Some Random Thoughts On Angel 3.17 Forgiving and Angel 3.18 Double Or Nothing

Angel Season 3

Angel and AI have to clean up the debris from Connor’s kidnapping in Forgiving, and has to help save Gunn in Double Or Nothing.  Continuing on with another part of My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!



What Angel Investigations Did!

AI tries to understand why Wesley took Connor, and how to save the baby.   Angel is pissed.  They can’t open a portal so Angel kidnaps the VP of Wolfram and Hart to get help.  Angel, the VP and Lila open a portal with dark magic.  The demon arrives in the streets and trashes some cars.  He is very powerful.  The demon is shown as once physical long long ago, then cursed and became ghost like and can travel through time.  The demon finds out that a prophecy says the son of a Vampire with a soul will kill him.  So he got Holtz and told the guy to kill Angel, Darla, and Connor.  But Holtz changed the plan so the demon time traveled and copy edited the prophecy to get Wesley to do his dirty work.  AI finds Justine and the demon attacks.  Justine takes off and Angel fights the demon.  Justine comes back and traps the demon in the magic urn.  Wesley is found and brought to the hospital.  Angel goes to see Wesley and says he understands, but he would never kills Connor.  Suddenly Angel attacks Wesley and tries to kill him, screaming.  Orderlies drag Angel away.  He vows to kill Wesley someday.


My Thoughts!!

Meanwhile in the wreckage of the hotel.  Angel looks sad, like season one Angel, but with a better reason.  AI in disarray.  Meanwhile, nearby Freddie and Gunn, Wesley is down.  I know Wesley stays on the series, but this looks really really permanent.  Slayer wannabe tells her Scoobies wannabes to get a life.  And go kill Angel.  These guys are annoying losers, but this turn at least makes sense and puts them to use.  Portal PTSD flashback for Freddie makes sense.  Angel on the warpath against all, including Wesley, all to get Connor back.  Love how Gunn does not want to say Wesley’s name in front of Angel.  Wolfram and Hart.  Lets reiterate the plot again shall we.  Another callback to season one, with the unfunny joke about Cordelia’s Klinger like filing system.  Angel is starting to loose it, understandably.  Wesley really looks dead here.  He’s alive?  Wesley goes from almost really bad to almost really worse by being hidden that way.  Lorne says dark magic is needed so time to call Willow and Rack over on Buffy.  Okay, Wolfram and Hart jerk being held prisoner is a surprise.  They have shown before that Angel and Buffy have used torture in the past with no moral issues on their part.  Lawyer jerk looks scared.  I hate sharp pointy objects near eyes.  That lawyer folded really really really easily.  AI meets Buffy wannabe.  Hope Freddie backhands Justine into the Hellmouth.  Knew the Scoobies wannabes would gang up on them.  Now Justine feels remorse over Wesley?  I thought she was a cold death mission only type.  Wolfram and Hart and Lila babbles like an idiot.  Cute combination buttons on the elevator.  The white room looks so bad with the green screen.  And little shining girl is annoying.  Was that loser demon an Orc in Lord Of The Rings?  Knew Angel would have no problem killing Lila.  But shining girl stops him, darn.  So is this white room shining girl like the anti The Powers That Be?  Wesley would have these diaries in a computer.  And AI finds the prophecy that allegedly has been driving the plot.  Lila loves to play mindgames with her bosses, re the human blood.  And loser demon… ends up in the wrong place.  Okay, that was funny and interesting.  Makes sense that Wolfram and Hart would register demons appearances, but now they have to remember that forevermore.  AI tells Angel the prophecy and this should be interesting.  Wait, Lorne never called AI when Angel did all this stuff?  Also, Angel would be mad at Wolfram and Hart for feeding him Connor’s blood.  Now the wannabes are attacking?  Not a good night to try this with Angel.  Justine gonna get her ass whupped in ten seconds.  Man, these wannabes suck, but I kinda like them for their wannabeness and suckiness.  Angel does suck a cool job just casually interviewing the witness who probably thinks he’s a cop.  Is Angel finally realizing how far he is going?  Justine finally snapping.  Makes sense.  Knew Freddie was gonna slap Justine.  Gunn should take this Slayer wannabe apart in ten seconds.  And he does.  Oh crap, loser demon is now a real threat.  Angel!  Justine scampers off like we all knew she would.  So wait, this idiot demon wrote and rewrote the prophecies to cause all this?  The Father Will Devour The Son was his edit?  This is like Back To The Future 3 and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.  The demon wanted Connor because of the original prophecy.  This all makes sense, which is unusual for Angel.  Fight!  That pan would be hot Freddie.  Wait, Justine came back?  Maybe she does have a spine now.  And back into the magic urn the demon goes.  Angel seems agreeable to finding Wesley.  Wait, they can’t find Wesley?  Always love Lorne’s dry humour, even the blood humour.  Okay, not quite true Lorne, a bit better communication and not so much plot contrivances would have saved Connor.  Yay, they found Wesley.  Angel is still trying tom live down what he did as Angelus.   Saw the pillow smothering coming.  Angel would kick those orderlies asses.  Well, this little rift, and by little I mean friggin massive, between Angel and Wesley is gonna take a long time to fix.  Is this the end of AI?


