Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 6.7 Once More With Feeling

Buffy season 6

Buffy SINGS!

Buffy DANCES!!


And she does it several times, each with more emotion than the last time!!!!

Yes, that’s right, it is time for Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Once More With Feeling!!!!!

So we now go Once More with another Feeling and SPOILER (and music) FILLED post in My Year of Buffy!



Buffy Once More With FeelingWhat Buffy Did!

SHE SINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, more happens.

With lots of feels.

Buffy is one patrol and sings about how lackluster she has been since she came back to life, simply going through the motions.  She fights some demons and saves a guy at the same time.  At the Magic Store, Buffy tells the Scoobies of the singing last night and they admit to singing as well.  They sing of how they have got theories as to what is happening.  And Anya sings it is bunnies.  The Scoobies also reaffirm through song, of how they can succeed if they are together.  Buffy checks outside and sees the whole Sunnydale is affected, and they mustard up the courage to face it.  Willow and Tara go home to research, but also they frolic in the park and sing of their love for each other, almost like they are under a spell.  Next day, Xander and Anya sing of how much they annoy each other and fears for their upcoming marriage, but decide to never tell.  Later they tell Giles the spell is evil as the three walk down the street because they don’t want to get a parking ticket.  At night Buffy sees Spike, who says he is not affected, and sings to Buffy to just let him rest in peace.  Dawn is happy Tara and Willow made up after their fight, but Tara has no memory of a fight.  Tara realizes Willow magicked her memory away.  She leaves and Dawn laments in song of how no one sees her.  And Dawn is kidnapped by minions.  Dawn ends up at the Bronze, a prisoner of a demon making everyone sing and dance, and they have a ballet of words.  The demon sings of how he came to town because someone called upon him, and she is it, so Dawn will become his bride, no matter what she feels.  Giles is helping Buffy practice at the Magic Store and she shucks more responsibility to him, and he realizes in song how he is standing in her way.  Tara gets proof of Willow’s spell and is hurt.  Giles and Tara together separately sing of their decision to leave Buffy and Willow.  They are standing under a spell with a reprise of their feelings once more.  Spike gets one of the minions at the store who tells Buffy to come get Dawn, if she dares.  Giles sends Buffy by herself, hoping to get her Buffyiness back.  Buffy goes out with little gumption, and slowly the Scoobies decide to follow, as does Spike, and the demon gives his opinion, all while singing and walking and passing firetrucks.   Buffy tells the demon she will switch with Dawn.  He asks Buffy about life, and she replies with song about something very melancholy and slightly depressing.  The Scoobies show up and Giles has Tara and Anya provide backup to Buffy.  Buffy tells the Scoobies she was in heaven and Willow is gobsmacked.  Buffy starts dancing at superspeed, an act of the magic that will burn her up and kill her.  Buffy starts smoking, and Spike stops her and gives a living pep talk in song.  Xander says he is the person who called the demon up, hoping for happiness.  The demon doesn’t want Xander so he sings his leave and tells them again what he feels.  The Scoobies know things are different with so much laid bare between them and ask in song of where they should go.  The spell starts to wear off and Spike is the first to leave.  Buffy comes after him as the Scoobies keep going.  They talk.  They kiss.  Buffy and Spike coda be a new couple?



Buffy Once More With FeelingMy Thoughts!!

