Merry Marvel Marching Movies!!!!

Avengers Group Shot

With the recent announcement of all fifty or so Marvel Movies part of Phase Three, the net has been cracked in half, scrambled ten ways to Asgard, and slowly come back together by the Geeks of the world as we celebrate.

And that is very fantastic, because unbridled Geek love of our fandom is always fun and great.

So for some time now, we Geeks have been analyzing and re-analyzing the slate of movies and what they all mean. Heck, I jumped in with my geustimate that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver would be Inhumans instead of Mutants. Other thoughts poured into my brainpan, and I truly believe I have figured out their invincible master plan.

Let’s start, shall we, with my conspiracy theories?


  1. My first projection was that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver would be Inhumans, an amazing notion that now seems to be spreading through the Geek world and gaining momentum. The reason the Marvel Movies can’t make this sister and brother Mutants is because that concept is part of the X-Men license over at the other studio.


  1. Dr-StrangeThe Doctor Strange movie is said to feature Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme (CUMBERBATCH!) along with other dimensions and such, which is familiar territory for this hero. What I am waiting for is scene where Strange does his astonishing hocus pocus and decides, for some plot reason or other, to take a peak into some neighbouring realms. At this point we will see snippets of an arm or leg of different heroes in each place. One arm will be Spiderman’s and they will cut away just as the web shooters go off. Another arm will show the gloved hand of Wolverine popping claws and the cut will occur in the middle of the snikt sound. The last clip will be the leg of the Thing stomping into the ground with a tremendous Kathoom! That cutaway will happen just as a loud Brooklyn accented voice shouts “It’s Clobbering Time!” All these bits will go by rather quickly but serve their purpose of whipping the audience into a frenzy and breaking the internet into a million billion pieces.


  1. Ms MarvelCaptain Marvel will feature a subplot of all sorts of internet fans following her grand adventures, and at some point they will prove helpful in helping solve some problem for Carol Danvers. One of these uncanny groupies will be a certain Kamala Khan. She will not be named, but it will definitely be her. Also, somewhere along the way, the title of Ms. Marvel will be brought up in relation to Carol Danvers, and our anonymous Kamala Khan will be involved as well. This part with Kamala will all end up in…


  1. The Inhumans movie. Yes, besides introducing this spectacular Jack Kirby concept to the masses, and taking chunks from other creators as well, this film will end with Kamala getting hit by the mists of the Terrigan Bomb. One of the teasers will showcase Kamala putting the finishing touches on her costume, then the splash announcing Ms. Marvel as coming soon. Cue crazed fan reaction.


  1. Spider-ManThese last two films happen between Avengers Infinity War Part One and Two. Whatever climatic events that smash up the Marvel Movie Universe, both on Earth and in the cosmos, is so bad that The Inhumans break the glass and set loose the Terrigan because more heroines and heroes are needed. With this plethora of mighty new adventurers, good and evil, filling every inch of the screen for the big budget final battle withFantastic Four Thanos, it shall be a glorious Geeks dream come true. And as the war is about to be won by the vile Thanos, Doctor Strange will manage to tap into the Reality Gem just long enough to cast a spell. To merge universes. All to get more heroines and hero’s. Suddenly entering the fray will be Spiderman, all the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four. This turns the fight around and Thanos is utterly defeated. And as the Infinity Gauntlet falls off his hand, the Gems separate and a white flash blinds all. Next thing we know it, The Marvel Movie Universe will be one and complete and whole. The Avengers and the X-Men and Spiderman and Fantastic Four will cohabitate the screen. Little snippets of Lee/Kirby early Marvel crossovers play out before us. As if it was always this way. WolverineThis crisis was long planned out, as secret deals to buy those properties back were finally signed and crap tons of cash changed hands.


Marvel is now all set for their incredible Phase Four, showcasing crossovers galore. And the added hope some of this will spill over onto the S.H.I.E.L.D show and make that hunk of junk abit more palpable.

Now I fully acknowledge some of these points are more reasonable and can be slightly backed up by evidence in existing movies and clues to future films. I also completely agree that a lot of this sounds rather fanficy. Okay, really fanficy. But my gut tells me I am onto something here, and seeing as to how far ahead they plan these movies, with seeds planted everywhere, I have a feeling a good chunk of this is correct.

I cannot wait to see if my Scoop-sense is right or not.



…is currently reading The Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kravitz by Mordecai Richler





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