Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 6.13 Dead Things

Buffy season 6

Buffy keeps going down the dark path in Dead Things.  Time for one more post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy and Spike have sex again in his crypt.  Then talk.  Spike then pulls out handcuffs.  And they have sex again.  The Trio have invented a new device that will make woman allow themselves to be raped.  But they don’t view it that way.  Buffy sees Tara at work and hides the handcuff marks.  She tells Tar that Spike can hurt her.  Buffy thinks she came to life wrong and wants Tara to investigate.  Warren goes to a bar and sees his ex-girlfriend Katrina.  She tells him to get lost.  He uses the device and she leaves with him.  Buffy comes home and Dawn is learning to dance for the upcoming wedding.  Buffy and Dawn argue abit.  The Trio have Katrina in a maid’s outfit and she goes off with Warren to be raped.  The device wears off and Katrina regains control.  She tells them off trying to rape her and Jonathan and Andrew are confused.  Katrina goes to leave and Warren kills her.  Warren plans to get rid of the body.  The Scoobies are at the Bronze and everyone catches up.  Buffy goes to the balcony and meets Spike.  They have sex.  Willow and Tara accidentally meet at the Magic Store and talk.  Buffy goes on patrol and almost meets up with Spike again.  Buffy continues her patrol and hears screaming.  She fights several demons and time keeps jumping around, disorientating her.  Spike finds her and Buffy hits Katrina.  Buffy thinks she has killed Katrina.  The Trio leave unseen and Warren is happy.  Buffy has nightmares.  Buffy gets up and says goodbye to Dawn, who tells her off.  Spike tries to stop Buffy from turning herself into the police.  They argue and fight.  Buffy beats Spike down.  Buffy hears the police say the dead girl was Katrina, who Buffy knows is connected to Warren, and figures it out.  The Scoobies figure out the rest.  Tara tells Buffy how she came back alright and human, but slightly on the molecule level so Spike’s chip is confused.  Buffy tells Tara of her and Spike and sex and they talk.  Buffy does not like the fact she is using Spike, so something must be wrong with her.  Buffy cries with Tara because of how confused she is about Spike.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Those sounds and this destruction are indicative of Buffy and Spike having sex again.  Yep!  Buffy really gets uncomfortable with having a real conversation with Spike.  And when he calls her an animal, and he mentions bite marks, Buffy gets even more uncomfortable.  Handcuffs?  The Trio!  Hope a giant snake eats them.  Magic mixing with technology.  Make a woman a willing sex slave?  That’s still rape you idiot.  Knew this Warren was a creep last season.  Buffy seems happy at fast food.  Tara!  Buffy just seems to take breaks whenever she wants to.  Somehow I doubt Tara would be allowed in the break room.  Love how Tara thinks it’s about Willow.  Is Buffy covering up the handcuff marks?  And Buffy tells Tara about Spike’s chip malfunction, makes sense.  Tara’s stutter returns.  Wonder if their is a pattern to it?  The Trio!  Trying to get girls.  I want Faith to stake these three.  And Warren’s ex is here, and blowing him off.  Good for her.  This bastard is sick.  Buffy’s home from work.  Love how Xander is teaching Dawn to dance.  And Dawn is cranky ass again.  The Trio having the girl in the french maid outfit is gross.  The way these three are drooling over her is disgusting.  And thankfully, the spell wears off.  Yes, she finally says the word.  Rape.  I hope she kills these bastards.  Warren, you are a piece of shit.  Warren calls the dead woman an “it” and is only concerned with the coverup.  I never found The Trio funny, but sad and pathetic and jerks.  This just confirms it.  Scoobies at the Bronze.  Buffy all alone at the Bronze.  Spike at the Bronze, giving Buffy a cheap thrill.  Willow and Tara, meeting very awkwardly in the street.  Buffy on patrol.  Wait, my clueless musical ass actually recognizes this song.  It’s Sting!  Okay, what happened to the evil bloodsucking fiend?  Are the Trio screwing with time again?  Seeing this fight all ass backward is annoying.  Great, now Buffy is gonna think she killed the lady.  Obviously the Trio set this up.  Warren, die.  Are they in Buffy’s bed?  What if they are caught?  Okay, those are all nightmares.  Buffy knows from Giles accidents happen in Slaying, so is this just another way to try and escape her life?  By going to the police.  Buffy has been doing this all season long.  And now Dawn is calling her on it.  Spike, you are really terrible at disposing of bodies.  So instead of explaining it, Buffy hits Spike.  Repeatedly.  Knocking him from Vampire to human form.  Wait till Buffy finds out that the autopsy says the lady died hours before.  Wait, Buffy hears the name and realizes it’s Warren.  The plot thickens!  These Sunnydale coroners are idiots.  Great, now Andrew is turned on by murder.  Tara explains how Spike can hit Buffy, and it all makes sense.  But Buffy won’t accept.  Is Buffy admitting to Tara of her flings with Spike?  Yep!  Buffy’s addiction is Spike?  Is it the sense of danger, like Faith got off on?  Or is she just trying to feel?  Tara is showing more compassion to Buffy’s addiction then she did to Willow’s addiction.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Buffy tells off Dawn with “And I falling for that again because of the surprise lobotomy?”  Buffy begs Tara for for guidance with “I’m wrong.  Tell me that I am wrong.  Please.”


Buffy really needs a therapist, a good hug, and a little Giles guidance.  Like really bad.  Being ripped out of heaven has damaged her so much and no one seems to notice.  And a side note, Warren is disgusting and must die.



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