Some Random Thoughts On Angel 3.1 Heartthrob and Angel 3.2 That Vision Thing

Angel Season 3

Angel deals with Buffy’s passing in Heartthrob, and helps Cordelia deal with a mental attack in That Vision Thing.  Continuing on with another part of My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!



What Angel Investigations Did!

AI without Angel talk about Freddie, who is still in her room at the hotel, and Angel who took off to a religious retreat in Sri Lanka, all three months ago after Buffy died.  Angel is at the retreat being attacked by the monks who are really demons.  He wins.  Angel comes back to LA and is welcomed back.  He gives out gifts.  Freddie is asked about by Angel.  Angel goes and talks to Freddie, who is scribbling all over her room walls.  They talk and Angel wonders what LISTEN on the walls means and Freddie explains.  Angel runs downstairs when Cordelia screams because she is having a really painful vision.  AI goes to a party Vampires have destroyed and kidnapped some students from.  AI fights the Vampires and one recognizes Angel right before he stakes her.  It is someone named Elizabeth and Angel now has her locket.  Cordelia goes home and Dennis helps her relax with a bath and some painkilling pills.  Flashback to France 1767.  Angelus and Darla are hanging out with Elizabeth and her guy James.  Everything the young Vampire couple do annoys Angelus, including when steals James steals the locket for Elizabeth.  And the Vampire hunter Holtz is still on their trail.  Today.  James hears of Elizabeth’s death and is sad and mad about it and Angelus involvement.  He goes to a demon doctor and gets a treatment.  Lorne sings at the bar as AI gets info from Merle and he tells them of the demon doctor.  Angel is at the hotel with Cordelia talking about Buffy when James attacks.  They fight.  Angel stakes James but it does not work.  Throwing James into sunlight does nothing.  Angel and Cordelia flee to the sewers.  AI calls and tells Cordelia of James temporary invulnerability.  Angel and Cordelia make it to the subway, but James attacks them in the subway train.  James is convinced Angel cannot feel love like he did with Elizabeth.  James invulnerability wears off and he becomes ashes.  Cordelia talks to Angel again about Buffy and love and getting with life.  In Nicaragua a man gives info to Darla and feeds on him.  Darla leaves and it is clear she is very pregnant.


My Thoughts!!

Freddie in the shining hotel.  AI just back from a mission and looking all tired.  Plot point: three months later, Freddie is a hermit and Angel went away.  They seem awfully calm about Angel abandoning them again.  So because they switched networks, they can’t say Buffy’s name?  Gunn calling Buffy the love of Angels life feels like such fan service.  Angel is at a spiritual retreat in Sri Lanka?  Oh, and getting beat up by all the grasshoppers.  Newest opening credits!  Freddie is the credits!  But no Lorne!  Is the lease up for Wolfram And Hart to snatch up?  Angel’s back!  And AI is actually happy.  No Cordelia, we were not thinking of your breasts, because that necklace does not do this.  Kinda knew that was Freddie scribblings.  Angel not coming into Freddie room, what defines a residence to a Vampire?  Freddie us going all A Beautiful Mind here with the walk writings.  She really is going through a lot isn’t she?  Where’s her family?  Vision time!  That is one nasty vision!!  Angel won’t get there in time.  That’s right, play mind games with the college kid.  Fight!  And the Vampire girl recognizes Angel.  Love how Dennis is so helpful.  Really feel for Cordelia here.  Flashback to France 1767.  Darla!  Angelus and his posse waltzing around.  And arguing over Vampire hunters.  So that’s the same Vampire Angel killed.  And now Vampire hunter Holtz shows up.  This other Vampire is annoying.  Today.  So they think the loser Vampire will come back for revenge?  A parable to Buffy and Angel?  So loser Vampire is in town and burns up a Vampire.  Cordelia talks to Angel about Buffy, but they don’t say the name of course.  Flashback to France.  Angelus and Holtz really don’t like each other, and have a history.  Now that was a stupid escape.  Today.  Loser Vampire sees weird doctor looking for cure?  Are they gonna take his heart out so that he can’t be staked?  Lorne!  Instead of Sri Lanka, couldn’t Angel just sing to Lorne about Buffy?  Great, Merle the loser is back. Hurling axe?  Why is Cordelia suddenly so whiny?  Loser Vampire at the hotel.  Fight!  Why is Angel having such problems fighting this Loser?  Called it on the staking.  Yes, leave Freddie behind.  Sewer escape in very clean sewer.  Ring mention.  Why have they never heard of a slogg demon before?  Knew Cordelia was gonna stick her toungue out.  And knew this loser would jump onto the train.  “We try not to say her name too much.”  Cordelia on Buffy, in a really funny in joke for the fans.  So invincible, but still has pressure points.  Loser Vampire just became dust.  Cordelia just said Buffy!  Angel is upset that he is not more broken up over Buffy.  That he can go on.  And that Buffy is gone FOREVER!!!!!  Nicaragua?  Darla.  About to feed on this idiot.  Wait, wait, wait, Darla is PREGGERS???  One guess the daddy is Angel.


