Some Random Thoughts On Angel 3.11 Birthday and Angel 3.12 Provider

Angel Season 3

Angel helps Cordelia celebrate her Birthday just before danger strikes, and tries to solve his money issues in Provider.  Continuing on with another part of My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!



What Angel Investigations Did!

Cordelia has her 21st birthday and AI has a surprise party.  But she gets a massively powerful vision that knocks her across the room  and knocks her out.  AI looks into her life and sees that she has prescription drugs and CAT scans and such, all showing painful damage.  Things do not look good for Cordelia.  She wakes up as an astral spirit that no one can, see, or touch.  She tries to posses Angel and get a message out but is stopped by magic forces.  The demon Skip arrives and takes her to a magical psychic mall.  Skip says Doyle should not have given the visions and will eventually die from them.  Angel goes to see The Powers That Be and pleads for Cordelia.  Skip tells her he can rewind her life to when she saw Angel in the first episode and change time, making Cordelia a famous actress instead.  Or she can go back to her current reality and die.  Skip takes Cordelia to where Angel is talking to The Powers and hears Angel say bad things about her out of context.  So Cordelia decides to become an actress.  Suddenly she is famous, successful, and well loved as the star of her own sitcom Cordy.  But she is haunted by something nagging her to go to the AI hotel.  So she does and it is a fully functional hotel.  A clue leads her to her former house and the tenant who is about to do some dark magic.  A demons shows up and Cordelia tries to save their lives.  AI bursts in as a now one armed Wesley and Gunn.  They kill the demon.  Wesley and Cordelia catch up.  And Cordelia finds out Angel got Doyle’s visions.  And they have driven Angel crazy.  Cordelia feels bad so takes  the visions from Angel.  Skip arrives and is annoyed she broke their deal.  Cordelia demands The Powers find a way to fix the problem of a human having the visions.  Skip says the only way he can think is to make Cordelia part demon.  So Skip makes Cordelia half demon and she keeps the visions.  Cordelia wakes up in her old reality and has another vision with no pain now.  But to AI’s shock, Cordelia now floats.


My Thoughts!!

Really dislike these opening close up monologues.  And Cordelia still trying to be an actress.  Scrubbing bad guy guts is funny.  Cordelia’s birthday and I love her cake.  Lorne not here?  Do they still do not know she is taking meds.  Vision time!  That had gotta hurt, thrown across the room.  Is she dead?  I think Cordelia is gonna compete with Buffy for worst birthdays.  Lorne!  Jumping Judas on a unicycle?  This is the Cordelia I have grown to love, one who cares about other people over herself, more concerned with the Vision person.  Love Dennis and his party for Cordelia.  Gunn likes Freddie doesn’t he?  Freddie is very puritan when talking about underwear.  Freddie calls it on Dennis hiding Cordelia’s meds.  So she has been doing secret hospital stuff for a year.  Lorne did not pick this up?  The Powers That Be mention.  You know, for some reason, this feels permanent.  Cordelia doing astral possession, then kicked out by dark spirits.  Kinda like the ones in A Christmas Carol or Ghost.  She’s dying?  Isn’t that the guard from the demon prison?  It is Skip!  Lorne has such bad luck lately.  A mall?  Maybe season one Cordelia.  Doyle!  Holy Hellmouth that is one looooong callback.  She knew he loved her.  Wouldn’t The Powers have told her this a year ago and taken the Visions.  Angel is gonna have a headache from this convo.  Now flashback to the pilot.  It’s A Wonderful Life for Cordelia.  And Skip is Clarence.  She is tempted, by stays on target.  Great, in a classic soap opera moment, she hears the worse from Angel.  Or was that the point?  Time changed!  And that is a lot of cleavage.  Will she remember the other life?  This sitcom Cordy looks awful.  And almost Friends parody like.  Looks like the old life is leaking through.  The hotel is all nice and everything.  I don’t think hotel managers in LA would be this starstruck.  Baby’s room.  This spell by the Powers really did not last long did it?  Cordelia’s place.  Of course she has a design firm.  Where is Dennis?  Wow, everyone in Buffyverse does magic don’t they?  Demon!  AI!  Wesley has one arm.  Sunnydale mention!  Hey, I thought they would never mention that kiss again.  Doyle mention again.  Angel gets the Visions?  Okay, Angel does look creepy now.  This is sad.  She kisses him?  And takes the Visions.  And she remembers!  Yay!  Skip has a point.  Cordelia has to become part demon?  Holy Hellmouth!  That’s the Cordelia I love, making the sacrifice for all.  So the Visions no longer hurt, that’s good.  But Cordelia now floats.


I actually really like this spotlight on Cordelia and showing how much she has grown over the years.  Plus, how even in her new perfect life, the push to help the helpless wipes the spell aside.  Cordelia has come a long way.


