Some Random Thoughts On Angel 3.7 Offspring and Angel 3.8 Quickening

Angel Season 3

Angel gets news of his impending fatherhood in Offspring, and faces an old enemy in Quickening.  Continuing on with another part of My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!



What Angel Investigations Did!

Flashback Rome 1771.  Angelus chased and cornered by priests and tortured by Holtz.  Darla arrives and saves Angelus.  Today.  Darla leaves a bus after killing most of the people.  Angel trains Cordelia soon more.  Wesley and Gunn break into a house with lots of artifacts.  They are caught and after a standoff, AI gets what they want.  Freddie tells Angel she thinks he and Cordelia would be a nice couple.  Freddie helps Wesley with the scrolls, which predicts the end of the world.  Cordelia misunderstands Angel when he talks of their feelings.  Darla shows up and is very very pregnant.  Cordelia gets all pissed at Angel over this.  Darla does not understand the pregnancy and wants rid of the baby.  AI goes to Lorne, who is rebuilding the club.  And he has no clue about the baby either.  AI thinks it is about the prophecy.  Cordelia talks to Darla about the pregnancy and reawakens Darla’s bloodlust, so she attacks Cordelia, who also has a vision.  They fight.  Angel helps Cordelia.  Darla escapes.  Cordelia says she will go to an arcade to feed on kids.  Angel goes after Darla and realizes she has super strength because she is expecting.  Angel finds Darla and they fight, then argue.  They realize the baby is alive and must be protected.  Angel takes Darla in.  AI learns more of the prophecy.  The baby is foretold.  Meanwhile a demon does some magic and frees Holtz from a stone.


My Thoughts!!

Flashback.  Rome 1771.  Angelus in the sewers.  With lots of monks chasing him because Angelus is the Key.  Kidding.  Holtz!  Love how the monks have magic.  Angel sure does get tortured alot.  Darla!  Fight!  These medieval Scoobies aren’t doing too well.  Today.  And of course Darla killed most of everyone on the bus.  Did the writers watch alot of Kill Bill before each Cordelia scene?  Oh, yes, the scroll.  If they go with the Gunn opening door joke I shall hate them.  I hate them.  Lots of ancient magicy stuff here.  Date rape drug was around back then?  Crap.  Juggling demon balls is a different way of disarming the old guy.  Of course the workout sounds dirty.  So now Freddie thinks Angel and Cordelia are attracted to each other.  All this love stuff bouncing everywhere is getting annoying.  So now Angel is having feeling for Cordelia?  Yes, all this prophecy nonsense again.  This we love you joke is getting kinda old.  Darla!  All knocked up!  Freddie is right, we all need a chart.  Interesting, and annoying, how Cordelia always takes the woman’s side against Angel.  And calls him a typical male.  Lorne!  Rebuilding!  And time for the floating witches.  Cordelia is bitchy because the witches want Angel?  She knew that already.  Pill mention.  Wonder if the network freaked.  Boner joke.  Freddie gives the almost good rousing speech.  And Cordelia suddenly remembers that Darla is a Vampire.  Looks like Angel’s lessons have paid off.  Darla feeding on Cordelia!  Vision time.  Angel!  No one ever told you to NOT throw a pregnant Vampire around.  Would have been nice to see Darla kick AI’s ass.  So Cordelia finally apologizes for being a bitch.  Darla at an arcade feels so creepy.  It’s nice AI remembers that the real problem is the Vampire baby on the way.  Pager mention!  Angel and Darla for the 700 hundredth time.  Yet again, Darla wants to die.  Evil is acoming, according to Freddie.  Demon ceremony with yet another block of rock.  Betch it is Holtz.  I’m right!


Holtz is gonna be the big bad this season I take it.  I hope not.  This wannabe Vampire slayer bores me and talks bad fancy english.  Plus, Cordelia is very over the top here.

Angel logo



What Angel Investigations Did!

Flashback 1764 England.  Holtz goes after Angelus.  Angelus and Darla get into Holtz’s house and kills the family and converts the daughter.  Holtz shows up too late.  Today.  Holtz is getting caught up on history.  AI talks more about the baby.  Darla feels contractions.  Lila signs something in blood.  A lackey shows her pics of Angel and Lila about to have sex at AI.  He reveals that Park had hidden cameras put in the hotel.  Lila sees some of the footage and sees Darla.  And sees she is pregnant.  Lila tells Linwood and Wolfram and Hart flip out.  The lackey calls someone else about some prediction.  Holtz thinks of how he met the demon and came to the future, all to get back at Angel.  AI takes Darla to the hospital and break into an examination room.  The baby is human.  A bunch of Vampires come into the room and they are a cult who worship the baby.  But they plan on feeding on AI.  The demon gives Holtz lackeys who are demons as well.  Wolfram and Hart plan a commando attack on the hotel.  Darla finds out the cultists plan to kill her as well.  Freddie tries to save the day, but it does work, and a fight breaks out.  AI escapes.  The commandos take over the hotel.  AI stops near the hotel and Angel heads their for the scrolls.  Holtz takes down the commandos.  Angel sees Hotlz at the hotel.  Darla back with AI, goes into labour.


My Thoughts!!

Horsey!  With Holtz.  Flashback England 1764.  Betcha this is how Angelus and Darla slaughtered his family.  Tricking the kid into giving an invite is nasty.  Looks like Holtz went to the wrong house, which is typical.  Angelus kills a baby, just so we can remember how bad Angelus was.  Today.  Preggers Darla.  So everyone is agreed to kill this potential evil, should not happen, baby.  Holtz getting caught up with lots of video monitors.  Beach Boys mention!  Holtz thinks someone would use a nuke on Angelus?  Calling last seasons mope fest having a bad day is an understatement.  Interesting how they all refer to the baby as a thing.  They are really skirting the abortion issue here. aren’t they?  Knew Cordelia was gonna punch Darla.  Guess the whole we are woman together forever thing didn’t last long did it?  Wolfram and Hart!  Lila signing a contract in blood is supposed to be scary.  Why does Lila not look beat up anymore?  Some perv got footage of Angel and Lila almost doing it.  I am really sick of these endless complications with the lawyers internally.  No one at AI checked for bugs after the mysterious exterminators left?  Lostie!  Now Lila wants in.  Video tape!  Lila and Darla!  Wolfram and Hart seem really perturbed by this Vampire baby.  This intern works for all side it seems.  Flashback.  Holtz meets demon guy.  Today.  Off to the hospital with Darla.  Wolfram and Hart is pulling out all the stops here, and killing the people that screwed up, and placing blame. He is right about the cults.  Okay, sword guy already bores me.  How would non Doctor Wesley know the boy is gonna be human?  Lots of Vampires!  And they are cultists.  Holtz is really not happy these minions are demons.  Politics equals strange bedfellows.  Sword guy is gonna die fast, ain’t he?  Good!  Commandos at Wolfram and Hart!  With special Doctors!  And Darla now realizes how crazy the cultists are.  Freddie has a plan!  Dang, she is smart!  AI should really lose this fight based on numbers.  But they somehow win.  AI seems really grumpy on that car ride.  So many factions wanting so many things here.  These technical difficulties are a cheap way to not show the fight scene.  I was waiting for Angel to say go to Sunnydale!  And how he had a feeling the hotel had been compromised.  Holtz!  And Darla is about to give birth.


Well, you are certainly building things up aren’t you Joss?   Baby and cultists and lawyers and wannabe Vampire hunters, oh my!



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