Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 6.12 Doublemeat Palace

Buffy season 6

Buffy gets a job that sucks in Doublemeat Palace.  A very meaty post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Willow tells the Scoobies the Trio have left their headquarters.  Buffy needs money again so she gets a job at a fast food place called Doublemeat Palace.  Buffy knows something bad is happening.  Buffy eats one the burgers and asks what the secret ingredient is but is not told.  Buffy meets some of the customers and is trained.  But Buffy proves abit overwhelming at first.  Buffy sneaks about and is caught.  The Scoobies drop by as does Spike.  Spike says he can provide for Buffy, in more ways then one.  Buffy says no. One employee goes into the alley and attacked.  Buffy is given that guys job.  Xander is threatened by a vengeance demon named Halfrek and it turns out to be Anya’s old friend.  They catch up on old times.  Spike shows up at Buffy’s work again and the two have sex in the alley.  Amy visits Willow and they talk.  Amy gives Willow a shot of magic, unasked for, just to get Willow back on it.  Buffy finds a human finger in the meat grinder.  Buffy flips out and tells everyone to stop eating the food.  Buffy is fired.  Halfrek puts doubts into Anya’s mind about Xander.  The Scoobies investigate the food Buffy brings them.  Buffy goes back to Dooublemeat , breaks in and finds more body parts.  Willow tries to investigate without magic and the Scoobies discuss Buffy’s career plans.  Willow finds out the meat is really vegetables.  Buffy sees one of the customers without a wig.  And a demon comes out of her.  It paralyzes Buffy with a fluid.  The demon has been eating the employees and Buffy is next.  Willow arrives at the drive thru to tell Buffy of the meat and Amy’s treachery.  But Buffy is trying to fight the demon and can’t hear.  Willow comes inside and helps Buffy fight the demon.  Buffy and Willow win.  Later Amy comes by to see Willow.  Willow tells her off and to go away.  Buffy goes to Doublemeat and the new manager offers her job back.  All because of Buffy’s knowledge of the Doublemeat being veggies.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Time to catch up with popcorn!  The Trio took off from their lair.  Anya is such a Republican.  Buffy’s got a fast food job!  I have seen training videos like this.  So Buffy hates retail, but works for a fast food joint.  They would never put Buffy’s last name on her name tag.  These workers act like zombies.  Let me guess, it’s really demon meat.  The drawer is clearly locked, yet Buffy still tries to open it, on her first ten minutes on the job.  I have met people like Manny the Manager.  Okay, changed mind, the special Doublemeat meat is really people, or maybe Soylent Green.  Willow, Xander, Anya and Dawn stop by.  I take it Buffy never told the Scoobies what she did that summer as Anne?  Strange things make Xander hungry.  This is one very slow fast food place, since they all just stand there.  Spike!  Will Buffy and Spike have hot sex next to the deep fryer?  At least Spike is honest with Buffy.  Coming up, one dead employee.  This episode feels looooong.  I thought double shifts were illegal, but then again this is fast food, where laws and taste don’t exist.  That is stupid, the size of that meat chunk.  Demon!  Here to kill Xander!  Turns out, she knows Anya.  Her demon friends seems very disbelieving of the marriage.  Buffy and Spike!  Sex again in the break room.  Amy visiting Willow!  And Amy is the bad influence friend, tempting with the magic.  Amy, you bitch!  You just got Willow back onto the magic!  Is Amy that screwed up from being a rat for three years?  Of course, Buffy finds a finger in the meat grinder.  Time for Buffy to channel Charleston Heston and yell the meat is people.  Buffy would take these losers out in a second.  Demon bringing up Xander correcting Anya all the time, even through he is right most of the time.  The fact Willow does not tell the Scoobies about her magic run in is scary, like she is happy, but guilty, to have it back.  Now Manny is the meat.  Now Dawn realizes Buffy has no real career.  Haven’t seen Willow with a microscope since season four, and even then she was using magic with it.  Xander is shallow here, with the demon looks issue.  Not human meat!  So the old lady is the baddie, and a demon, with a quasi alien head.  Paralysis?  She’s eating the employees!  Smart Willow, using the drive through window to talk to Buffy.  And tells her what the bitch Amy did.  Willow!  Saves Buffy without magic!  Amy!  Hope Willow bitch slaps her.  Yeah Willow, stand up to Amy!  Walk away, Amy, just walk away.  The new manager would not know the secret of the beef.  Buffy wants to go back to work at Doublemeat?  This is stupid.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Willow tells Xander and Anya about the Trios’s lair “You should have seen their headquarters.  It was like the nerds natural habitat.”  Anya tells Willow to continue on with “Please continue the story of failure.”  Buffy goes through her theories, but not in song, to herself with, “Theory number five.  Catburgers.”


Except for the Willow subplot advancements, I found virtually all of this one awful.  Like Praying Mantis Teacher or Superstar or Incan Mummy Girl bad.  Just ugh.



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