Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 6.17 Normal Again

Buffy season 6

Buffy faces another escape from her crap life.  Or is it Buffy is dreaming of a crap life?  All in Normal Again.  A post in my mind bending and SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy checks out places the Trio might be hiding.  They see her on the hidden cameras.  They hide and get a demon to attack Buffy, who stabs her.  Buffy is in a mental ward and is being needled.  Buffy wakes at the place of the Trio and no demon is here.  Willow is going to see Tara, but sees Tara with another woman so Willow leaves.  Buffy at work is tired and keeps zapping to the mental ward.  Xander finally shows up and asks about Anya.  But Anya has left.  The Scoobies see Spike and an argument breaks out.  Buffy faints.  Buffy in the mental ward is informed that she is hallucinating for the last six years about being a Vampire Slaying.  Her parents arrive and Buffy goes back mentally to Sunnydale.  The Scoobies get Buffy home and tells them of the mental hospital.  They research and Buffy is back at the mental ward how bad her mind health is, but for when she woke up abit thinking she was in heaven.  The doctor points out all the weirdness and wackiness of her life in Sunnydale.  In Sunnydale, the Trio argue about boxes and what is going on.  Buffy finds out the demon infected her and that when she first became a Slayer she told her parents.  They sent her to a mental ward.  Is Buffy still there?  Sunnydale fake?  Willow tells her Sunnydale is not fake.  Xander and Spike find the demon and catch it.  Buffy and Dawn talk and Buffy flips back into the mental ward when Dawn does not exist.  Dawn knows this from Buffy babbling and is hurt.  The demon is tied up in the basement and Willow goes to make the antidote.  Willow gives Buffy the cure and Spike tells her to retire.  So Buffy decides to not take the cure.  Buffy in the mental ward says she wants to get better.  Willow and Xander are knocked out by Buffy and tied up.  Buffy chases Dawn about and catches her.  Buffy in the mental ward is told to keep going so Buffy in Sunnydale lets the demon loose to kill the Scoobies.  Tara arrives and saves the Scoobies.  They fight the demon, but it is too powerful.  Buffy in the mental ward is pushed by Joyce to reject Sunnydale.  And Joyce tells Buffy to believe in herself and that her friends love her, meaning the mental ward world.  But Buffy takes this as the Sunnydale world.  Buffy breaks free mentally from the metal ward.  Buffy tells her mom thanks and says goodbye.  Buffy is in Sunnydale and saves the Scoobies.  And Buffy takes the cure finally.  Buffy in the mental ward is totally gone in her mind.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Ahh, a nice quiet night in Sunnydale and Buffy is out looking for the Trio.  Hope these three get munched on by the Master.  More magical music!  Demon!  Buffy got stabbed!  Wait, she’s in a mental ward?  Being injected?  Now Buffy is back on the street?  Willow is so cute, practicing what she is gonna say to Tara.  Then runs away when Willow sees another girl with Tara.  Buffy flips from fast food to mental ward.  Xander is MIA?  Xander’s back!  And now he’s looking for Anya?  Now Xander realizes he messed up???  Spike!  And he didn’t know about the wedding.  Willow and Xander show up and Spike gives Xander attitude.  I am kinda hoping Spike slaps Xander around abit.  Xander Spike fight!  Back to mental ward!  Six years!  None of Sunnydale is real?  Joyce and absentee father.  Back to graveyard and a woozy Buffy.  Now she tells them?  That’s right, tell Dawn about Joyce.  Just stick the knife in and twist.  Mental ward.  They think Buffy is delusional and schizophrenic.  Commentary on Dawn as a rewrite.  Commentary on this season’s supposed big bad, the Trio.  And speaking of the Trio, dissension in the ranks.  A picture of Buffy and family before Dawn.  A picture that could also be from the drugged up reality.  Buffy admits how detached she’s been.  Finally.  Buffy told her parents about the Slaying when she first started?  And of course, that means a trip to the mental ward for a few weeks.  So now Buffy thinks she never left.  Joyce must have been in serious denial in season one and two, forgetting sending Buffy to the psyhe hospital.  Now it’s Spike and Xander on patrol, and he tells him about the Buffy sex.  Demon!  Feverish dreams makes Buffy realize how far Dawn has gone.  Mental ward.  Trying to convince her Dawn does not exist.  Love how Willow is all science girl again.  That was fast antidote making.  Spike is right.  Betcha Buffy won’t drink the cure.  Yep!  Yet another escape this season, the forty second one so far.  Mental ward.  She wants to stay in this false place.  Back to Willow, her caring friend.  Xander!  And he notices so much lately, but not that Buffy is still so quiet.  Frying pan!  And Buffy adds to her collection of friends in the basement.  Willow all gagged.  Dawn!  Going to Janice’s again?  Buffy’s head is about to explode.  Mental ward.  Offering gentle encouragement.  Back in the basement, Buffy lets the demon loose.  Tara!  Mental ward.  I hate Joyce.  Tara to the rescue!  Mental ward.  Joyce, die.  Basement.  Fight!  Mental ward.  What Joyce says will have the opposite affect I think.  Yep!  Basement.  Buffy’s back!  Willow’s face.  She knows Buffy didn’t drink the antidote.  Mental ward.  Buffy’s gone catatonic.  Is this because the venom has now died in her system, so it has lost her?  Or is it because Buffy really is in a mental ward all this time?


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Buffy jokes with Willow about her humour “Ouch.  Just got a scratch from all that brittle.”  Xander asks Buffy a question with “And when you say poke?”  Dawn asks Buffy about her other reality, eventhrough she knows the answer, with “I’m not even there, am I.  It’s your ideal reality, and I am not even a part of it.”  Spike analyzes Buffy again with “You can’t help yourself.  You’re not drawn to the dark like I thought.  You’re addicted to the misery.”  Buffy says another final farewell to her mom with “You’re right.  Thank you.  Goodbye.”


Holy Hellmouth Joss, this is not massive and amazing and incredible and massive, but also very very meta.  Plus, you have Buffy taking one more shot at leaving her responsibilities.  Again.  She needs help.



…is currently reading Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller


I dreamed I was a butterfly,

flitting about the sky;

then I awoke.

Now I wonder;

Am I a man who

dreamt of being a butterfly,

or am I butterfly

dreaming that I am a man?




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