Well, that escalated quickly.  Looks like AI and Angel are irrevocably damaged beyond repair.  Kinda wonder how they are going to come together to survive the more seasons they have to go.

Angel logo


Double Or Nothing….

What Angel Investigations Did!

AI is trying to organize and live with no Wesley.  Lorne talks about Angel and whether he will really kill Wesley.  Cordelia comes back with Gruesome and she knows something is wrong.  Angel stares at Connors crib.  A demon at a casino tells another demon to collect a soul.  And that soul is at AI.  Lorne puts Wesley’s stuff away.  Clients, an elderly couple demons, hire AI to get rid of a demon squatter.  And they are like the bickersons.  Gunn says he will take care of it.  Freddie and Gunn think the couple are cute.  Freddie takes Wesley’s stuff to the hospital.  And she tells him off.  The prophecy was altered and he is to never ever return.  Gunn takes on the demon and wins.  But the casino demon shows up and Gunn remembers promising his soul several years ago in exchange for something.  His falling in love with Freddie put the deal in a new way so they are collecting now.  Gunn has one day to surrender at the casino.  Or else.  Gunn goes back to the hotel and Cordelia talks to him and gets it all wrong.  Gunn treats Freddie to a very special romantic day.  Wesley is about to be released from the hospital with nowhere to go.  Freddie figures out that something is wrong with Gunn and he gets angry and breaks up with her.  Freddie comes back to the hotel and Freddie says something has happened to Gunn.  Gunn goes to the casino to surrender.  Freddie explains Gunn and Angel says they will help.  Gruesome, who had met the demon earlier when he came by the hotel, mentions this.  AI show up and stop Gunn from being killed.  But they are outnumbered.  Angel makes a deal with the demon and offers his soul in a double or nothing with Gunn.  In a card game.  Angel gives Cordelia a stake and tells her to make it quick if he loses.  They do the game.  Angel loses.  Cordelia stakes the demons hand and Angel chops his head off.  But the demons head can grow back.  Angel rallies the crowd against the demon by mentioning all they owe the demon.  The customers attack.  Gunn says sorry to Freddie and tells her he traded his soul for his truck.  Angel takes Connor’s crib apart.


My Thoughts!!

Gunn and Freddie sorting all of AI files.  And trying to talk about Wesley.  Sorta.  Cordelia’s back!  And giving Angel sympathy.  Wonder where she will stand with Wesley.  Demon casino run by mob boss.  And he wants Angel’s soul.  Angel sure has plenty of enemies hasn’t he?  Oh yeah, Gruesome is back, forgot about him.  AI is certainly acting like Wesley is never ever ever coming back.  This old couple demon is annoying.  Freddie would find them cute.  Lorne, you have a dirty mind.  Why would Freddie bring Wesley’s tea set and stuff to the hospital.  Knew Freddie would give Wesley crap for his stupidity.  Could you explain this better to Wesley because he might be a tad confused by your babbling.  Gunn versus squatter demon.  Okay, casino demon.  Gangsters Paradise song?  Now it’s flashback to seven years back.  A non demon casino.  And Gunn.  I thought Gunn hated all demons.  How stupid was Gunn back then, trading his soul for a girl.  Back to today.  Is this how they back out of the Gunn/Freddie relationship?  Based on how he looks back then, Gunn would be late twenties now and I thought he was younger.  Twenty four hours to solve his soul problem.  At least Cordelia figures out something is wrong right away.  Remember, Gunn is her “project”.  Knew Cordelia would get it wrong because we never had any indication before now that Gunn had done this.  Wouldn’t Lorne had noticed when Gunn had sung.  I thought Cordelia had shorter hair when she got back and I was right.  Guessing what Gunn is wearing is cute.  Freddie asking Gunn to come up to her room is cute.  And yes, I assume Freddie And Gunn are sleeping together.  But I also thought the same of Cordelia and Xander in Buffy and I was wrong.  Wesley is getting better, but sadly he has no friends anymore.  Angel is really really really depressed here.  Love Freddie’s crown at lunch.  Kinda like how Gunn is trying to do it all in one day.  Freddie figures it out – mostly.  He is going to break up with her just to save her.  Freddie would know something is not right here.  Freddie does the right thing and goes to Angel and Cordelia because she finally saw through Gunn’s bs.  This demon is a sadist.  Cordelia would know now something is wrong with Gunn and she would stop asking such stupid questions.  Okay, AI plans are good, but Gruesome pulling out the business card is funny.  And quite nicely moves the plot along.  Angel!  Always liked Angels version of a deal.  Love how this demon knows who Angel is.  A card game to decide on the souls reminds me of that Woody Allan short story where a guy plays cards with death.  Knew Angel would get Cordelia to stake him if he goes Angelus again.  Wonder if demon will cheat?  Gotta beat a nine Angel.  Nope.  Love Cordelia’s new plan and how Angel just goes with it.  He regrows his head?  Yuck.  Gunn and Freddie make up, aww!  Are you asking about ex’s Freddie?  A truck?  My spider sense thought that might be the case, but this is stupid.  He was 17, so now 24.  Gunn said LOVE!!!!!!!  Maybe taking the crib apart will help Angel heal.


I kinda like Gunn, but this was not a good Gunn episode.  Just like that one where his old gang take over Lorne’s.  He sold his soul for his truck?  Really?



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