Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 6.8 Tabula Rasa

Buffy season 6

Buffy and the Scoobies forget all and get into deep trouble in Tabula Rasa.  Plus, we meet Randy Giles.  And I can’t remember what else happened.  Time for another unforgettable post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

I forget.

Okay, not really.

Buffy tells Spike they will never kiss again.  Buffy then helps Spike in a fight with a demon loan shark.  The Scoobies talk about how they got Buffy from heaven not hell.  Willow wants to use a spell to fix everything and Tara gets mad.  Willow and Tara make a deal, no magic for Willow for a week.  Giles tells Buffy he is leaving for Britain so that Buffy will grow up.  Buffy gets mad at this.  After everyone leaves the house, Willow does a spell to make Tara forget the one week no magic deal.  But she does not set the spell properly, and all the magic affects all the Scoobies.  Giles tells the Scoobies, including Spike wearing a stolen jacket as a disguise from the loan shark, that he shall leave.  Buffy is still upset.  The spell at the house finishes and all the Scoobies fall asleep.  Some time later that awake with no memory.  Spike thinks Giles is his father because of the British accent and can tell Giles does not like him.  Anya thinks Giles is her fiance because they run the store together.  Willow and Xander think they are together because the woke up beside each other.  Several get their names from their id’s, and Dawn from her necklace, and Spike gets the name Randy from the jacket.  Buffy just takes the name Joan.  Vampire working for the loan shark arrive and attack, wanting Spike.  The Scoobies get scared.  Buffy realizes she has powers and can save people.  Giles and Anya look for a spell at the store.  Buffy and Spike take the fight with the Vampires outside.  Willow, Tara, Xander and Dawn escape to the sewer and head to the hospital, also chased by a Vampire.  Spike takes on Vampire form without realizing it, which scares Buffy.  Buffy tells Spike he is a Vampire.  Spike does not understand and thinks maybe he is good and seeking redemption.  More Vampires arrive and they fight.  Anya keeps magically creating bunnies by accident, scaring her and pissing off Giles.  They argue and Giles thinks he was planning on leaving Anya.  She does not want him to go and they kiss.  Xander fights the Vampire and stakes it.  And he accidentally breaks the crystal for Willow’s spell.  This snaps the spell and everyone remembers.  Tara knows Willow used magic and is mad.  Tara leaves Willow and Willow cries.  Giles leaves to Britain.  Spike goes to talk to Buffy at the Bronze but she walks away, which ticks him off.  But soon they are kissing.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Buffy on patrol!  Spike!  Buffy wants to kiss and forget.  A shark headed demon?  Syfy channel should do a movie with this idea.  Mr. Spike sounds so nasty from the shark.  Flunkies fall down real good.  Giles Special Guest Star.  Anya wonders which heaven Buffy was in.  And Willow has got the major case of the guilts.  Tara finally snaps on Willow.  And Willow deserves it.  That is a high pitched phone Xander.  Tara brings up Glory.  Willow is using magic waaaaay to much, even for everyday things.  Willow: a month without magic.  Tara: a week without magic.  Willow is really reeling here, and she deserves it.  Giles is leaving!  Because Buffy is using him as a crutch.  Buffy is piiiiisssed.  Willow is running late and is gonna use magic.  Called it!  WILLOW!!!!!!!!  You have a major major problem here!!!!  Bad Willow!!  Bad Willow!!!  You are not one of my favourite characters anymore!!  Tabula Rasa?  This.  Is.  Going.  To.  Be.  Bad.  Magic Box!  They all look so glum.  Spike!  Smoking Hot!  And looking rather like a dorky Doctor Who.  Willow stone is not quite black yet, and the rest of her magic herb goes up in flames, which means CRAP!!!!!  Giles is leaving forever and ever and all sadfaces all around.  And they all fall unconscious.  That was quite a sexy hey from Xander to Willow.  Spike fall down, go boom.  THEY ALL HAVE MEMORY LOSS!!!!  Willow, this is a colossal screw-up.  Love how Buffy right away goes to Dawn, even with no memory of her.  Willow has to check that she is a girl?  Check your wallets!!  Alan Funt reference?  Oh my, Spike thinks he and Giles are related because they are both British.  They think they are father and son, all because Giles still senses his disapproval of Spike.  Giles and Anya think they are engaged?  Now they check wallets.  Now they know their names.  Love how Spike checks his jacket for his name.  Randy Giles?  That Is A Great Name For Spike!  If Willow and Xander have sex, I shall scream.  Joan?  That’s creative Buffy.  They still act like sisters.  So from what I can see, the memories are gone, but the basic, deep, emotional ties still exist.  And the sisters find each other and hug.  Off to the hospital!  Vampires!  Love the Scooby group scream.  Willow still takes charge.  Stakes?  Xander has the greatest hysterical scream.  Buffy kicks into Slayer mode.  And they all see a Vampire disintegrate for the “first” time.  And Xander faints.  This Shark head looks like it came from Puff-n-Stuff.  Buffy and Spike talk like they are in a 1950’s sci-fi movie.  That was a rather manly father son hug between Giles and Spike.  Spike goes all Vampire and doesn’t realize it, and thinks he is a superhero as well.  Meanwhile, in the sewers, Willow and Tara almost connect.  Knew after last episode, someone would start singing, so thank you Dawn.  Vampire.  Great, Giles finds his plane ticket, and thinks he is leaving his fiance.  Giles does seem like a paper pushing bureaucrat.  A bunny!  Spike chases Buffy, Buffy flips Spike, and Spike feels his bumpies.  Wait, did Spike just recite Angel’s mission statement?  How many bunnies did Anya conjure?  It’s like she is making Tribbles!  Meanwhile, in the sewers, the Scoobies hide from the Vampre and Willow and Tara almost kiss.  More bunnies!  And a nice green mist!  And storm clouds behind Anya!  Buffy and Spike!  Fighting Vampires!  Giles versus the skeleton from the Ray Harryhousen Sinbad movie in a sword fight!  Love how Anya wants to take vengeance on Giles.  That was quite a hit to the head.  Fight Xander Fight!  Giles found a spell for the monster!  And makes up with his beloved Anya.  Now that is a kiss!  The black stone!  Willow and Tara almost kiss!  This is a rather touching tender moment for Willow and Tara.  Crystal smashed!  Memories back!  I would have loved it if Buffy had said Joan The Vampire Slayer.  Tara knows!  TARA KNOWS!!!  Willow is in massively deep holy crap trouble with Tara.  So, Giles and Anya, lets pretend you never kissed and clean and clean and clean.  Buffy is still piiiiissssed at Spike.  Uhg, band at the Bronze.  Tara is leaving Willow.  Heartbreaking.  Willow is wallowing in self pity.  Giles leaving forever.  You just know Willow is going to use magic to fix this.  Again.  Buffy is coooold to Spike.  Dawn is upset.  Is everyone sad here?  Wait, Buffy and Spike are making out for real?


