Some Random Thoughts On Angel 3.9 Lullaby and Angel 3.10 Dad

Angel Season 3

Angel becomes a baby daddy in Lullaby, and adjusts to the challenges of fatherhood in Dad.  Continuing on with another part of My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!



What Angel Investigations Did!

Angel is surprised that Holtz is in the present day.  Angel is caught and tied up and tortured as Holtz talks to him.  Lackeys are sent for Darla.  Darla is in labour.  Flashback 1764 Holtz finds his dead family and that his daughter is a Vampire.  He sings to her, then kills her.  Today Holtz talks to Angel as he wants to know how he came forward in time, and that he has a soul now.  Lila shows up to talk to Holtz.  Angel gets a grenade and escapes.  Holtz leaves and Lila finds a piece of scroll.  Holtz’s lackeys find AI and Darla and they fight, and Darla takes off.  Angel goes after Darla.  Lila has the scroll looked at.  Angel finds Darla and they talk of the baby.  Lorne is redoing the magical no fighting spell at the bar and has Freddie slap Gunn.  Angel brings Darla to Lorne’s for birth.  A spy tells the demon where Angel and Darla are.  Wesley tells Angel of the problems involving the impending birth.  Holtz shows up and sings as he leaves, which tips Lorne off of the coming explosion.  AI runs and as a bomb goes off.  Fire everywhere.  AI and Darla escape by a hidden exit into an alley.  Darla is told of Holtz.  Darla stakes herself to deliver the baby.  Holtz arrives and lets Angel and the baby go.  The demon is mad and Holtz says he will cause Angel pain.


My Thoughts!!

Angel and Holtz.  And Angel knows this is bad.  Neck brace?  They came prepared.  Meanwhile, Darla is in labour.  Haha, Wesley is funny with labour breathing.  Not.  Haha, Darla punches everyone because she does not breathe.  Flashback to 17something Britain.  Holtz finds his daughter and we all know she is a Vampire.  He’s gonna have to stake his daughter.  But wait, wouldn’t she be dead, or has she already risen?  No wonder this guy has 500 issues with Angelus.  Kinda sad he is singing as well.  Today.  Wolfram and Hart.  Trying to figure out Holtz.  Lila and Lostie are screwed by their boss.  Time to torture Angel again.  Why does the humour on this show feel so forced?  Lila with the Holy Water was funny through.  Holtz and Lila are supposed to be interesting.  That grenade would not do that.  So Holtz has an issue with the soul part of Angel.  Guess that makes him less evil in Holtz’s eyes.  Demon fight!  And of course Darla takes off with the car.  Angel’s back.  Ancient translator guy really is worried for his job.  Yep, Angel’s soul is a big thing for Holtz.  Okay, having a soul makes the eternal torment even nicer.  Holtz is all heart.  Cheap melodrama time with Angel and Darla.  Lorne.  I could watch Freddie slap Gunn for quite some time, because that is funny.  More prophecy nonsense.  Flashback to Holtz killing his Vampire daughter in a truly horrific scene.  Today.  AI has trouble with pregnancy.  Again.  Holtz and Lorne meet.  And now the song that will tip Lorne off.  Wouldn’t the spell stop this explosion?  Oh, yes, it doesn’t count the door, because the plot demands it.  Why would Lorne cover the exit?  Whiny Darla is still annoying.  Is Darla dying?  Wow, she just staked herself to give birth, that is one way to do it.  Holtz is supposed to look like a badass, but I am not buying it.  Knew Holtz would not shoot the baby.  Okay, is Holtz gonna torment the baby?


First off, I do not consider Holtz a really good big bad.  He has great motivation, but this portrayal does nothing for me.  Second off, this might be Darla’s best episode, all because she seems so human here.

Angel logo



What Angel Investigations Did!

