Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 6.9 Smashed

Buffy season 6

Buffy and the Scoobies start spiraling in Smashed.  Time for another post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy stops a mugging on patrol.   Spike goes to help and the chip hurts him since they are human.  Buffy and Spike argue and Buffy tells him off.  Willow is alone and lonely and figures out how to turn Amy the rat human again.  Willow changes Amy into a person again.  The Trio are at the museum, steal a diamond, and freeze a guard.  Willow tells Amy she was a rat for three years.  Buffy sees that Amy is human, and forgets to tell Willow about her liking Spike.  Buffy finds out about the frozen guard and goes to investigate and Spike is also on the case.  They argue again and Buffy hits Spike, he hits back and feels no pain.  Spike pretends pain and is surprised.  Spike goes to get someone, but the chip kicks in.  Spike is confused.  Tara goes out with Dawn and Dawn wants Willow and Tara back together.  Tara still loves Willow, but the magic is an issue.  The Scoobies look into the diamond and Willow goes to the computer, but also starts with the magic.  Spike finds the Trio as they are planning, and wants them to check his chip.  The chip is okay.  Spike realizes Buffy was brought back wrong.  Willow and Amy head out to party at the Bronze.  Two guys act like jerks and they witches punish them.  The Scoobies are worried Willow is using magic too much.  Spike confronts Buffy again and she hits him.  He hits back and Buffy is surprised that he can do that.  They fight.  Willow and Tara keep causing magical trouble at the Bronze.  Tara stays with Dawn at the Summers home.  Buffy and Spike’s fight goes to a busted up house and they bust it up more.  Buffy starts kissing Spike and very soon are having sex.  And they fall through the floor as they have sex.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Innocent couple being threaten by… muggers?  Spike!  Love Spike’s headaches.  So Buffy is back to pretending she never kissed Spike.  Twice.  Willow all alone.  Amy the rat!  Once more with trying to change Amy back.  It Worked!  That is one loooong running subplot.  The Trio again?  I am already hating them still.  Freeze Ray!  Rusty the security guard.  These guys are assholes, they just killed a security guard.  Jerks.  Yeah, morons, he’s dead.  Amy the witch is very slowly recovering.  Weeks?  Try years!  Umm, you wanted Larry to ask you out?  He’s gay and now dead.  Buffy wants to talk to Willow,  I bet Willow changed Amy back to a rat instead of answering her questions.  Okay good, Willow didn’t go that nuts, Amy is still human.  Buffy looks shocked!  Love the catch up.  Snyder mention!  Is Amy gonna stay awhile with Buffy.  This would be interesting.  Spike at freezing incident.  Spike sees through Buffy’s bull.  Spike felt no pain when he hit Buffy?  But fakes it?  Is the chip broken?  Spike on the prowl!  And the chip kicks in!  Big time!  Tara and Dawn!  This feels like a divorced parent trying to make up with their kid.  Dawn is working so hard to get Willow and Tara back together.  The guard lives.  Willow whips out the laptop, which Buffy forgets Willow had set up on her dining room table.  And Willow uses magic on it, because hitting the on switch is really a #firstworldproblems.  Magically searching the internet.  Gem on loan to museum.  Anya’s right, no one wants to talk about Willow and Tara breaking up.  Willow, you are definitely in major denial.  The Trio!  Spike!  Check my chip or the action figure dies!  If Spike kills these three, I shall sing and dance Once More!  Amy is slowly becoming normal.  And she wants her dad to forget the last three years and Willow is soooo no problemo with that.  Time for Willow and Amy to hit the town!  Time for more geek references, and dvd’s.  The chip is all hunky dory.  Maybe Buffy is no longer fully human since coming back to life, or the First Slayer connectedness has done something.  Dawn, you are so see through.  Sigh, another Bronze band.  I noticed all this season, Willow has been dressing less and less cute sweaterish, and more goth.  Cute guys hitting on Willow and Amy.  Magic to get a girl for Willow?  Are these witches becoming addicted to power?  Did this guy just become a jerk and call Willow Ellen as an insult?  Public humiliation that I kinda  agree with.  Xander agrees with Tara about Willow and magic.  And what they say about Willow and magic also applies to Buffy and Spike.  Spike calls!  Spike hit Buffy and no pain.  Buffy is shocked by the hit and what Spike says.  Willow and Amy really should have let these guys go by now.  Changing the singer?  Changing heights?  Goats?  THIS IS NUTS!  Buffy and Spike fight!  This is getting really violent.  Willow needs a slap.  And of course Buffy and Spike kiss again.  For the third time.  As the building crumbles.  Did I just hear a zipper down there?   And now a humping motion?  And sex faces?  Buffy and Spike are having sex.  Hot, building smashing sex.  Knew this was going to happen soon, but still processing it all.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Buffy comments on Spike’s detective skill with “Way to go with the keen obsessiveness’ Jessica Fletcher.”  Buffy tries to stall Spike’s engines with “But, when I kissed you, you know I was thinking about Giles.”  Anya tells the Scoobies about Giles with “He has this thing, where owning a book, makes it like his property.”  Xander gives Buffy his theory, not in song, of “Exploding lint.”  Buffy tells off Spike with “What are you going to do?  Walk behind me to death?”


This is depressing with how dire it all is.  Willow out of control, Tara lonely, and Buffy and Spike having very destructive sex.  Hoping you have a wonderful plan here Joss for sunshine and rainbows soon.

But at least Amy is no longer a rat.



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