Some Random Thoughts On Angel 3.3 That Old Gang Of Mine and Angel 3.4 Carpe Noctem

Angel Season 3

Angel and Gunn take on the old gang in That Old Gang Of Mine and Angel does the freaky friday in Carpe Noctem.  Continuing on with another part of My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!


That Old Gang Of Mine…

What Angel Investigations Did!

Angel apologies to Merle at the demon bar.  But it goes wrong and the magic prevents a fight.  Merle goes home and is killed.  AI investigates Merle’s death, but Gunn says it is a waste of time.  Gunn goes to see his old gang and sees a new guy Gio is being a jerk.  Angel wants Cordelia to help Freddie get out more.  AI finds another demon murdered.  A peaceful demon is killed in the sewers by Gunn’s old gang.  Gunn steals evidence from the other murder scene because he sees it as from his old gang.  Gunn finds out that his whole old gang is doing the murders.  Cordelia takes Freddie to the demon bar.  Freddie sings Crazy.  Gunn’s gang bursts in and attacks the demons.  Gio accuses Gunn of cavorting with demons.  AI realizes the gang did the murders and that Gunn knew.  The gang takes AI and the demons hostage.  They want Angel.  Cordelia is allowed to go and Angel sends her to the Furies, so that they can lift the no fighting spell.  Gio sings and makes fun of Gunn, but Lorne reads him and reveals that Gio is hiding terrible cowardly things.  Gio is distracted by another demon and Gunn gets his weapon.  They argue.  Gunn kills the other demon.  Angel shows up.  Gunn will not kill Angel and says they are not friends.  For him it is all mission.  Gio wants someone to kill Angel and Freddie volunteers.  But Freddie threatens Gio instead.  Angel talks her out of it.  Cordelia gets the Furies to lift the spell.  AI fight the gang.  A demon kills Gio.  Wesley tells Gunn off.  Angel and Gunn talk.


My Thoughts!!

Angel confessional.  To Merle?  All over last season.  Of course he is reading from notes.  Angel did do that on purpose, forcing demon violence from Merle.  I am soooo tired of Merle.  Is he dead now?  Gunn nightmare time.  I am guessing Gunn does not live at the hotel.  Haha, bits of Merle everywhere, soooo funny.  Why is Wesley surprised to see Gunn?  By now Gunn knows the difference between good and bad demons.  Pager mention.  Bad ninja attack on Gunn.  His old gang.  Vampires are infesting Miami as well?  So badly acted attitude over Gunn working with Angel.  Can see the issue, but really overdone here.  Freddie plot moving forward.  Cordelia putting Angel in enemies of Merle list is silly and stupid.  This episode feels like five hours already.  And another smashed dead demon.  That is one ugly demon with a slushie.  Who is now dead.  Kinda obvious it is Gunn’s old crew.  Yep!  Gunn pulling attitude again for stupid reasons.  Lookee Gunn taking evidence.  So all of Gunn’s old crew just kill to kill.  Now Gunn realizes the Moral Of The Story.  Since Cordelia had a vision to save Gunn, wouldn’t she have one now?  Why does this Cordelia/Freddie scene feel so forced.  This is stupid.  Time for the Gunn’s soul searching moment.  Freddie singing crazy is kinda cute and truthful.  Does Gunn have feelings for Freddie?  Lorne is cool.  Had a feeling that was gonna happen.  Gunn’s crew just massacring the place with blood and bullets everywhere.  Wesley figures out Gunn knew.  Good bringing up history Wesley.  Cordelia gives good resolve face.  So this one finally went someplace.  Figures Angel would know who casts the non aggression spell.  Typical terrorizing jerkwad, singing to the hostages.  Lorne reads the jerk.  And proves the jerk is a jerk.  Gunn gets a gun.  Calling a demon a babykiller?  Now accusing Gunn of being a demon.  Gunn shoots the demon?  And Wesley spells out the difference between Angel and Angelus quite clearly.  Okay, those three floating witches are freaky.  Freddie’s got a plan, I am sure.  Knew it.  Just kill him!  Fight!  Jerk dies!  Me happy.  Kinda wish the gang had seen the jerk’s true colours.  Wesley keeps growing a pair, doesn’t he, with Gunn?  So now Gunn doesn’t consider Angel a friend?  Gimme a break.