AI gets to the hotel and it is a messy.  Lorne is moving in.  Angel is over protective of the baby.  A demon attacks and is killed.  Holtz kills all of the demons lackeys and starts building his new army.  The Furies put a protective spell on the hotel and websites show bounties on the baby.  Cordelia tells Angel he needs help with the baby since he can’t go into the sun.  Angel takes on the Vampire face to calm the baby.  Lila goes to the Wolfram and Hart records to find out who Holtz is.  Holtz finds a woman whose sister was killed by a Vampire and recruits her.  More factions gather outside the hotel, all for the baby.  AI gets ready for war.  Angel is taking the baby, which pisses off AI, and Wolfram and Hart set out after him.  The spell fails and demons attack.  Angel is chased and gives the baby over.  But it is a bomb and the bad guys die.  AI took the real baby to the hospital.  Looking at the footage, Wolfram and Hart see when Lorne warned Angel of the cameras.  Angel bursts in and says the baby is off limits.  The hospital says the baby is okay.  Angel names the baby Connor.


My Thoughts!!

Cordelia is soooo in charge with the baby.  And now AI finds out the hotel has been invaded and damaged and realize what the crates are for.  Lorne!  Angel sure he is protective of his baby.  So Cordelia thinks that because she is a woman, she will automatically be better at taking care of the baby.  Demon attack!  Haha diaper joke.  Still no Lorne in the credits, hope they don’t pull a Tara with him.  Thanks for the whiteboard to keep the plot all straight.  This baby stuff with Angel is not funny and Freddie is not this clueless.  Holtz retells the plot as well.  Haha the minions are stupid.  Okay, give Holtz credit for the food poisoning.  Love the mac computer.  Now they put a protective spell over the hotel?  Couldn’t have done this a season ago.  Love how Lorne and Freddie reference Pylea.  Pylea word for hedgehog is probably frak.  Gunn off to get guns.  Freddie sure caught up on FIVE YEARS of computer advancements in the last few months.  So Wolfram and Hart now know the Pylea codeword to get into the hotel.  Freddie would not have noticed the camera signal by now?  Bickering lawyers are so immature.  Why do they keep regurgitating the plot?  Angel singing is whatever.  I think they think this is cute.  Lorne’s speech is stupid since Angel already considers the baby his.  Knew it would be Vampire face.  Wolfram and Hart would have files on Buffy as well.  This filing cabinet joke is so haha.  Holtz hunting a not so dead woman.  But not a Vampire since it is daylight.  Twin?  This is such a cop out.  Holtz creating an army of pissed off Vampire victims.  Cordelia makes the obvious point to Angel, especially about sunlight.  Lorne is funny with the fried bacon joke.  Betcha Lorne is hearing the hidden cameras.  Gunn!  More cults and players in the mix.  Lila can’t just get the psychic to pluck the name from her memory?  The files and records lady is obviously not human.  So this girl thinks she can be Buffy.  She is hitting on Holtz.  This guy Holtz us supposed to be creepy and badass, but he feels like another whiny Adam character.  That’s cute, how the factions are fighting.  Angel planning on leaving is stupid and pisses off AI.  Jerk.  Idiot.  Lila shows she has the balls Wolfram and Hart treasure, but didn’t they already establish they were gonna do that?  Forcefield down!  Wesley and Gunn exchange movie references like a boss.  A round manhole over a square opening.  Still wonder why Buffy was never called.  Kinda dangerous using a flame thrower inside.  That’s the whole fight?  This feels like the end of the Blues Brothers with the car chase.  Wouldn’t the Vampires smell it is not the baby?  Baby at hospital?  So this was all a ruse?  Lorne did hear the cameras and all this was a ploy.  I liked Holland better since he was slimier and not so obvious.  Angel lays down the law to Wolfram and Hart.  They would never ever ever tolerate this.  Baby is healthy. And named Connor.  Geraldo Angel?  Freddie should write fanfic for Angel.  How is Wolfram and Hart gonna protect the baby from all the factions?


This one was actually not so bad with everything going on and how it all resolves.  Except for the Wolfram and Hart ending, which will never work.  They would not care about Angel’s demands in the slightest.



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