These are really different credits.  Love Buffy’s red alarm clock.  And the happy bouncy music as everyone gets up in the Summers home.  And Xander is all happy looking at wedding mags.  Scoobies doing their Scooby thing.  Written and Directed by Joss!!!  Buffy on patrol.  And Singing!!!!!!!!!!!!  Vampires with a demon, and they dance!!  Nice sword work!  That was a great dissolve through Vampire dust.  The Magic Shop!  Donuts!  Love how Buffy asked if anyone burst into song.  Everyone sang last night!  And dance!  He whips his glasses off just like Brad in Rocky Horror.  Maybe it is because he was once in Rocky Horror.  Bunnies?  Bunnies!  Love the cricket sound.  Love her rock video look.  Smoke bomb!  Group Melody!!!  Buffy mentioning dying twice.  And Giles smiles.  Is it only them?  Dawn!  School math songs must be hard.  And Dawn just stole a necklace.  Willow and Tara!  And yes, those boys were checking you out Tara.  Love Tara’s dress.  Singing and walking and doing magic in  the park.  Man, this must be the Best Day Ever In Sunnydale!  Wow, this floating Tara on the bed is so very very sexual because we all know what Willow is doing just off camera.  Xander figures it out, and Dawn finally reminds all the Scoobies that she knows what sex is.  That man can’t stop dancing, and now he is burning up.  Demon!  Xander and Anya!  Waffles!  Anya solo!  Xander solo!  All the petty little things they dislike about each other, very like a 1960’s comedy.  Mayhem Caused.  Monsters Certainly Not Involved, Officials Say.  That is the headline every freaking day in the Sunnydale Press.  Anya dance solo!  Xander joins in!  David Brinkley?  All we need at the end is for Rob and Laura Petrie to waltz in.  Feel sorry for Giles, stuck between Xander and Anya.  Parking ticket?  City sweepers?  How much time does Spike spend in his basement?  Spike is not singing?  He’s immune?  Spike lied!  He is singing!  Why is Spike wearing a red button up sweater?  So not him.  You know you like me Buffy, but you deny it.  Spike has a point.  Who has a funeral at night?  Haven’t seen Spike’s Vampire face in awhile.  Uh oh, Dawn mentioned the Willow/Tara argument to Tara.  And Tara figures it out, and looks so sad.  Dawn’s secret stash of swiped stuff.  Kidnapped by creepy mask guys!  That really makes her solo short!  Ballet?  Dawn in the Bronze!  Those are bright red pants on this demon.  Now awful blue.  He looks creepy, like he is trying to seduce Dawn.  Red door from Monster Inc!  Nice dress change.  Now the demon knows Buffy is the Slayer.  Training montage from an 80’s movie would be awesome here.  And Giles seem disturbed by Buffy’s constantly mentioning her death.  And the fact that Buffy is letting Giles parent.  Now that was a great back flip.  Tara rushing into Magic Shop.  Giles wishes he could fix Buffy for Buffy, but he can’t.  Tara is hurt by this betrayal.  Giles and Tara together. Singing about Buffy and Willow.  They look so sad.  Tara looks away when Willow greets her.  Almost a song from the freaky henchman Spike dragged in.  Demon wants Dawn to be his underworld Queen.  Giles is right, Buffy must go alone.  All to get her Buffiness back.  Spike is piiiised and angry and Buffy is right.  Spike is coming!  Giles wonders if he was right.  Anya notices Willow and Tara glaring.  Montage!  Love the fire truck in the background when they sing burn.  Buffy wants to make a stupid deal, all to get out of her life.  The Scoobies arrive!  And Anya and Tara become Buffy’s back-up singers and dancers.  And the Scoobies now realize Buffy was happy in heaven.  Willow looks horrified at what she has done.  Buffy is gonna dance till she burns!  Spike!  Willow is really feeling what she has done.  And Tara is putting aside her anger to comfort her.  Dawn has the talisman, and lies about it.  Xander???????  He did the summoning???  He thought it would be fun.  And the demon says it’s okay?  Doesn’t want Xander as his Queen.  And all these secrets laid bare.  All together!!  Love how they all hold hands, then break apart.  And just when they ask when the end comes, Spike gets free and buggers off.  And Buffy leaves next!  Music Man reference!  Is this the Buffy Spike love song?  They Kiss!!!!!!!!!  And the curtain comes down. Even the mummy sang!!!!



Buffy Once More With FeelingFavourite Songs And Lyrics!!!

Buffy sings to a Vampire her feelings “Going through the motions.  Walking through the part.  Nothing seems to penetrate my heart.”  Giles sings what might be happening “I’ve got a theory!  That it’s a demon, a dancing demon, no that’s not right!”  Anya sings about her thinking on a certain animal, “What’s with all the carrots?  Why do they need such good eyesight for anyway?”  Buffy sings about how many times she has faced the Grim Reaper, “Hey, I’ve died twice!”  A man in the street happily sings about his drycleaning “They got the mustard out!”  Tara sings to Willow her love with “I’m under your spell.”  Xander and Anya sing together of their mutual silence about their upcoming wedding with, “I’ll never tell.”  Xander sings a reminder to Anya with “This is my verse, hello!”  Buffy asks Spike a question, which just proves that Joss has a dirty mind, with “What else would I pump you for?”  Spike sings to Buffy his feelings about her with “Let me rest in peace!”  Dawn sings a whiny song “Does anybody even notice?”  The demon sings to Dawn “Why don’t we dance awhile?”  Buffy tells Giles how healthy she is with “Yeah, I’m pretty spry for a corpse.”  Giles sings, as he throws knives at Buffy which she dodges, to Buffy “And I’m the reason you are standing still.”  Tara reprises her singing “I’m under your spell.” but with a very very different meaning.  Giles and Tara sing together separately “Wish I could stay.”  Buffy tells the Scoobies what the situation is with “So, Dawn’s in trouble.  Must be Tuesday.”  Buffy sings about her life “I want the fire back.”  The Scoobies sing a rousing song as they head off to help Buffy with “We will walk through the fire.”  Willow sings a very truthful bit “This line is mostly filler.”  Buffy, just before she takes off her black dress to reveal a red outfit underneath, sings “Life is a show and we all play our parts.  And when the music starts, we open up our hearts.”  Giles tells Anya and Tara what to do for Buffy “She needs back-up.  Anya, Tara.”  Buffy sings “Life’s a song you don’t get to rehearse.  And every single verse can make it that much worse.”  Spike sings to Buffy “The pain that you feel, can only be healed by living.”  Dawn gives Buffy advice “The hardest thing in this world is to live in it.”  The demons sing to the Scoobies “Once more with feeling.”  Dawn asks the Scoobies “Where do we go from here?”  The Scoobies sing together one last song “Understand, we go hand in hand, but we will walk alone in fear.”


I, I don’t know how I feel about this.  I may have to sit down Once More.  And then get up and sing and dance With Feeling.  All because this may be…




…is currently reading Black Beauty by Anna Sewell




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