Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 6.3 After Life

Buffy season 6

Buffy is all getting adjusted to being back amoungst the living in After Life.  And fights a byproduct of that.  Another part of my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

The Scoobies go to Buffy’s house hoping to find her.  The demon bikers are on the run.  Buffy is at the house and confused.  And told that Giles has gone.  Spike arrives and finds out Buffy is back.  They talk.  Buffy has been dead for 147 days.  The Scoobies arrive and Spike leaves.  Xander and Anya talk to an angry Spike who is upset no one told him the plans to bring Buffy back.  And he says all magic has a price.  Buffy looks around her room and is still confused.  Willow and Tara have nightmares about the returned Buffy.  They get up and notice something in the house.  Willow calls Xander and Anya acts weirs and cuts herself.  The Scoobies have no clue what this lump thing is and Buffy is still out of it.  Buffy goes on patrol.  Dawn is taken over by the demon lump and shoots fire.  Buffy and Spike talk, including about his guilt of not saving her.  Xander asks if the spell to bring Buffy back was safe, and Willow says the lump was created by the spell by accident.  And the demon lump can live if Buffy dies.  It is inside Xander and leaves to get Buffy.  The demon lump fights Buffy and she can’t hit it.  Willow and Tara do a spell making the demon solid and Buffy kills it.  Dawn goes to school.  Buffy tells the Scoobies she was in hell and thanks them for saving her.  Buffy goes outside and talks to Spike, who is in the shadows.  Buffy admits she was not in hell, but heaven.  And happy.  Very very happy.  And now she is back on earth, all because of her friends.  And she does not want Spike to tell the Scoobies.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Still some demon bikers around town.  Willow is describing what Angelus went through.  Dawn getting Buffy up to speed on what’s what in the Summer household.  Dawn is trying so hard to bring Buffy back to reality.  Joyce’s room is now Willow and Tara’s room.  Spike!  Now Spike realizes Buffy is back.  Spike knows what happened because so many Vampires, including him, have clawed their way out of coffins.  147 days Buffy was dead.  The Scoobies!  Yes, lets overwhelm the recently returned from the dead.  At least Buffy is talking more now.  Knew Spike was gonna be mad that he didn’t know.  And he is right, Willow knew she might not come back right. which is why Willow didn’t tell Spike.  Magic never happens in a vacuum.  Willow told Giles by phone.  And he is coming back.  Willow and Tara are so cute.  Now Willow is realizing actions have consequences here.  Buffy.  Not sleeping.  Seeing death everywhere.  Notice no pictures of Giles, Oz, or Cordelia.  Is this real or a dream?  Dream Buffy gives Willow and Tara a communal nightmare.  Okay, pictures on wall, stop moving that way, it’s creepy.  Xander and Anya are living together?  When did this happen?  The phone ringing in the middle of the night would wake anyone up.  Great dream Anya with a knife just to give me nightmares.  Hitchhiker is the villain.  Anya is always so forward, they should be used to this.  Kinda surprised Buffy is together enough to tell the Scoobies of the pictures.  Demon homework 101.  Back to life less than twenty four hours, and already patrolling?  Dawn is possessed!  Now they realize Dawn is possessed, and shooting fire.  Spike!  Still upset.  Buffy stops by to see him, because he is non-dead dead.  We knew Spike was feeling guilt.  Xander is getting suspicious of what Willow knew.  Great, if demon thing goes, Buffy goes as well.  Xander possessed!  Demon thing after Buffy!  No fair!  It can hit Buffy, but she can’t hit it.  Xander always struck as someone who would drive fast.  Willow and Tara with a software update on their spell.  Only Buffy would keep an axe under her bed.  Willow goes all glowy again.  Demon solid!  One beheaded demon later.  Buffy made Dawn lunch.  Yeah, Buffy still isn’t happy.  Buffy was in hell?  Not heaven?  Why?  Buffy thanks the Scoobies, but I am not quite buying it.  Group hug!  Spike!  Trapped by sunlight.  And Buffy tells Spike to never tell her friends.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Buffy asks Dawn a really loaded question with “What else is different?”  Anya tells the Scoobies some facts with “I mean evil things have plans.  They have things to do.”  Xander takes himself and the Scoobies to task with “We made a demon?  Bad us.”  Buffy gives some advice to Dawn, “You know what they say.  Those of us who failed history, doomed to repeat it in summer school.”  Buffy tries to be nice, but fails, with Spike, “It’s okay.  I can be alone with you here.”  Buffy does a heartfelt soliloquy to Spike, explaining where she was, “I was happy.  Where ever I was, I was happy.  At peace.  I knew that everyone I cared about was alright.  I knew it.  Time didn’t mean anything.  Nothing had form.  But I was still me, you know.  And I was warm.  And I loved.  And I was finished.  Complete.  I don’t understand theology or dimensions, or any of it really, but I think I was in Heaven.  And now I’m not.  I was torn out of there.  Pulled out by my friends.”


The fallout of bringing Buffy back is still smashing around with the Scoobies here.  You are definitely playing with the repercussions here Joss, and I love it.



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