Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 6.11 Gone

Buffy season 6

Buffy gets Gone as her life takes another crappy hit.  Time for a very visible post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Willow is upset and Dawn is mad at Buffy.   Dawn only talks to Xander as Buffy gathers all the magic items in the house.  A social worker comes by and all looks bad to her.  Spike comes and goes as well, making it look worse.  Buffy is feeling all depressed, so she gets her haircut shorter.  When leaving the haircutter, the Trio accidentally zap Buffy with their invisibility ray gun.  Buffy turns invisible.  As does various street objects.  Buffy goes to the Magic Store and reveals she is invisible.  Xander right away thinks Willow went nuts and did this.  Willow denies this.  Buffy heads out and causes mischief as a mean invisible girl.  Buffy goes to the social workers office and causes more mischief, making the social worker think she is going nuts.  This buys Buffy some time, since a new social worker will be sent out to her house.  Buffy goes to Spike and does some invisible foreplay.  This leads to Buffy and Spike having sex.  The Scoobies figure out that the invisibility ray causes objects to fall apart eventually.  Xander goes to Spike to find Buffy, and walks in on them having sex.  But since Buffy is invisible, it looks different, like push ups.  Spike tells Xander he has not seen Buffy.  Buffy and Spike keep having sex during this.  Buffy wants to keep having sex, but Spike is annoyed at the secrecy.  And he tells Buffy she is using the invisibility as an escape.  They argue and she leaves.  Xander and Anya call Buffy and tell her of the eventually falling apart.  Then Jonathan calls and tells Buffy he kidnapped Willow and go to the arcade.  Buffy goes their and the Trio are also invisible.  Warren lies that they will change her back.  Willow tells Buffy the gun is set to kill.  Buffy fights the Trio using her other senses to track them.  Willow changes the gun and makes Buffy visible.  And the Trio are visible as well.  Buffy sees they are Warren, Jonathan, some guy named Andrew.  The Trio escape.  Buffy and Willow talk about their experiences and problems.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Buffy and Dawn are clearing out all magic from their house.  So they all cloak the sex talk around Dawn, but the drug talk they don’t?  And Buffy finds Spike’s lighter and thinks of what she has been secretly doing.  The Trio!  Pleas let Willow zap them to death.  What super villains!  They made the chair invisible.  Maybe cooking will be good therapy for Willow.  Dawn is all pissy.  I will never get tired of Spike on fire and entering Buffy’s house.  Spike is being rather sexual.  And Buffy is all into it.  Where is Spike’s hand that Buffy react… that way?  Xander!  Obviously he didn’t see… everything.  Great, social services show up.  Spike is someone you probably don’t want around when social services comes a calling.  And Willow pipes in just in time to make it sound worse.  Hey look, magic herbs that look like mary jane.  So, to the surprise of no one, Dawn’s been skipping school and her grades suck.  Social service lays down the law to Buffy.  Buffy had Spike’s lighter in her pocket?  And Spike just plucks it out.  Buffy cutting her hair!  This looks bad.  At least now she goes to a real hairdresser.  The Trio!  These guys are so stupid.  Buffy is now invisible.  Oooops!  Magic Box!  Buffy figured it out rather quickly.  Those floating balls are cute.  She is kinda enjoying this, I think.  Love how Xander and Anya automatically think it is Willow.  Willow almost floated the book to her.  Wow, Buffy’s haircut is big news to everyone.  Wonder how the fans reacted at the time.  Willow is annoyed, but has no reason to be.  The Trio!  Hope the house collapses on them.  Buffy is being mean as invisible girl.  And a jerk.  This is very un Buffy like.  This is not funny.  Leave the mug alone.  Wouldn’t Buffy remember what happened to the other invisible girl.  That’s cheating, Buffy.  That printout is mean.  Willow, spray painting an invisible dumpster.  Xander finds the fire hydrant.  Back to season one Willow, in investigating and clothes and attitude.  Invisible Buffy with visible Spike.  Buffy want invisible sex with Spike?  Great, the invisible python disintergrates after awhile.  Lex Luther mention!  This is awkward!  Xander walks in on Spike and invisible Buffy having hot sex.  And Buffy keeps sexually tormenting Spike as Xander babbles.  Buffy is really screwed up here.  What is Buffy doing to Spike that is cheating?  Nudge nudge, wink wink.  Willow almost used her magic.  And with no one home, Buffy is kinda feeling alone.  Dawn really does not like this.  Willow finds the Trio’s lair!  She seems kinda impressed with their ingenuity.  And they captured her because they are invisible.  Showdown at the arcade!  Knew that guy was gonna try and kill her.  I hope Buffy breaks their bones.  I really wish this fight was visible, I wanna see Buffy snap their necks.  The Trio revealed!  Lame smoke bombs again.  Yeah, hate Buffy’s new hair.  Buffy is finally ready to get back to life.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Buffy explains drugs, or is it magic, to Dawn “Yeah, it you and me they are just candles.  But it witches, they are like… bongs.”  Xander explains himself to Willow with “No jumping?  See, feet firmly planted.”  Anya explains to Xander on Buffy’s answering machine about invisibility “Tell her about the pudding!”


While I can fully understand Buffy wishing to retreat from life, her behaviour while invisible actually really really annoyed me.  Immature and uncalled for to say the least.  Buffy and Willow both need kicks in the butt.



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