Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 6.14 Older And Far Away

Buffy season 6

Buffy is stuck in place and going nowhere fast as her life stays in one place.  Yes, it is Older And Far Away.  Yet another post in the same place in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy goes to get a demon and tells Dawn they will spend time together soon.  She kills the demon with its own sword, which sucks the demon in.  Buffy takes the sword with her.  The Scoobies plan Buffy’s birthday.  Dawn goes shopping.  Dawn sees the school guidance counselor and they talk.  Dawn tells her that people keep leaving.  Buffy tells Tara that Spike was not invited because he would not behave.  But Spike heard about the party from Willow and shows with Clem, the loose skinned demon.  Xander brings Richard, a guy from work, to the party for Buffy.  She gets gifts from the Scoobies, including the jacket Dawn stole.  That is forgotten because Xander made her a new weapons chest.  Sophie, from Buffy’s work, shows up as well.  The demon Halfrek grants Dawn wish.  The party goes all night long and the Scoobies figure out they can’t leave.  They create theories and Dawn gets mad.  Magic can save them, but Tara has no supplies and Willow is off magic.  But still has some hidden supplies.  Tara will use them.  But the spell brings the demon out of the sword.  It attacks and vanishes into the walls.  It keeps popping out and attacking.  Only Willow can free them, but Tara says no.  Dawn might have wished for this from the guidance counselor.  Anya checks Dawn’s room and finds Dawn’s hidden stolen stash.  Everyone is shocked.  Anya tells Dawn off.  Buffy mentions the guidance counselor and Anya realizes it is Halfrek, so Anya calls for her.  Halfrek pops up and is stabbed by the demon.  The Scoobies fight the demon and kill it and Buffy breaks the sword.  Halfrek says the vengeance demons specialize and hers is bad parents.  And she tells off the Scoobies for ignoring Dawn.  Halfrek plans to leave them their forever, but suddenly realizes she is trapped to.  Harlfrek also recognizes Spike as William.  She lifts the spell.  Willow and Tara talk.  The Scoobies all leave, but Buffy stays behind to be with Dawn.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Buffy making apologies and to Dawn and heading off to do some patrolling.  Now Dawn can stay home by herself?  Demon attack!  And the dead demon ends up in the sword.  And time for Buffy’s annual birthday!  Spellcasters Anonymous?  Awww, everyone is too busy for Dawn.  Now home to a very empty house.  With more stolen stuff.  Time for another boring class at new Sunnydale high.  This guidance counselor is really trying and Dawn is simply not responding.  Okay, now she finally is.  People keep leaving Dawn.  Buffy’s birthday party and she invites someone from work.  Meanwhile, Anya invites a date for Buffy.  This is something Googliebear would do.  Cue Tara seeing Willow again and the awkwardness to follow.  Spike!  Bringing a gift because he is a nice sorta boyfriend.  And a demon with him.  Skin condition?  Tara is trying to get Spike’s goat.  They know Dawn knows about sex.  Back massager?  Dawn’s gift is a wonderful leather jacket – with the security tag still attached.  Great way to dump Dawn’s gift right back into her lap.  Xander built Buffy a new war chest.  This friend from Buffy’s work is sad.  Anya’s friend, the vengeance demon!  Granting Dawn’s wish.  This guy seems nice, but dull.  That’s rather sassy of Tara.  A party with Monopoly?  Kill me now.  And three hours?  A poker game?  Tara running interference?  Ice suggestions?  Morning with cartoons?  This seems rather dull and pedestrian.  Or are they all trapped in the house?  I get it, Dawn’s wish is for everyone to stay.  And now they realize they can’t leave.  And Dawn pulls another teen tantrum.  And only party unreasonably.  Dawn is the natural suspect right now.  Twilight Zone reference!  Once More With Feeling reference!  Willow looks scared when magic is mentioned.  And now Willow admits she kept some magical items.  Love how Buffy and Tara look when she says that.  The release spell instead hits the sword.  Spike is sooooo determined to get out.  Demon attack!  And Xander’s friend is badly hurt.  Nightfall and they are all still trapped.  Is Anya freaking out?  This demon jumping in and out of the walls is crazy.  Buffy, slap Dawn for asking if she cares.  Anya is right, Willow could get them out.  Willow says no because she knows her limits.  Tara to Willow’s defense!  So the guidance counselor was a fake?  Buffy now knows it’s a vengeance demon.  Great, Anya spills out Dawn’s stolen horde.  And everyone looks shocked.  Here comes the vengeance demon!  Holy Crud!  The sword demon got her!  Fight!  Buffy stabs the wall!  Okay, one menace done!  William?  The vengeance demon knows Spike?  From a long time ago?  So Anya specialized with her vengeance.  Justice demon?  And the demon could hear Dawn’s cries.  Loser demon is trapped as well because I don’t think they really know their powers.  Tara, why are you believing Willow’s crap?  And they all can leave.  But Buffy has to stay and be with Dawn.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Dawn tells off Anya with “I can hear you when I am in the room, you know?”  Spike says something really dirty to Buffy with “I’ll let you blow out my candles.”  Tara calls out Spike with “A muscle cramp?  In your pants?”  Buffy tells off Spike with “We do not joke about eating people in this house!”


Oh snap, the Dawn subplot ends with one nasty nasty night.  Really liked this one Joss, with all the claustrophobia of being stuck for maybe forever together.  Plus, Clem is cool.



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