Some Random Thoughts On Angel 3.13 Waiting In The Wings and Angel 3.14 Couplet

Angel Season 3

Angel takes in some culture in Waiting In The Wings and AI gets all coupley in Couplet.  Continuing on with another part of My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!


Waiting In The Wings…

What Angel Investigations Did!

Cordelia talks to Wesley about his crush on Freddie.  Angel wants AI to go to the ballet, with the same group he saw in 1890.  At the ballet, mysterious things are happening.  Cordelia and Freddie go to get new dresses which they are gonna return and they talk about Freddie’s love life.  Cordelia thinks it is about Wesley, but it is really about Gunn.  AI dresses up nice and heads to the ballet.  Cordelia falls asleep and the rest love the show.  Angel realizes these are the same dancers he saw over a century ago.  AI investigates.  Angel and Cordelia get backstage and find it is another dimension made up of creepy corridors.  They search the ballerina’s room and it is still the same form long ago.  Cordelia hits on Angel and he reciprocates.  It stops when Cordelia’s cross burns Angel.  They snap out whatever possessed them and leave.  Freddie wants Wesley and Gunn to find and help Angel and Cordelia.  A Count has his lackeys go after AI.  Cordelia realizes the possession room has clues they need so they head back.  Angel and Cordelia begin making out again.  Cordelia calls Angel a different name and talks of a man finding them.  AI fights some lackeys and Gunn is hurt.  Freddie tends his wounds and they admit their feelings for each other.  They kiss and Wesley sees.  AI regroups.  Wesley says the Count is a wizard who has trapped the ballerina in time because he is jealous.  Angel talks to the ballerina and gives her hope.  She starts to break the spell and Angel attacks the Count, breaking his power center.  Angel and Cordelia talk about what happened.  Angel almost tells Cordelia of his love when Gruesome from Pylea shows up.  Those two kiss.  Lorne tells them that Pylea is now a republic.


My Thoughts!!

Wesley getting misty eyed over the demon pic.  Oh, shocked, it is really about Freddie.  Again, they mention the Wesley Cordelia former connection.  I guess that was a dirty joke about Dennis.  And Gunn hits on Freddie.  Angel likes ballet, even as Angelus.  I love fake band names.  Cue Phantom of the Opera motifs.  Lorne is still only a guest star.  At least they mention AI is poor again.  Freddie mentions sex.  Freddie is talking about Gunn but Cordelia thinks it is about Wesley.  Cue Jack Tripper.  Joss wrote and directed this one?  So it will probably be really really good.  Angel has feelings for Cordelia?  Yeah, right.  Why do all the romances on this show feel so forced?  Buffy mention!  Hello cleavage!  That’s a little homely dress on Freddie, almost like a lame prom dress.  Kinda hate that both woman on this episode are almost completely used as love interests.  Ballet time!  And I know almost nothing about ballet.  Cordelia snoring is a cheap joke.  Gunn is really feeling this.  This dancer looks familiar.  Wait, the dancers are the same ones Angel saw in 1890?  AI has a case!  “Dancing Vampires?  Whose not scared?”  Cordelia says it all.  Not Vampires, Angel would smell that, which is a good call back.  Angel calls Cordelia beautiful and she notices.  I like how they go through the options get through the door, and then go for violence.  Backstage is a creepy Tardis by Tim Burton.  Okay, the room makes Cordelia get all sensual and horndoggy.  Is this like the Buffy episode where Buffy and Angel are possessed by the ghost lovers at Sunnydale?  Angel and Cordelia is not as bad as Buffy and Spike, but close.  Wait, is that ballet dancer River from Firefly?  She looks Riveresque.  Yay, they escaped the room of lust.  Is Angel using his jacket to hide his pants bulge?  Lorne would be a cool babysitter.  Guessing Lorne’s club is still demolished.  Nice axe Lorne.  Of course Angel would remember those cheesy dirty lines from earlier.  Spinal Tap reference!  Angel recalls the Buffy episode!  Cordelia talks very dirty here.  I saw this joke on Happy Days where both men make their moves at the same time.  AI follows and mystery guy is evil.  What did Angel just do to Cordelia that makes that face.  They hear the noise and Wesley thinks pain and Freddie thinks fun.  Okay, Angel just undressed Cordelia.  Is he gonna draw her like his french girl.  Angel attacked by V for Vendetta.  Gunn’s been stabbed!  That laughing is annoying.  Hey, Wesley can fight again.  Now Freddie falls apart because Gunn was hurt?  And Gunn and Freddie kiss.  And Wesley sees.  Cue boring pointless romantic drama.  Is Wesley channeling the wizard, especially as he tells the plot.  Star Trek plot of overloading the badguy.  Is the ballet dancer supposed to be Joss’s commentary on television or something?  I wonder if this is a real ballet.  She changed it!  Angel finds the power centre, because amulets are always good guesses.  And the timey wimey all goes away.  Exit River.  Gunn knows Wesley also likes Freddie, so his comments are really insensitive.  Angel is so smooth with the ladies.  Cordelia strikes me as kinda needy here, which strikes me as not her right now.  Oh great Gruesome is back.


