Everything Is Right With Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong

Nothing Go Wrong010

That is so very true, nothing can possibly go wrong, especially with Charlie and Nate.

Not that I had any doubt at all.

Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong is the wonderful graphic novel written by first time author Prudence Shen and veteran artist Faith Erin Hicks and it is filled with fun and drama and politics and family messiness.

Charlie and Nate are forever best friends and neighbours now in high school. Charlie is the quieter one, athletic, and living with an absentee mother and a father always away. Nate is loud and high strung and almost completely obsessed with his life, and, of course, robotics.

Nothing Go Wrong ElectionWe start with Nate giving Charlie a lift to school and getting updated on their respective lives. Charlie has just been dumped by text by his cheerleader girlfriend. Nate is freaking mad because a funding argument is going on about where school funds should go: cheerleaders or robotics.

This leads to decisions being made over who should run, even unwillingly, in the elections for student council. Various factions emerge and dirty tricks and a smear campaign spiral outwards, causing real stress between the friends.

But Prudence and Hicks hits us with a very logical plot twist, one that takes all the forces marshaled into a direction I did not anticipate. Leading to an ending which is a real blast with broad impact on all.

One of the absolute charms of Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong is the characters.

Charlie is living a troubled internal life and the only one who notices is Nate. His parents define self absorbed and can be very infuriating almost every step of the way. If not for Nate, you seriously wonder how Charlie would get through the days.

Nothing Go Wrong Chainsaw

Nate, being calm.

Nate is all mouth and action and very little thought. Except for Charlie’s well being, very little interrupts Nate’s universe of singlemindfulness. This aspect of Nate could be part and parcel with his other trait, that of a certain technical genius.

Peripheral players in Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong include Holly, the aforementioned head cheerleader and ex girlfriend, who proves that obsessive behaviour is not just Nate’s domain. Also Joanna, the young lady on the robotics team who feels such empathy for their mechanical creations that she intuits them like a Jedi.

Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong can into my life at TCAF 2014 all because @Taliana83 spoke so highly of Hick’s previous works including The Adventure of Super Hero Girl and Friends With Boys.

Shen and Hicks flow together really well with this tale and I really hope they work together again.

After all, Everything Could Definitely Come Right.


…is currently reading my pile of Mad Magazines from 2014!



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