Scoop and Dr. Horrible And Other Horrible Stories! With Singing!!

Dr Horrible

Some time ago the internet exploded with something wonderful and fun and beautiful.

That’s right, Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog took over the world and made us better for it.

Except that I was an idiot and did not watch it till several years later. That’s when I caught up with every other geek.

And still catching up!

Dr Horrible MoistAt a FanExpo or so ago I scored a copy of Dr. Horrible And Other Horrible Stories, a graphic novel collecting a bunch of short stories all taking place in the wonderful world of horrible.

Dr. Horrible, by the way, is about a super villain fighting a super hero and how the love of a girl comes between them. It premiered online and starred Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, and Felicia Day and was directed by the legendary Joss Whedon. And it has lots of singing.

Now the Dr. Horrible comic before me features stories written by Zack Whedon and with art by Eric Canete, Farel Dalrymple, Jim Rugg, Joelle Jones, and Scott Hepburn.

As for the stories themselves, well let take a note from Joss’s songbook and spend a paragraph or so telling you about each story.

In Song!


Captain Hammer: Be Like Me

(to the tune of Bunnies from Buffy Once More With Feeling)

I’m a jerk!

I’m a jerk!

I am a very judgmental jerk!


Moist: Humidity Rising

(to the tune of I’ve Got A Theory from Buffy Once More With Feeling)

I’ve got powers, because my father screwed up.

And because of that my life is yucky.

But one day I meet someone new.

Next thing you know I am a henchmen and all is wonderful and great and my power have a purpose.


Penny: Keep Your Head Up

(to the tune of Walk Through The Fire from, you guessed it, Buffy Once More With Feeling)

I help the world and it ignores me.

On and on and on.

Why do I try?

My life and world should be better.

I want it all to be right.


The Evil League Of Evil

(to the tune of If We’re Together from Buffy Once More With Feeling, which is prob very shocking right now)

What part of the city can we not destroy?

Evil is our calling card and the heroes are away.

No one can stop us

Not even this new guy.

But which side is he on?


Dr. Horrible

(to the tune of Going Through The Motions from Buffy Once More With Feeling, a pattern I trust you figured out by now)

All the time

Dealing with idiots.

Who know less than nothing.

And now I can make a lasting difference.

Except for that hero!

Except for Captain Hammer!


And that is it for my crazed look at Dr. Horrible And Other Stories! Great wonderful tales, some that interconnect, and others that fill in backstory, and all a blast!


Plus, to the tune of The Mustard

They did an amazing Introduction!



…is currently reading The Beggar Maid by Alice Munro

Dr Horrible Smiling



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