Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 6.6 All The Way

Buffy season 6

Buffy takes in Halloween and helps get Dawn out of trouble in All The Way.  Another enticing post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Halloween.  Anya is directing the Scoobies at the Magic Store in what to do.  Buffy sees Spike and tries to skip out to go patrolling but Giles says no since demons consider Halloween crass.  An old man is getting ready for Halloween and is acting creepy.  The Magic Store does really well and Xander announces his engagement to Anya.  The Scoobies go to Buffy’s house to celebrate where Willow uses magic to decorate.  This worries Tara and Giles how much Willow is over using magic.    Willow is whatever.  Dawn is planning on going out with her friend, or so she tells Buffy, but also meets up with older boys.  They all flirt and go to the old man’s house.  He invites them in and is nice.  One of the boys offers to help the old man, and then changes into a Vampire and kills him.  The four flee and the girls do not know the boys are Vampires.  Giles gives Xander a lecture on marriage, which makes him nervous.  He gets even more nervous when Anya starts wedding planning.  Buffy finds a corpse at an accident scene, a victim of one of the teen Vampires, and bumps into Spike.  He tells her that Giles says Dawn lied about where she went.  The Scoobies go out looking for Dawn.  Willow is about to use a strong spell to find Dawn, but Tara says no, which causes an argument.  The four teens go into the woods and park.  The one couple leave and Dawn is left alone with the boy.  They kiss.  It is Dawn’s first kiss.  And the boy is a Vampire.  Dawn tries to get away.  Giles shows up and more Vampires arrive.  Buffy and Spike arrive.  A fight breaks out.  Dawn takes off but is caught.  He tries to sire her into a Vampire, but Dawn stakes him.  Buffy wants Giles to give Dawn heck instead of her.  Giles is not happy with Buffy doing this.  Willow does a spell to make Tara forget their fight.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Hey, it’s Halloween!  And this kid at the Magic Shop is a brat!  Charlie’s Angel?  Sigh, Anya, Anya, Anya.  Tara to the rescue of Dawn, who knows exactly what Anya is talking about.  Willow is sooooo defensive over warty witches.  And Dawn just stole something again.  Callback to last episode’s repeat time loop.  Spike!  Stealing stuff as usual.  Okay, I thought Spike was talking sex as well.  Great Pumpkin reference!  Giles reminds Buffy that dark things take Halloween off.  Call back to costume personality episode!  Yeah, this guy is a grumpy old guy.  That is a scary laugh.  Sigh, still Special Guest Star for Giles.  Those Scoobies are some tired retail workers.  Fantasia reference!  Love the dance of capitalistic superiority that Anya and Dawn do.  Nice mishearing Buffy.  The Engagement Announcement!!  Xander and Anya!!  Awwwww!!  Everyone looks happy but Willow.  Giles really always is uncomfortable with PDI from the Scoobies, but I bet as Ripper he did quite a lot of that.  Even on the hood of a police car.  Celebration!  Using magic to decorate?  Giles looks concerned.  How powerful is Willow?  Tara is right, Willow is kinda tripping on the power.  And Tara almost stuttered.  Sigh, Dawn wants a tattoo.  Buffy, Dawn is just going to a sleepover, not the Hellmouth.  Uh oh, Dawn has a bad influence friend.  These guys are too old and slimy.  Wait, is that Amber Tamblyn as the bad friend?  These losers are just doing stupid vandalism.  And the guys have one thing in mind, sex.  Love how Giles is not too much of a fuddy duddy, knows young people do live together before marriage and treats it as fact.  Old Man Crockenbatch or something.  He caught Dawn!  Kung fu?  Hope this guy dies.  He’s an old inventor and he’s nuts.  Paging Toyman from the Superman comics.  Wait, teen jerk is really a Vampire, and old man is really nice.  The other teen jerk is also a Vampire.  Anya:  Going crazy with wedding planning.  Xander:  Going crazy with wedding planning, but in a way more panicky way.  Dawn seems happy to be given her share of the stolen booty.  His jacket?  Dawn is so in love now.  Now Buffy feels lonely because Xander and Anya are getting married.  Dawn’s gig is up!  Tara is not into dancing now?  Still hurt from the argument?  Dawn looks nervous, to be alone, in a car, with a boy.  Awww, young love with a disgusting creepy older boy.  Shiver me timbers?  It was Dawn’s first kiss.  The Bronze!  With another whatever band!  Costume’s galore.  They kissed again and the network freaked.  Okay, Willow, that is an excessive spell to find Dawn with.  Something will go wrong!  Willow stopped the noise around them?  Willow, you are being a bitch to Tara, and Tara is right.  You are using magic too much.  Crap, Dawn just realized she is making out with a Vampire.  Buffy goes to Spike!  This all would be so different nowadays because of smartphones.  Giles versus Vampire!  Giles can fight!  What a load of crap typical pick-up line.  Giles!  Oh crap, how many teenage Vampires are there?  Spike!  Buffy!  Buffy is such a puritan now, isn’t she?   Fight!  Love how Dawn kicks the jerk in the groin.  Buffy is having trouble with this one Vampire?  Decapitation by car door.  This looks very rapey.  Which is obviously the point.  Dawn staked him!  Tara is still mad at Willow, and at least she realizes it.  Buffy, stop shucking your responsibility to Giles!  You parent Dawn!  Also, Dawn was almost raped, and changed into a Vampire, but they seem more concerned with punishing her for sneaking out, then counseling her for the trauma she has gone through.  Uh oh, Willow is gonna make Tara forget the argument.  Yep!  WILLOW!!!!  Bad Witch!!!!  When Tara, and Giles, find out, you are going to get quite an earful.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Anya shares far too much again, now with Dawn “But you get to dress up and play games.  Xander is going to teach me a new one after work.  It’s called shiver me timbers.”  Buffy figures out Giles is a prude and call him out on it with “Is that why you are always cleaning your glasses?  So you don’t have to see what we are doing?”  Willow tells Tara how she would think if she was younger “It’s where I would be if I was fifteen and on the lam.”  The Teen Vampire jerk feeds Dawn the most stupidest guy lines ever with “You’re not like other girls.  You’re different.  There is something special about you.  I knew it the first time I saw you.”  Buffy gets pissed at Dawn with “Were you parking?  With a Vamp?”  Spike tells off a loser teen Vampire, “No, I’m a rebel.  You’re an idiot.”


This one really feels like lots and lots of set-up.  And that is not necessarily a bad thing, because we know Joss has a plan.  But I still have a bone to pick with how they all treat Dawn like a toddler.  Buffy was Slaying at her age!



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