This is supposed to be the stab in the heart episode, but it feels slightly forced.  Okay, really forced.  But at least River is doing ballet.

Angel logo



What Angel Investigations Did!

Cordelia and Gruesome talk and kiss when a vision hits.  She tells Angel about the demon she saw.  Cordelia is worried that having sex with Gruesome will make her lose her visions.  Gunn and Freddie talk during breakfast.  AI tracks the demon and Angela and Gruesome fight it.  But it escapes into sunlight and Gruesome defeats it with AI’s help and Angel stuck inside.  Gunn goes off with Freddie to check out a witch who is seducing a man.  Wesley is not happy Freddie goes along.  Angel and Wesley go get another book to help with the prophecies.  Cordelia gives Gruesome a makeover which makes him look like Angel.  The man is followed by Gunn and Freddie and the man vanishes while the two are kissing.  Cordelia wants Angel to get a magic herb so that she can have sex.  And the herb is at a demon brothel.  Gunn and Freddie check a video and see the man vanish by a tree.  They are are sucked underground by the same tree.  Angel and Gruesome see the brothel and get the potion.  Angel gets a call from Gunn who is trapped by tree roots.  The tree is evil and has internet and eats people.  Angel and Gruesome find them and Gruesome attacks without a plan.  The tree attacks Gruesome and feeds on him.  Angel attacks the tree and the tree realizes Angel is undead.  AI gets free and they kill the tree.  Wesley tells off Gunn and Freddie.  Angel gives Cordelia the potion and several days off and some money for a vacation.  Angel carries Connor around as Wesley translates the prophecy some more.  It says The Father Will Devour The Son.


My Thoughts!!

Angel and Lorne talking about Gruesome not Connor.  Hotel joke which is kinda funny.  Closet dissolve is different.  Aww, they cut away from Cordelia changing.  Gruesome describes the nightmare of government that Animal Farm predicts.  That oversold kiss leads to Gruesome looking… gruesome.  Thought Wesley was gonna talk to Angel about Freddies, Angel thought Gruesome, but instead it was Connor.  Logical.  Betcha Angel is right about the height thing.  Love how Cordelia talks so openly about her sex life.  So that other Gruesome was really a Vision?  That was different.  Callback to losing her Visions possibly in Pylea.  Wondered if Cordelia told AI about her half demon part of her now.  Love how Cordelia talks about other styles of sex so openly.  Freddie is talking to Gunn like they had sex as well.  Are they hinting all over here that Freddie is a virgin?  Hope not, because that would be so cliched.  Pagers!  This comedy tone is kinda annoying.  Angel and Gruesume fight demon, conveniently into sunlight.  This is silly.  Demon disintegrates very nicely so no mess to clean up.  Eight year engagement?  Wesley is acting very moody and sulky.  But at least Wesley gets out of his funk enough to help Angel with his issues.  Gunn and Freddie should not making out while on duty.  And the guy disappears of course.  Cordelia gives Gruesome a makeover.  And he looks just like Angel.  This is silly and feels like three hours long.  Knew it was gonna be sex Cordelia was asking Angel for help with.  Supernatural birth control.  Cordelia can’t go instead?  Hey, Freddie, the camera.  Which Gunn remembers.  This the same demon brothel from that other episode?  Haha man in chains.  “Angel, your coat is singing.” is Greusome being truthful with Angel.  So the tree is the Whomping Willow with early wifi and evil intentions?  Gunn and Freddie would never only ask for Gruesome.  The couldn’t leave the potion at the brothel and come back for it.  Hope Angel hitting Gruesome is a plan.  Okay, it is, because he is Vampire.  Wesley, talk to Gunn and Freddie!  Gunn gives good backtalk to Wesley.  Gunn knew Wesley felt this way and should have talked to him.  Surprised the potion survived.  Nice of Angel to cover for Gruesome, and Gruesome did the right thing.  Angel is trying to be a grown up here, plus I don’t think he can stand to see the two together.  Angel and Wesley are very lonely aren’t they?  But at Angel has Connor.  The prophecy says The Father Will Devour The Son.


So Angel will kill Connor?  Yikes!  This will be different.  Other than that, the killing tree was silly.  Also, Cordelia seems rather shallow with wanting just hot guy sex.



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