Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 6.4 Flooded

Buffy season 6

Buffy is facing the fist salvo in what might be this seasons big bad, and gets smacked with money woes, in Flooded.  Once more with my posts in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy tries to fix a leaky basement pipe.  But it breaks and floods the basement.  Xander and a plumber look at it and give Buffy a very large quote.  Buffy then finds out about the hospital bills and funeral costs for Joyce.  So Buffy and Dawn are broke.  Anya says Buffy should charge for Slaying.  Buffy heads to the bank and sees a loan officer, but it goes badly.  A demon shows up and Buffy fights it off.  The demon gets away with money.  Willow tries to get Buffy angry, just to get her out of the rut.  Anya is mad at Xander for still not announcing the engagement.  Dawn wants to do research, but everyone treats her like a child.  Giles arrives and is happy to see Buffy again.  The demon from the bank is annoyed with his human masters, the trio.  They are Jonathan from Earshot, Warren from I Was Made To Love You, and Andrew whose brother Tucker was from The Prom.  Giles tells Buffy her will help figure out the money.  The Trio want to take over Sunnydale and not kill Buffy, but Warren gives Buffy’s address to the demon.  Giles asks Willow how she brought Buffy back.  She happily tells him.  Giles tells Willow off severely.  She knows not of the consequences.  Willow threatens Giles in return.  Buffy and Spike talk.  The demon attacks the house.  Buffy and Spike fight the demon.  The creature almost wrecks the new pipes.  The Trio think about making Buffy a magical sex slave.  The Scoobies try to fix Buffy’s broken furniture.  A phone call comes in from Angel and he wants to see Buffy.  And Buffy goes off to see him.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Buffy doing some hunting, of a leaky pipe.  Okay, that was ridiculously over the top and not funny.  Again, I ask, why no Tara in the credits.  And no Giles?  Wait, Giles is listed as a Special Guest Star?  Yes Willow, Buffy was staring at the sink water flowing for awhile.  Get a second opinion on the pipes!  Uh oh, money stuff.  Joyce had insurance, but the hospital bills sucked it all up.  A storyline that would not exist today, thanks to Obamacare.  And the house costs money.  Love the stunned looks on the Scoobies faces when Buffy makes the house burning joke.  But Dawn looks like she is about to freak.  Anya knows money, but that idea is stupid of charging for killing Vampires.  Spiderman mention!  Dawn goes to the expert on Spiderman, Xander, and gets her answer.  Still no engagement announcement?  Xander is getting cold feet!  At least he is being grown up and talking to Anya about it.  But she doesn’t buy it.  This loan officer looks slimy.  Buffy can face doomsday with courage, but not a bank idiot.  Of course Sunnydale has crappy property values.  And right on cue, a demon.  Buffy can’t kick because of the skirt!  Nice demon punch, actually laughed at that.  Now that’s a slit.  Thanks useless security guard.  Love how Buffy hates guns, and when she throws it, it lands and goes off.  Demon gets away, after bank is robbed.  And still no loan.  It’s the American banking system Willow.  Love how Willow is happy Buffy is showing emotion.  Riley mention!  Angel mention!  Yes, we all knew Willow was a slut.  Dawn is 15 now.  That street line from Dawn would be internet these days.  Okay, Dawn is 15, not 5, stop treating her as such.  Giles!!!!!  He’s Back!!!  Love the hug.  No mention of Olivia?  Giles does clean his glasses a lot, doesn’t he?  Still so much left unsaid.  Demon was hired by Jonathan and two losers?  And that guy who built the Buffy bot?  I really hate these guys already.  Jonathan can do more magic.  Andrew?  His brother is Tucker, who released the devil dogs at the Prom?  If these idiots are this season’s big bads I shall burn these dvd’s.  Flying monkeys at the school play?  What episode was this?  So Buffy saved Jonathan twice and robot guy once, and this is how they repay her?  Plotting her death?  Giles has to sleep on Buffy’s couch.  Giles will fix everything Buffy!  This robot guy lives in his parent’s basement.  Their plan is to take over Sunnydale?  In the name of the Hellmouth, why?  Is this some kinda commentary on fanfiction and fandom?  Cause I hated that in Superstar.  Okay, that villain to do list is almost Dr. Horrible-ish.  The Vulcan hand sign joke is soooo not funny.  This dialogue causes me pain.  Warning Willow!  Giles is piiiiissed about the spell.  Giles lists the dangers.  Giles tells Willow off and Willow threatens Giles.  And Willow realizes what she just threatened Giles.  Saw all this coming.  Buffy and Spike heard it all?  Dawn’s cereal mixing idea is interesting.  Demon!  Dawn has one hell of a scream.  Fight!  Love how now Buffy is concerned with damaging the house.  Basement for the watery demon death.  Periscope?  Kill these freaks now.  Are they trying something different with a funny, allegedly, big bad?  Comparing broken furniture to dead bodies seems kinda insensitive in front of Buffy.  Angel mention!  He knows Buffy is back!  And off to see him!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Buffy asks the Scoobies and important question with “But I haven’t spent any money.  I was all dead and frugal.”  Xander tells Anya, and he is right, with “Score one for Captain Logic.”  Dawn does some demon studying, “That’s a weird place for a horn.  That’s not a horn.”  Buffy asks Giles a question we all ask “Wow.  Giles, are you miserable about it, or just really British?”  Giles tells Willow off with “You are a very stupid girl.”  And Giles really tells Willow off with ““You are lucky to be alive, you rank, arrogant amateur.”  Buffy asks Spike something “Why are you always around when I am miserable?”  Buffy asks the Scoobies a question we all have wondered about, “I trashed this house so many times.  How did mom pay for this?”


And another reality hits Buffy hard, the cost of coming back to life.  Man, this is gonna be a brutal season on her I feel.  Back to life and being kicked in the head alot.



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