buffy bot.  Willow and Tara have moved into Buffy’s house and are taking care of Dawn.  And avoid calls from Dawn’s jerk father.  The Buffy bot tries to bond with Dawn with awkward feelings.  Buffy bot and Dawn go to parents day at school and Buffy bot acts weird because she is a robot.  But Buffy bot manages to fool people.  Anya is annoyed at the Magic Shop because Giles has promised to leave the store to her, but has not.  Giles is still in America.  And Anya is annoyed her engagement to Xander has not been made public.  Spike babysits Dawn while the Scoobies chat.  Buffy bot fights a Vampire but gets damaged, which makes the Vampire realize she is a robot.  Anya has gotten from the internet a magic urn they need.  Now their secret plans to resurrect Buffy can occur.  But not all the Scoobies are happy with the plan.  Willow will have no back talk.  Willow is convinced Buffy is stuck in hell.  Willow finds the Buffy bot at the house and goes to fix it.  And Spike leaves because the Buffy bot reminds him of Buffy.  Dawn lays down to sleep with the Buffy bot, wishing it was Buffy.  Giles trains the Buffy bot and treats it like it is alive.  The Vampire spreads the news of the Buffy bot to demon bikers.  Willow does a spell in the forest getting a baby deer to come before her.  Willow then, with no remorse, kills it.  She needs the blood for the spell.  And lies to the Scoobies of where she got it.  They also find Giles note that he has already left.  The Scoobies head to the airport and give Giles a goodbye with cutesy, and slightly in jokey for the fans, gifts.  The Scoobies get the spell ready and go to Buffy’s grave.  They start the spell.  Willow has her skin cut by magic, and other bad things happen.  And a snake pukes from her mouth.  Spike is again babysitting Dawn when the demon bikers show up and trash the town.  Buffy bot fights them and is damaged, so she seeks out Willow.  The demons arrive at the grave and interrupt the spell.  The Scoobies are attacked.  They scatter, thinking they failed.  In the coffin, Buffy has magic around her.  Buffy wakes up.  Buffy is alive.  Buffy is confused.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Run Vampire Run!  Chased by Spike!  And Tara and Giles!  And Willow is the telepathic switchboard!  Buffy!  Wait, betcha it is the Buffy bot.  Crap, Willow is one Hellmouth of a General.  Spike sets Vampire on fire!  Yep, knew it was the Buffy bot.  Still no Tara in the credits????  So Willow and Tara are living in the Summers house with Dawn.  And Buffy bot is Dawn’s legal guardian?  That is a lot of sandwiches.  Buffy dad mention.  Tara mentions Scooby meeting like she is a member, which she is, and this is cool to finally have them acknowledge it.  Buffy’s dad might take Dawn away, the jerk.  Parent Teacher Day.  This could be a disaster.  Dawn looks so scared.  Great, parents gripe session.  Magic Box!  Giles is leaving?  With Buffy gone, has another Slayer been activated?  And where is this new Slayer?  They kept their engagement secret?  Kinda cool seeing Spike and Dawn hang out.  So Dawn isn’t the Key anymore?  Spike feels guilt over Buffy’s death, doesn’t he?  This lady is about to die.  Buffy bot to the rescue!  Uh oh, the secret is out!  The Urn of Osiris!  Sounds like a plot point!  Are they planning to resurrect Buffy?  Xander is nervous here.  We knew they were going to do this, but it just seems so scary.  Willow is determined.  Tara is mostly determined.  And of course Giles doesn’t know.  So cause of death can help sway the possibilities of rebirth.  Buffy bot all damaged.  And she still talks lovingly to Spike, who really really does not like it.  Exit Spike, upset.  Love how Dawn snuggles up to “sleeping” Buffy bot.  Giles is trying to treat the Buffy bot like she is Buffy.   And Giles feels guilt as well.  Vampire biker bar!  The word gets out!  Willow does a spell to call over Bambi, THEN KILLS IT?????????  And doesn’t seem to be troubled by it.  Wait, Giles just left with such a crappy goodbye note?  What a jackass.  Scoobies at the airport!  With such a cute sign!  Apple pie and finger monsters are such cute gas station gifts.  Love the hugs.  Spike is gonna be upset he wasn’t included.  How mad is Giles gonna be when they bring Buffy back with magic.  Goodbye Giles, please come back.  Love the Tara/Dawn friendship.  Vampire bikers are a coming!  The Scoobies are about to do it, bring back Buffy!  Willow has one scary ass resolve face.  Cutting!  Wild in the streets!  Did Willow just vomit up a snake?  And Spike sees the Vampire bikers.  Uh oh, I think the Buffy bot is about to be destroyed.  Willow is really in trouble here.  Oh Crap, Vampire bikers!  Meanwhile underground, the decomposing body of Buffy is revitalized and WAKES UP!!!!!!!!  BUFFY IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Xander tells Willow off for mental commands “Great googly moogly Willow!  Will you quit doing that!”  Spike tells Giles what happened with “Cup of tea, cup of team almost got shagged, cup of tea.”  Willow tells Xander what Anya called her, “And you’re her sweet cookie face.”  Xander gives a scary thought to Giles and Anya with, “Okay, when I am marveling at the immaturity, be scared.”


Buffy is back to life, on a new network and everything!

And thank you Joss for this awesomeness of awesome episode.  Our favourite Slayer is breathing and fighting again, so all is almost right with the world.

But, what in the Hellmouth is up with Willow??



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