Some Random Thoughts On Angel 3.15 Loyalty and Angel 3.16 Sleep Tight

Angel Season 3

Angel makes Wesley go crazy in Loyalty, and has immense heartbreak in Sleep Tight.  Continuing on with another part of My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!



What Angel Investigations Did!

Wesley is found asleep at his desk.  AI wakes him and Angel kills Connor.  Wesley wakes up and realizes it is all a dream.  Angel and Wesley take Connor to the doctor and Angel gives some new moms advice.  The doctor tells Angel Connor is normal and they take blood for testing.  Another new mom switches the sample.  Angel gets a whack of gifts for Connor.  Angel and Gunn play hockey in the hotel.  A client comes in and tells AI of how her son has become a Vampire.  She then returns to Holtz and tells him all about AI.  Holtz’s team practices fighting captive Vampires.  The demon shows up and bugs Holtz.  Holtz tells him to get lost because he has a magic urn that can catch the demon.  The demon is angry and leaves.  Wesley is planning something and Freddie says he should get with the new client.  Wesley is rude to her.  Lila chats with her mom and the demon shows up and tries to make a deal with her.  Lila says she won’t help him destroy Angel, but then does.  The demon needs Connor’s blood and Lila has it.  Gunn and Freddie go to the carnival where the Vampires are hanging.  But Gunn just wants to be romantic with Freddie.  And they talk of Wesley.  They see the Vampires and follow and are attacked.  Freddie is told to leave, but comes back to help.  Justine films it all.  AI wins.  Wesley goes to see a magic seer who looks like a drive through machine.  He is told that Angel will devour Connor.  And things will go wrong for Wesley.  The signs are fire, earthquake, burning air and sky being red.  Lila meets the demon again and they talk of the plan.  The client thanks AI for getting the Vampires.  She hits on him and Wesley reveals he knows she is a spy.  Angel says he knows of Holtz and that Connor is off limits.  The client goes back to Holtz and Wesley follows.  he says he comes in peace and Wesley and Holtz talk.  Angel and Wesley talk as Connor is about to be fed.  Wesley thinks that Angel would never hurt Connor.  But an earthquake hits and causes a fire around them.  Angel saves Connor but blood gets on the baby.  Wesley sees the signs.  And gets really freaked out.


My Thoughts!!

Meanwhile, the next day, Wesley fell asleep at his desk.  Okay, this is a silly dream sequence with Wesley having blood on his hands.  But at least he did fall asleep at his desk.  Still no Lorne in the credits.  Quick question, since Wesley has mistranslated the scroll before, why is he so sure now?  And maybe get Giles to doublecheck his findings?  That vacuum bit is soooo old.  So that lady switched the blood sample?  Again, Freddie is very computer advanced for someone gone for five years.  Maybe she is a really really really quick study?  Hockey talk and I am bored.  So this client’s son is a Vampire?  And the moral matches what Wesley is going through with Angel.  Turns out the client is a spy for Holtz.  Not really surprised.  Looks like she nailed AI.  Holtz has been shopping.  And training his horde.  Buffy wannabe is no Buffy.  Love how the demon calls out Holtz on his loser operation.  Wesley is being one big ass sulky jerk, especially with Freddie.  Wolfram and Hart!  Lila has mommie issues, cause they gotta do something with her.  Demon guy really wants Angel, he even goes to Lila.  This is stupid.  If Lila knows her office is bugged, that would include cameras, so writing on the pad is useless.  Plus, her violation of the Angel policy would be picked up by the psychics.  Now they talk openly about killing Angel?  Yep. Wolfram and Hart took Connor’s blood.  Gunn is acting like a lovestruck schoolboy at this fair.  They are trying to make this carousel creepy, but it isn’t.  Buffy wannabe tapes and is bitchy.  Double staking is kinda cool.  Is this Doublemeat Palace Wesley is at?  They must have spent a lot on this talking hamburger.  I am bored by Lila and the demon in the bar.  Now Wesley is wising up to the client?  She is waaaaay to obvious.  Angel!  Why do they assume Holtz and not Wolfram and Hart?  Earthquake!  First sign!  Holtz gives such cliched speeches about dedication and loyalty.  Wesley!  Punch in the throat from the Wesley who can now fight again.  Great, back to Angel being evil  because he was once Angelus blah blah blah.  And Holtz thinks Angel will kill Connor because the plot demands it.  Time for Gunn and Freddie angst.  Time for Angel and Wesley almost have a heart to heart.  That is one big earthquake, and a sign for Wesley.  Buffy wannabe and Giles wannabe are gonna get it on.  Blood on the blanket is really over the top.