And with this episode, I am officially over HALFWAY THROUGH Angel.

I could not think of an appropriate song, or even sound effect,

to properly illustrate my feelings for this series.

Except maybe just a loud sigh.


Angel logo



What Angel Investigations Did!

Freddie gets the AI site up.  Cordelia lectures Angel about the mission and how money is not important.  Wesley and Gunn have put flyers for AI all over.  But as a man being chased by something evil shows, they put the wrong phone number on it.  They fix that.  Angel tries to prioritize but fails, and the phones start ringing with new clients.  Holtz and Justine argue over her following orders and Holtz does severe punishment.  AI gets tons of customers and they are all busy interviewing them all.  Cordelia thinks they are taking on too much.  Gunn gets a woman whose dead ex boyfriend is after her.  Wesley sees some demons who talk another language and are impressed with Wesley’s essays.  They want his head or to solve a puzzle.  Angel sees a rich business guy who wants Angel to clear a Vampire nest in a building.  He gives Angel a big cheque.  After Angel leaves, the man is shown to be a fraud.  Lorne finds out Holtz has killed the demon lackeys and is recruiting humans now.  The non english demons come back and want Freddie’s help for a lot of money.  Freddie and Lorne go with them.  Gunn and Wesley protect the woman from her zombie ex, and turns out both like Freddie.  The zombie attacks and they fight it.  Freddie works on the puzzle for the demons.  Lorne goes to the bathroom and sees that the demons are lying and planning on taking Freddie’s head.  Angel gets rid of some Vampires and goes to get the rest of the money, but realizes he was lied to.  Angel finds the con man in the Vampire’s lair and taking his dead friends watch.  They realize more Vampires are in the building.  Cordelia watches Connor and gets a vision about Freddie.  She leaves messages for AI and takes the baby and goes to save Freddie.  Wesley and Gunn see the girl and the zombie ex, who she killed, get back together.  Angel will only save the con man for money.  Freddie solves the puzzle and sees that Lorne has been caught.  Cordelia shows up with Connor as Freddie’s head is about to be cut off.  Angel saves the con man and kills the Vampires.  Wesley and Gunn arrive to help Cordelia.  Angel arrives and helps as well.  Angel realizes he went money mental and apologizes.  But AI still takes the demon money left on the floor.  Angel and Cordelia feed Connor and talk of the money.


My Thoughts!!

That is a cute piggy bank.  Of course it is for Connors college fund.  Freddie doing a website for AI, very very easily it seems.  Some of this baby humour is so forced.  AI is really promoting themselves.  Man being chased in the rain is the kinda thing AI would deal with.  Split screen yuck.  Haha, wrong number, something Wesley would never do.  Let me guess both Wesley and Gunn want Freddie.  Yes, lets reiterate all the plot points.  Holtz is a lousy wannabe Watcher to this whatever Slayer.  The knife is supposed to be scary right?  Some of these demons look like Star Trek rejects.  No one heard of AI before this?  I don’t think AI has dealt with these kind of cases since like season one.  Haha, Wesley is smart so he has never had sex joke.  And they want his head.  I thought Star Trek had the market cornered on stubborn easily offended aliens/demons/whatever.  This office guy looks slimy.  Love how it seems to be an open secret in LA that Vampires and demons exist.  Angel, you are suspicious, and rightly so.  Meanwhile back at the Slayer wannabe with the knife, another boring speech by Holtz.  I completely understand the character of Holtz, but think it is badly written and acted.  Annoying demons are back.  And want Freddie.  That was a cute $50,000 montage.  We know these demons are not being asked the right questions.  Stalked lady babbles and the love triangle thickens.  Freddie and Willow should get together and solve puzzles.  Especially the crystal ones.  This Vampire is giving Angel this much of a fight?  So Angel found out this guy did play him to get revenge on the Vampires.  And he fell for it.  Shocker.  Annoying demons are also evil, also shocker.  Cordelia only floats during Visions?  Guess the budget was too stretched.  Why isn’t the office still busy?  Ooops, more Vampires still in the nest, and con artist human stuck with him.  Vision time!  Stalked lady is hiding something, way too calm.  Cordelia, your plan is stupid.  Stalked lady poisoned him.  For some reason, not surprised.  This is silly.  I kinda love Angel playing hardball with the jerk.  Freddie passes the test and now will DIE!!  Cordelia and Connor to the rescue!!  Con artist wants to die noble death.  Now Angel fights easily?  Voicemail joke, never funny, very cheap and easy.  Kick in groin joke.  Wesley and Gunn!  Angel!  Doing a Batman entrance.  Moral of the story:  Don’t be money mental.  As if they need an excuse to take this money, I would just take it.  They are really trying to portray Angel and Cordelia as Daddie and Mommie here.


Kinda wacky and all over the place with no story really jelling with me Joss.  Silly fun at best.



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