Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 6.15 As You Were

Buffy season 6

Buffy sees an old flame who is not a Vampire in As You Were.  Yes, Riley is back as is my posts in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy is attacked by a Vampire while coming home from work.  The smell of the Doublemeat food makes the Vampire nauseous and he leaves.  Buffy stakes him.  Buffy bumps into Spike and they talk.  Buffy gives Dawn a squished burger but Willow takes her to the Bronze instead.  The Scoobies present talk of the wedding.  Later Buffy learns she was not been accepted back at University.  Buffy goes to work depressed and suddenly Riley shows up.  Buffy takes off with Riley and they fight a demon in the street.  It gets away and they give chase, talking all the way.  They track it to a dam and Buffy meets Sam, Riley’s wife.  They all fight the demon and Buffy kills it.  But no one told Buffy not to kill it.  They head back to the house and the Scoobies all cheer Riley back, except Dawn who is mad he left.  Sam explains the demon came to lay eggs at the Hellmouth, and they are dangerous.  And someone named the Doctor has the eggs for money.  The Scoobies go to find the nest and the Doctor.  Sam warns Willow of the dangers of magic.  Buffy and Sam talk about her rep as a Slayer and about Riley.  Buffy takes off and sees Spike and asks about the Doctor.  They end up having sex.  Riley comes in and sees them together.  Riley thinks Spike is the Doctor.  Spike denies this but Riley finds the eggs.  Buffy and Spike argue.  The eggs hatch and attack.  Buffy and Riley win.  Xander’s relatives are annoying and Xander and Anya hide in the bathroom and talk.  The Scoobies say bye to Riley and Sam and they leave.  Later Buffy sees Spike and they talk about the eggs.  And she breaks up with him because she is using him.  Buffy leaves.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

The fast food place from hell.  Workplace politics explained by night school guy.  Now time for patrolling.  That Vampire not wanting to bite her because of the fast food smell was stupid.  Wait, Riley is back?????  I thought he was gone forever.  So Spike just wants a quickie with Buffy by the tree.  After saying last episode she would spend more time with Dawn, she dumps her sister for some sex.  Willow and Dawn are gonna go party at the Bronze.  I have lived this wedding planning.  One week to the wedding?  That was fast.  Callback to the old Willow Xander almost romance.  Buffy is excitingly doing laundry, now missing garbage.  Buffy got rejected for re-admittance to University.  And a messy kitchen.  Let’s just dump more crap on her life, shall we.  RILEY!!!!!!!!!  He’s back and has scars!!!!!!!  That almost the kinda speech Dr Who would make.  And a line-up forms.  Is Buffy gonna quit her job and take off with Riley.  For some reason, I don’t quite believe Riley.  He looks annoyed that Buffy laughed at his gadgets.  Demon!  Wild bear?  These government guys have always been good at the cover stories.  Buffy and Riley!  Together again with the good fight!  Demon hunting batmobile.  Riley is gentleman, even through he has already seen her Buffyness.  Xander and Anya stuck in traffic, something you rarely see in Buffy.  And again, Xander’s relatives are all alcoholics.  Complaining about friends and relatives for the wedding sounds about right.  Awww, Buffy piggybacking Riley is so cute.  Demon fight!  Who’s the new girl?  Riley’s wife!  That was fast with getting married.  Why would Riley get Buffy’s help and not tell her he’s married and that his wife, Sam, is also on the case?  Homing operation?  Sam’s Riley’s boss.  So she is powerful and lets him in?  The Scoobies are so happy to see Riley.  Dawn equals cranky.  Time for a demon nest hunt.  Xander wants wedding advice now?  Everyone is trying to be civil, but the tension is undesirable.  Sam really is impressed with Buffy, as a person and a Slayer.  Buffy is soooooo uncomfortable as Sam tries to be accommodating.  Sam leaving means she is going to die.  Trouble is a brewing and Buffy goes for sex and false love from Spike?  Riley!  Pissed but not to surprised.  Spike is the Doctor?  The guy running the demon baby operation?  Wait, Spike may not be the Doctor, Riley just thinks so.  The eggs are in Spike’s basement.  They look like the creatures that attacked Buffy and the Mayor that time.  Buffy, you are truly a lousy shot.  Xander and Anya!  Awww, how cute these two are.  Riley really still likes Buffy.  Buffy pulls to the side when Sam comes out, doesn’t talk to her..  Willow now likes Sam.  Dawn equals cranky again.  Leaving by helicopter is so government agent stuff.  Buffy finally gets her Buffyness back and dumps Spike, realizing this meaningless sex is destructive.  Spike looks hurt.  Using his actual name probably hurts even more.  And Buffy walks out into the sunlight.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Riley appears and gives Buffy a Dr Who style speech with “This isn’t the way I wanted it.  But something has come up, something big, and we don’t have much time.  Understand?”  Buffy asks Riley a good question with “So they are like, really mean tribbles?”  Riley gives Buffy advice with “Here.  No offense, this is black ops and you look like a pylon.”  Willow asks Buffy a favour with “Please, let me carry the hate for the both of us.”  Xander explains things to Anya with “No, but granted I have a hard time imagining Nick and Nora Fury hiding out from their own relatives in the bathroom.”  Riley gives Buffy a pep talk with “The world doesn’t stop turning Buffy.  You’re up.  You’re down.  Doesn’t change what you are.”  Buffy apologizes for what she is about to do to Spike “I’m sorry.  William.”


Wow Joss, I really thought we would never see Riley again, but you brought him back.  And fixed him.  Thank you!  He is still fighting the good fight and being the wonderful support Buffy needs.



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