So lets force this prophecy nonsense on us some more this season.  And make Wesley act completely stupid.  So is the former rogue demon hunter going to kill Connor to save Angel?  Sigh.

Angel logo


Sleep Tight….

What Angel Investigations Did!

Wesley keeps looking at the prophecies and is more moody.   Angel drinks a glass of pigs blood while holding Connor.  Lorne listens to a client sing.  Freddie and Gunn flirt on the phone.  Angel wants to babyproof the hotel.  Lorne’s client sings and becomes demon like for abit.  Turns out this happened after joining a loser band recently.  Angel keeps drinking and acts weird.  AI goes after the demons.  Holtz and Justine argue more about how to deal with AI and Wesley shows up to talk some more.  AI kill the demon band.  Holtz tells Wesley he has one day to save Connor or else.  Angel is back at the hotel, drinking blood, and getting aggressive.  Angel knows something is wrong.  Lorne figures out the blood is spiked.  Freddie says the blood has Connor in it.  Angel confronts Lila and the demon shows up.  Angel does not know who he is, but knows he brought Holtz to today.  Wesley gets ready to take Connor and Lorne figures it out.  Wesley beats up Lorne.  Angel shows up and lets Wesley take Connor for the night.  Wesley takes Connor and leaves.  AI comes back and find Lorne.  Holtz and his thugs show up looking for Connor.  They attack.  Lorne screams and stops the fight.  Holtz takes off.  Lorne says Wesley kidnapped Connor.  Wesley is attacked by Justine and his throat is slit.  She takes Connor.  An angry Angel gets info from the attackers.  Lila gets her commandos after Holtz.  Angel tags along secretly.  Holtz plans to raise Connor with Justine.  Lila, Angel, and Holtz all collide and argue.  And the demon shows up.  More arguing.  Angel has Holtz take the baby.  The demon opens a portal to a hell dimension and makes threats.  Holtz jumps in with Connor.  Angel tries to catch them but can’t.  Lila goes and Angel is upset because Connor is gone.


My Thoughts!!

Sigh, once more with the prophecy.  Wait they own the hotel, not rent it?  Or is it lease to own?  And what about the rich internet doofus from season two with all the money?  Wouldn’t he help?  Okay, so who is the singing guest star?  Lorne is so concentrated here.  This cell phone joke between Gunn and Freddie is funny, and still current.  Wesley being a dick, part twenty.  Okay, that song transformation was expected, but still gross and scary.  Why do I have the feeling Angel’s blood juice is spiked, all to make him this loopy.  Wesley sends Freddie out into the field?  What up with that.  Buffy wannabe trying to channel Faith, and sucking at it.  Holtz was gonna kill Justine here wasn’t he?  These demons are annoying and stupid.  Freddie is sent out because she is a girl and because Gunn is being a jerk.  Angel seems rather violent.  Knew Wesley was gonna take Justine down, and easily.  Called it, the blood is spiked.  Now AI are figuring it out.  Okay, that is gross, Wolfram and Hart spiked Angel’s blood juice with Connor’s blood.  And it explains the prophecy.  So now Wesley can calm down from Defcon 3 and chill abit.  These Angel mirror bits are getting old.  Lila is about to get her neck snapped in ten seconds.  And now that lame demon shows up.  And demon is putting the plot together.  Love how Angel does not know the demon or why he is so mad.  Cliched, but still works here.  Will Lorne tell Wesley about the blood before Wesley does something stupid?  Lorne knows!  Never thought I would see Wesley fight Lorne.  Angel!  Will Angel tell Wesley about the blood?  Because that would make sense and keep the plot from going stupid.  Gunn and Freddie.  These constant jokes about how much Freddie eats, eventhough she is so skinny, are stupid.  Of course now Lorne wakes up.  Holtz.  Guess he is going back on whatever deal he and Wesley made.  Saw that coming.  Angel could take these clowns, with or without weapons.  Lorne to the rescue.  Of course Holtz does no fighting.  Holy Hellmouth, Wesley is planning to do it.  Just leave her Wesley, I don’t trust Justine.  Knew she was gonna do that, Wesley, you soon to be dead idiot.  Betcha Angel is gonna torture these lackeys.  That didn’t take long to get the info.  So Holtz’s real plan was to steal Connor to replace his own child?  Standoff between Angel, Holtz, and Wolfram and Hart.  And the demon.  Connor is gonna have wicked stories told to him when he grows up.  Portals again?  Holtz picks a dark world over earth?  Man has issues to say the least.  And Angel can’t follow.  So is Connor gone forever now?  I think Angel is gonna snap Wesley’s bleeding neck.


I kinda miss Connor already, and even with the plot holes, lots of cool stuff does happen to make a compelling story.  Wonder what Joss would have done with this one.



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