Some Random Thoughts On Angel 3.5 Fredless and Angel 3.6 Billy

Angel Season 3

Angel and crew find out more about Freddie in Fredless, and past deeds come back to haunt them in Billy.  Continuing on with another part of My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!



What Angel Investigations Did!

Freeddie asks about Buffy, because Angel is now meeting with her.  Cordelia and Wesley do an exaggerated mocking of Buffy and Angel.  Angel comes back and takes Freddie out for ice cream.  But instead they go demon hunting ion the sewers.  Freddie sees some crystals on the wall, they Angel sends her back to the hotel.  AI redoes the weapons closet.  Cordelia finds a device that Freddie made and does not know what it is for.  An older couple come in and want help to find their daughter.  It is Freddie.  A private investigator traced a letters to the parents to AI.  The parents have no clue as to what happened five years ago to Freddie, or what demons and such exist.  AI lie about where Freddie was.  Freddie comes back and sees her parents and takes off.  She erases some of her scribblings before she takes off.  Angel comes back with a demon head and meets Freddie’s parents and lies that he is in the movies.  They find out Freddie left.  They split into teams to find Freddie.  Freddie goes to Lorne, who is angry his bar was damaged, and he reads her.  AI shows up at Lorne’s and he refuses to say where Freddie or to play stupid to her parents.  Lorne finally says she is at the bus station.  AI arrives and Freddie does not want to admit they exist, because than Pylea exist.  A bug demon attacks.  AI tries to fight and flee.  And Freddie’s parents kill the demon.  Freddie sees the crystals on the demons head.  Freddie does not think she belongs in AI so she leaves with her parents.  More bug demons show up at the hotel.  Freedie figures out the crystals after leaving and heads back.  She uses her invented weapon to watch an axe at the demon head, revealing bug eggs inside.  The bug demons take the head and go.  Freddie figured out the demon was acting weird because the bug eggs were in its head.  Freddie says she does have a place in AI.  AI and her parents goes to her room to paint over the writings.


My Thoughts!!

Weapons talk over inventory with AI.  Ah, Buffy talk from AI.  Cordelia’s acting sucks here.  With a lousy Buffy impression to boot.  Now Wesley is doing Angel?  This is not funny, but really insulting to the fans.  And of course Angel comes in now.  So we never do find out what happened when Buffy and Angel met again.  Freddie still wants Angel?  Nice ice cream story from Freddie.  Knew that wasn’t a vision.  Betcha they are Freddie’s parents.  Love how AI goes right to the Supernatural here.  Freddie looks scared.  AI never checked for Freddie’s family did they.  Cordelia is waaaay to obvious with the covering up.  Maybe Gunn is onto something here with the unaddressed envelope.  Freddie will not survive very long on the streets.  Yep, the parents are suspicious.  Lorne!  And the bar is still trashed.  Hope they don’t get rid of the demon bar.  Okay, these parents must be even worse if Lorne tells Freddie to run further.  Did she go to Pylea on purpose?  Are they supernatural evil or normal evil?  Bickersons reference!  From Cordelia?  Cell phone joke!  Lorne is kinda pissed at Gunn here, not surprisingly.  Gaybashing joke, haha.  Of course Angel figures out that Lorne knows where Freddie is.  This kinda feels like a redo of last season’s Carrie style episode.  They all found each other.  So wait, the parents aren’t evil, but if they are real then Pylea really happened and she can’t face that.  Okay, giant bug creature.  Thankfully they find Katniss’s gear.  Mom with bus saved the day.  Cordelia has really learned first aid a lot.  Freddie doesn’t think she has any place with AI.  Betcha that creature was a setup by the parents.  When will Wesley figure it out?  Freddie loves Angel abit to much.  Aliens movie reference?  Joss wrote Aliens 3.  Interesting comment from Cordelia, since we never hear about her parents.  Something about her clothing and those crystals.  AI really talk about their parents, with Wesley really revealing more.  Demon head pulsating.  Lots of bug creatures?  Is this all in Freddie’s head?  Nope.  So the head was full of bugs?  Battle with arms cut off?  Freddie does think a lot.  Good, Freddie is staying.  Parents aren’t evil.  And Freddie is now part of AI.  My jury is still out on parents.  Maybe.  Their goes Freddies walls of ranting.  Spiro Agnew joke!  Drawing of Angel saving her.


I like Freddie a lot.   And this was a fairly good look at the character, plus explain some dangling plot threads.

Angel logo



What Angel Investigations Did!