I actually kinda like this one.  Angel deals with Buffy, Freddie is cool, and thinks move along quite nicely.

Angel logo


That Vision Thing….

What Angel Investigations Did!

Wesley and Gunn talk about Cordelia as they eat., She walks by and they chat her up.  Freddie, who is eating the table, says they are trying to hard and she knows it.  Also, no visions for awhile.  Wolfram and Hart lawyer shows up gives a list of code violations for the hotel to Angel.  Cordelia gets a vision with a coin and a clawed demon.  And it is a very painful vision, leaving physical cuts.  Angel sends Cordelia home with Freddie as escort.  AI go after the coin and fight demons disguised as an elderly couple.  They win.  The lawyer tells Lila that is on the Angel case now and she is not happy.  Cordelia tries to shoo Freddie away, but another vision hits, knocking her out and giving her boils.  AI is told of the vision, but are worried about her.  Angel goes for the key that goes with the coin while Lorne is sent for.  Angel gets the key and Lorne tries to reach Cordelia.  Cordelia wants to keep her visions.  Lila makes deal with a man who then takes off his fez and uses his pulsating brain. This makes Lorne get hit by mental energy.  Lorne finds out the visions come from Wolfram and Hart.  Angel goes to Lila gives her coin and the key.  But Lila wants Angel to use the items to free someone from a magical prison.  Angel uses the coin and the key to travel to the realm and meets Skip the guard who is a demon.  They talk nicely because they are both on the same side, but do eventually fight.  Angel wins and gets the prisoner.  AI brings the prisoner to Lila, who frees Cordelia from the vision pain.  After the exchange, Angel kills the fez psychic man.  Cordelia recovers and she and Angel talk about Buffy’s death.  Honduras.  Darla sees a shaman who attempts to find out more about her unborn baby.  But the spell backfires.  Darla decides to go see Angel.


My Thoughts!!

Wesley and Gunn are soooo obvious with the niceties to Cordelia.  Freddie knows they suck at it.  So no visions for awhile.  Heya it’s Lost guy!  The way he says new player sounds nasty.  Code violations?  Wolfram And Hart lawyers are nasty buggers.  Vision time!  They are definitively getting worse.  Wait, now the visions leave physical remnants?  Ack!  Freddie is so happy to help Angel, it is kinda cute.  Haha, Wesley is funny with the dick joke.  Not.  Knew they would know Angel was a Vampire.  Okay, that was bad special effects.  Of course they be demons.  AI is getting their asses kicked.  But they win.  Lila again?  Sigh.  Lostie!  Demon infestation?  That’s an understatement.  Time for more boring corporate intrigue at Wolfram and Hart.  Freddie at Cordelia’s.  Wonder how these two will get along, being so different.  And how Cordelia is like 20 and Freddie would be like 25.  Dennis!  Vision!  Eww, boils.  Knew the hair was covering the boils.  The Powers That Be mention!  I was wondering why Angel doesn’t go to what’s left of the toga guys place for answers.  Dang, Freddie is smart and makes a point.  Follow the energy, just like in Watergate.  Every time they say key, I expect Dawn to show up.  Way to make an obvious trap for Angel.  Is Gunn hitting on Freddie?  Exterminators?  I smell BS.  Of course Angel got the key.  Lorne!  Shatner reference!  Cordelia wants the visions to be helpful to Angel.  She really has grown.  Makes sense using Lorne this way.  Back to boring Lila.  A Fez!  Floating Fez guy with yucky exposed brain.  Psychic attack!  Cordelia is losing it.  Hacked visions?  The scoundrels!  This is actually a pretty good attack strategy.  Lila and Angel and a quick explanation if how he got inside the building.  Hacked visions used as bribery on Angel.  I knew calling Cordelia what’s her name would get a reaction.  A jailbreak?  Yet again, Angel has accidentally beaten up someone on the side of good.  Magic top for dimensional travel is different.  Whoops, no weapons policy in this realm.  Flames, demon, a friendly chat.  Skip?  Skip should hang with Freddie sometimes.  Fight!  Angel is such a gentleman with Skip.  Isn’t this where they had the drag race in Grease?  Yay, Cordelia is cured!  Knew Angel would kill the brain guy, because he knows they would do this again in a heartbeat. Please Angel, kill Lila.  Yes, the hotel does have a huge kitchen.  Sometimes I think the writers forget where AI is.  Cordelia points out the obvious, who is the evil guy freed from prison.  She will feel responsible.  Honduras.  Darla.  She really does not understand how this pregnancy happened.  She and the audience.  Well, that spell certainly backfired.


Again, another episode I liked.  Maybe Angel is finally getting its groove on?



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