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Willow says to the Scoobies, showing that she has not learned her lesson, the following “I can fix this.  I know a spell.”  Tara says to Willow words we never wanted to hear with “I don’t think this is going to work.”  And then the memory loss hits!  Giles tells the Scoobies what he thinks, “Magic is all balderdash and chicanery.”  Spike tells off Giles with “Randy Giles?  Why not just call me Horny Giles?  Or Desperate for a Shag Giles?  I knew their was a reason I hated you!”  Buffy gives herself a name that bespeaks normalcy, while the name Buffy does not, when she says to Dawn “I like it.  I feel like a Joan.”  Giles states the obvious to the Scoobies with “They seem to want spikes.”  A thug tells Spike “You owe us!  You have the boss’s kittens!”  Buffy tells off a thug with “Hey!  Stay away from Randy!”  Buffy tells the Scoobies “I think I know why Joan is the boss.  I am like a superhero or something.”  Buffy makes fun of what Spike says, and makes an injoke, with “A Vampire with a soul?  How lame is that?”  Giles tries to gently help Anya with “Clearly, that is not a helpful book darling.”  Willow tells Dawn “And I think I’m kinda gay.”  Xander taunts a Vampire with “Hey!  Over here big guy!  Check out this throbbing jugular!”


Once More was excellent, but now Joss you had me almost totally forget about all the singing and dancing.  Namely because between all the psychological bits, we have humour and injokes, plus the introduction of Randy Giles.  But does this mean the end of Willow and Tara?????



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Buffy Tabula Rasa

Aaaaaahh!!! We Don’t Know Who We Are!!!!!!!!!





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