Angel shows Cordelia how to fight.  And she learns fast.  Lila sees the prisoner Angel sprung, a guy names Billy, in her office as he is in trouble again and does not care.  A congressman, Billy’s uncle, shows up and takes him away.  Lila tells the other lawyer off and he violently attacks her.  AI thinks Freddie should be trained as well, and Wesley lets slip to Cordelia his feelings for Freddie.  She tells him to ask her out.  Cordelia gets a vision of a woman being beaten by her husband in a store.  But this occurred a week ago.  AI investigates the attack and realize Billy was in the store.  Angel and Cordelia both feel guilty because they set him free.  Angel sees Lila and sees she has been beaten.  Lila says Billy is safe from the law because he is connected.  AI finds Billy at a mansion and Angel confronts him just before the police arrest Billy for murder.  Billy touches one of the cops using magic.  in the cop car, the cop argues with his female partner and attacks her.  AI finds out and get a sample of Billy’s blood from the scene.  Cordelia sees Lila and gives her a lecture of how could she let a man hit her.  Lila says Billy can touch men and make them hate woman.  Wesley and Freddie examine Billy’s blood.  Wesley starts being a jerk to Freddie.  Then Wesley starts chasing, with an axe,  Freddie through the hotel.  Gunn finds her and realizes he is infected as well.  Angel trails Billy and finds out the family knows how crazy Billy is.  Cordelia finds Billy at the airport.  She tasers him and is ready to kill him.  Angel shows up and stops her, because he has to kill Billy.  Billy touches Angel.  Gunn has Freddie knock him out.  Wesley breaks into the room and goes after Freddie, who reveals she makes traps.  A trap goes off and Wesley is knocked out.  Angel is not infected by Billy and fight him.  Lila shoots Billy and he dies.  Angel says he was not infected because he has no hate.  Wesley is visited by Freddie who does not blame him.  But Wesley still blames himself.


My Thoughts!!

They have a lot of these openings lately.  Lead one way, go another.  Dirty joke.  Wouldn’t they have done this years ago.  Cordelia is pretty good at this.  Lila!  Wolfram and Hart!  Lostie Gavin!  So Billy the prisoner just takes off when he wants to.  And politicians nephew.  Feel the plot points piling up here.  So prisoner guy can mind control people for thrill kills.  Hope Lostie and Lila kill each other.  Video games!  Now Wesley likes Freddie?  You can actually feel the desperation of creating romance on this show.  And the never mentioned fact that Cordelia and Wesley almost had a romance.  Vision time!  How does she know it was a week ago?  Because the plot requires it?  This is when Kate as a normal cop would be helpful.  And now AI realizes who the villain is.  Angel visits Lila, who looks like she suffered one hell of a beatdown.  And she knows prisoner Billy is really responsible.  Plot points and Kennedy analogies.  Okay, I think this is them doing some kinda William Kennedy Smith take or something, but changed enough to not get them sued.  Cops already there?   No handcuffs, this is silly.  And the cops would want to know who Angel was.  This is supposed to be some kind of moral story but it feels so heavy handed.  Angel sniffing blood is always cool.  Billy isn’t human.  So Cordelia is going after Billy out of guilt.  Cordelia meets Lila?  Cordelia really does show her smarts here.  So according to Lila, all men want to beat women.  Lila really has issues.  Cordelia’s rousing speech is sooooo cliched.  Billy’s cousin looks really scared.  Lesbian kissing offends the jerk.  Wesley is infected!  Now Wesley is gonna act like his father.  This is twice now Freddie, the smart, but sheltered and naive one, has been threatened.  Once with rape, now with rape and a beating.  Why does the hotel have a mattress in the stairwell?  This is supposed to be scary, Wesley pursing Freddie, but it looks goofy.  Plus, the hotel has never been this messy.  Can Wesley shut up with the trashy bible monologue?  Good for Freddie for the knee to the groin.  Hope Cordelia kills Billy.  I like Cordelia with a taser and crossbow.  Wasn’t the whole point of Buffy and it’s spinoffs was to show woman as not being the damsel in distress?  Freddie is smart and would do better than this.  This is insulting.  Oh look, Gunn, to save the day.  Billy has issues.  Don’t get so close Cordelia.  Angel!  Being stupid.  Gunn is infected as well.  At least Gunn realizes this.  So wait, Angel is not affected by jerkwad?  He has a soul, so why not?  Convenience of plot?  Smart, knocking Gunn out.  Billy is powerful.  Gunshots from… Lila.  Taking the Lindsay route of moral ambiguity this season.  Billy is dead, but his power lingers in Wesley.  Now Freddie uses her intelligence?  Pulls a home alone?  Time for the psycho babble as to why Angel was not infected.  They are so going for the Buffy Angel vibe here with Angel and Cordelia working out.  Wesley feels so guilty and doing a rather good season one Angel mope.  Wesley and Freddie talking things through.  Freddie states the moral that something was done to Wesley, aka the father issues.  You hear him crying Freddie, knock on the door!  She would do that, but for the sake of the plot, she does not.


This one was all over the place.  Billy is a woman hater and evil and vile.  But all men have this in them?   That’s the moral?  Very over the top.



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