Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 6.5 Life Serial

Buffy season 6

Buffy has a really really really annoying day, just as she tries getting her life together.  All in Life Serial, another post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy comes back from seeing Angel and does not talk to anyone about what happened.  The Scoobies talk of Buffy’s future and she checks out some of Willow and Tara’s classes.  The Trio gets ready to compete to bother Buffy.  Buffy does not like the class with Willow.  Buffy goes to Tara’s art class, but is tagged with a device, unknown to her.  Time starts randomly fast forwarding for her, and Buffy finally finds the device and returns to normal.  Buffy goes to work for Xander at the construction site and the other men are sexist jerks.  Andrew sends a demon after her, and the fight destroys part of the site.  Buffy is fired because the man she saved refuses to admit it.  Xander knows something is up, but still annoyed.  Buffy gets a job at the Magic Store and Jonathan does a spell making time repeat itself.  Buffy relives the same moments with a customer over and over, including an attacking mummy hand.  Finally Buffy breaks the spell by just ordering the magic item for the customer.  Buffy quits the Magic Store.  The Trio keeps score of how much they bother Buffy.  Buffy gets drunk with Spike and they head top a bar where demons play poker.  The poker ends with bad blood.  Buffy whines to Spike and he sees the van the Trio have.  They see Buffy coming.  A demon shows up and Buffy beats it up.  The demon gets away and it is really Jonathan.  Buffy complains to Giles about her life and he gives her a cheque.  Buffy thinks Giles will be here forever, but he is less sure.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Buffy brought dinner, while Willow and Tara made dinner.  I hate family miscommunications like this.  Lesbian joke from Willow.  Angel mention!  Yes, Buffy’s life is still kinda a mess.  And no one seems to have any good advice.  The Three Losers with a high tech A Team reject van.  Shouldn’t Andrew be wearing a mask while spray painting?  Still Special Guest Star for Giles?  That seems like a small University class.  This class really is talking about Buffy and her life right now, and at all times.  Buffy is just rusty, she did all this smart talk years ago.  Tracker planted on Buffy!  Inhibitors?  Would that work on Buffy?  No one notices this weird van?  Buffy zones out when the signal hits her, and when she sees that painting.  Are they moving Buffy through time?  I think they are.  How are they doing this?  Technology?  At least Buffy found the device.  So, no scene of Buffy reporting this to Giles?  She just goes right to work at construction?  Even through the Magic Shop would be a much better job?  Okay, she did tell Giles, but just like in the talking dummy episode, they blow her off.  Okay, these construction guys are jerks and Buffy should shove some girders someplace nasty.  Love the looks on the idiots faces as Buffy easily hoists the steel beams.  Now she is told to slow down.  I hate these Three Losers.  Beads?  In the van?  A pan flute?  And it calls in demons.  Fight!  Is this fight gonna destroy the construction site?  Yep.  And they conveniently disintegrate.  Those idiots will never admit what they see and Buffy will be fired.  Horn sound will be the clue for Buffy, and I hate the horn sound used this way.  Xander seems more concerned with his construction job.  A period reference by jerk.  Xander should have defended Buffy.  No wonder he has no male friends at work.  At least they connected the dots somewhat.  So Anya will be Buffy’s boss.  The Three Losers put a hidden camera in the Magic Shop?  Please let them die from smoke inhalation.  Love Giles retail philosophy.  Time for the attack in the basement.  That was fast.  I would pay good money to see Buffy do the Dead Parrot sketch with the Mummy hand.  Time loop again.  This is stupid.  STOP WITH THE GEEK REFERENCES!!!!!  IT IS ANNOYING AND FEELS VERY SWARMY AND SELF REFERENTIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Stop this and explain what is happening to Giles.  A Bob Dole reference?  This is making Superstar look good by comparison.  Dead parrot reference.  This isn’t funny, but sad.  Hello!  My name is BUFFY  Ask me about curses!  And Buffy quits without explaining the time loop.  Buffy doing shots with Spike?  Things really that bad?  Is this what used to be Willy’s bar?  Demon poker.  I thought they hated Spike because he killed them.  Yep, that was brought up.  Kittens?  This feels like something the Angel show would do.  Buffy doesn’t play drunk well.  I hope the van with the Three Losers crashes.  But I agree with the Timothy Dalton slap.  Wish we had seen the poker game.  This is one whiny Buffy.  Now Buffy puts it together with the van.  I love James Bond, but this is stupid.  This demon is lame.  That was really Jonathan?  The Three Losers call themselves the Trio.  Giles is so nice and helpful with drunk Buffy.  I kept wondering why Giles wouldn’t give Buffy a loan.  All that Watcher money, after all.  Giles is her dad after all.  Buffy saying Giles will always be here means Giles will be gone very very soon.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Willow, doing something she never would have done years back, shouts “Hey, you could at least say sorry rude-o!” at a rude student.  Buffy asks Xander “Maybe it was lint?  Maybe it was evil lint?”  Jonathan tells the Trio off with “Stop touching my magic bone!”  Buffy speaks her mind to an annoying customer with “You look like the Mummy hand type.”  Spike uses a poor choice of words when talking to fellow demon poker players with, “Come on, somebodies gotta stake me.”


Sigh.  I dislike the Trio.  A whole whole lot.  I found their misadventures here against Buffy just very very very annoying.  Also, not funny at all.  Sigh.



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