Starts really really slow and out of character for Gunn, brings up an interesting issue and situation, then ends with more Gunn out of character.  Whatever.

Angel logo


Carpe Noctem….

What Angel Investigations Did!

Freddie thinks Angel is wonderful and tells AI.  Angel is excited by some old movies and Freddie says she will go.  Freddie considers this a date.  Cordelia tells Angel to set Freddie straight.  Angel says he will but doesn’t.  AI looks into some hotel deaths with melted bodies.  All the dead went to the same gym.  Angel sees a suspicious person at the seniors home across the gym and investigates.  The old man, Marcus, does a spell on Angel and they switch bodies.  Real Angel is knocked out.  Marcus Angel heads back to AI.  Real Angel wakes up and is caught trying to sneak out.  Marcus Angel thinks Wesley is Freddie and that he is gay.  Marcus Angel figures it out and hits of Freddie.  Lila screws up Wolfram and Harts plans by giving Angel building documents.  Marcus Angel makes a play for Lila and they are about to have sex when Freddie walks in and the Vampire comes out.  Lila gets freaked and leaves.  Freddie bolts in tears.  Marcus Angel realizes he is a Vampire.  Cordelia finds upset Freddie and hears of Angel and Lila.  Wesley realizes Angel has been possessed.  Marcus Angel goes out to hit on girls and beat people up, then heads to kill Real Angel.  The two meet.  AI shows up.  They fight and AI wins.  They switch bodies back.  Marcus has a heart attack and dies.  Angel talks with Freddie about how they are not a couple.  She understands.  Cordelia bursts in with the news that Buffy is alive.


My Thoughts!!

Haha, Freddie scared everyone.  Freddie really romanticized Angel doesn’t she?  But she is right, he probably has read those books.  Charlton Heston double feature?  Well looks like evil guy likes heavy threesome.  It’s good to be young?  Plot point.  Now a bag of skin.  Freddie is so non-continuous it is funny.  Lots of Cordelia cleavage this episode.  AI seem so bored and do nothing this one, but isn’t Wolfram and Hart hitting them with code violations?  Speaking of Wolfram And Hart.  Lostie guy a point about Angels legal status.  Lila wants a forger?  Betcha she is gonna get Angel real ID.  But what is Freddie doing?  This is sad.  Health club, kill me.  This feels like a Buffy plot.  Saw Rance Howard in the credits, Ron Howard’s dad, and here he is.  Occult stuff, of course.  So he switched souls with Angel!  Cordelia knows something is wrong.  Good, hate it if she didn’t notice.  Old guy is one horny horndog.  They are trying to be funny, but this really could lead to rape.  Old guy thinks Angel is guy because of Freddie’s name.  Wonder how long the Freddie name joke will last.  Haha, Angel possessed thinks Wesley is Freddie.  Why did they think this was funny?  Haha, Angel possessed thinks Gunn is the delivery man because he is black.  No one has figured this out?  And the escorts joke is lame.  Possessed Angel destroying evidence.  Freddie saying Whatchadoing is soooooooo Phineas and Ferb.  Lila!  Knew she would fix the code violations, all to screw over Lostie.  Crap, real Angel is having a heart attack while escaping.  Freddie’s gonna walk in now of course.  Knew Lila would want to sleep with Angel.  This their way of keeping Freddie non raped.  Hope he kills Lila.  Finally, Cordelia and Freddie are almost having a heart to heart.  Dancing possessed Angel is almost as bad as dancing Spiderman.  Well, this is a thrill seeking tramp.  Now he realizes Angel has powers.  Cordelia is being stupid now.  Now the idiots at AI are putting it together.  So possessed Angel is here to kill real Angel.  AI shows up!  Cordelia with a taser for the win.  And now evil Marcus dies.  Time for the Angel/Freddie talk.  Kinda cute and touching.  Holy Crap, Buffy is alive!!!!  And Cordelia sounds really happy.  Now Freddie will ask loads of questions.


An episode played for laughs, that are mostly not funny, and has several serious undertones, kinda skirted around.  Found this one a waste.



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