Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 6.10 Wrecked

Buffy season 6

Buffy gets mad as Willow gets Wrecked.  Another dire post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Tara and Dawn realize Buffy and Willow stayed out all night.  Buffy is nude next to Spike in the busted up house.  The two had sex all night.  Buffy gets mad again at Spike again, and also tells him no one will know of last night.  Willow and Amy come home  and Willow talks of magic alot in front of Tara.  Buffy comes home and Tara and Amy go.  Willow is tapped out of magic right now.  Anya is wedding planning.  The Scoobies talk more of Willow’s magic.  Willow and Amy go to see a warlock named Rack who gives out spells.  Rack’s place is hidden.  Rack senses Willow’s body before giving her a magical fix.  Willow ends up on the ceiling, high on magic.  Later, Willow feels the withdrawal coming on and makes a pile of clothes into a fake Tara in bed.  Dawn goes with Willow to see a movie.  Amy ransacks Willow’s magical supplies and Buffy catches her.  Amy rats out to Buffy where Willow has gone.  Willow takes Dawn to Rack so Willow can get a magic fix.  Dawn is in the waiting room as Willow gets high.  Buffy gets Spike to help find Rack.  Willow and Dawn leave Rack and Willow is still high.  Willow accidentally conjured a demon who shows up.  Willow and Dawn run and Willow steals a car with magic.  It crashes and they are hurt.  The demon attacks Dawn.  Buffy and Spike arrive and Buffy fights the demon.  The demon blows up because Willow casts a spell.  Willow apologizes, Buffy is mad and Dawn slaps Willow.  Spike and Dawn go to the hospital.  Willow breaks down Buffy tells her off.  Later, Buffy and Willow talk about magic.  Willow gives up magic.  Buffy thinks about giving up Spike.  Willow goes through withdrawal and Buffy protects herself against Spike.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Cartoons!  Looks like Dawn and Tara had an all night party.  Good question, Dawn, where is everyone?  How much sex did Buffy and Spike have?  They are completely naked now.  Gotta find her shoe.  Holy crap, she really scratched the heck out of Spike last night.  I wonder if Spike is really truly naked in this scene.  Convenient?  Buffy, that was mean and hurtful.  And in walks Willow and Amy!  Tension!  Here comes the stutter.  So Tara thinks Willow has moved on, rather quickly, to Amy.  Tara doesn’t even notice Amy babbling about Willow’s crazed use of magic.  Wait, when Dawn says big bad, they all look at Willow.  For answers I know, but also kinda foretelling I think.  So neither Buffy or Willow, the principal caregivers, were home last night for Dawn.  Time for Buffy and Willow guilt.  Amy going to see her dad.  Willow’s magic not working on the curtains?  Anya should be a wedding planner.  Giles is gone for a day and everything seems to be falling apart.  Defensive much, Buffy?  So Willow just tapped herself out last night.  And Amy knows someone with better, even more potent spells.  Hot disappearing places in alleys are never a good sign.  These magic users look like druggies.  This guy is creepy, and has cringely magic hands, and is creepy.  Like this guy has a computer.  A little tour?  Willow looks high.  As does Amy.  Crap, Willow is on the roof, hallucinating.  This.  Is.  Freaky.  And Willow is coming down from… whatever that was.  Tara’s dress.  WILLOW NEEDS HELP!!!  Dawn really should be a chef.  Willow and Dawn, off to see a movie.  Buffy finds Amy ransacking the house, for magic stuff?  Amy has been back for like a day or so and already she is going down the dark path.  Willow really wants another hit.  You took Dawn with you for your magic hit?  Willow going cosmic just spells trouble.  Spike, showing almost all his Spikeness.  Spike knows who Rack is.  Buffy turns away?  You have already seen his stake.  Mental Note:  Stop the dirty Vampire puns.  Eventhrough I do them as swell.  Willow’s eyes!  Keep telling yourself that Buffy, that last night with Spike was a mistake.  Demon!  Now Willow steals a car.  And drives without driving.  CRASH!  We all saw that coming.  Buffy!  Fight!  We all know Willow destroyed the demon.  Buffy looks piiiissed.  Dawn has been hurt.  Dawn is ANGRY!!  That was a great slap.  Willow, you are so pathetic, crying and weeping and wallowing.  Buffy, slap Willow.  Buffy and Willow have a long overdue talk.  And Willow’s use of magic will continue very very soon, breaking her word.  We all just know this.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Buffy asks Spike a question with “When… when did the building fall down?”  Spike tells Buffy off with “I may be dirt, but you’re the one who likes to roll in it Slayer.”  Rack the magic guy tells Willow in a creepy whisper “You taste like strawberries.”  Buffy tells off a demon with “Now you’re scared?  Better late than never.”  Willow admits a maybe truth to Buffy with “And keeping stinky yak cheese in my bra.”


Yay!  Willow is getting help!  And soon Tara will come back to her and all will be well!  But knowing Joss, that ain’t what is really going to happen.  Predict Oz will show up and teach Willow meditation stuff, but of course it will go wrong.



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