Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 6.18 Entropy

Buffy season 6

Buffy and the Scoobies have all sorts of dirty laundry go public in Entropy.  Another revealing post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

The Trio chase Vampires while riding ATV’s.  They escape and bump into Buffy and fight.  The Trio gets a disc one of the Vampires  dropped, which is what they were after.  Buffy does not see them.  Spike arrives and argues with Buffy.  Anya stalks Xander.  Willow and Tara meet up.  Buffy and Dawn go shopping, but only in stores Dawn is not banned from.  Warren plots with Andrew against Jonathan.  Xander and Anya talk about the wedding, how he tried to save her from a miserable life, and how he still loves her.  Anya shows her demon face, but not to Xander.  Anya wishes Xander pain, but she cannot make vengeance wishes for herself.  Halfrek reminds her of this.  Buffy and Dawn try to bond again, and Buffy says no to Dawn joining her patrol.  Any goes amoungst the Scoobies and tries to get someone to make a wish against Xander.  But it does not work.  Xander shows at Buffy’s when Anya is present and she leaves.  As Xander tries to follow, he accidentally finds a hidden camera.  They think Spike placed it.  Buffy argues with Spike and he denies the camera is his.  He would never hurt Buffy because he loves her.  Buffy says he might love her, but she does not love him.  Anya is at the Magic Store when Spike comes in and she realizes he does not like Xander.  Anya and Spike start to get drunk.  Willow tracks the camera signal because they now know the Trio are responsible.  The Trio are busy with the magic disc and a map and do not notice the hacker alarm.  Anya and Spike keep getting drunk.  Willow realizes the Trio have everything bugged.  Anya and Spike start making out and getting naked.  Andrew sees the alarm.  Willow finds the Magic Store feed and The Scoobies see Spike and Anya having sex.  The Trio watch as well.  Xander is mad.  Buffy is shocked.  Buffy tells Dawn about the Spike sex.  Willow tells them Xander has left with an axe.  Spike and Anya finish and seem embarrassed.  Spike leaves and Xander attacks.  Anya stops him with Buffy’s help.  Xander and Anya argue.  It comes out that Buffy and Spike are having sex.  Xander is angry and shocked and leaves.  Buffy leaves mad as well.  Spike almost makes the wish but Anya says no.  Willow and Tara get back together and they kiss.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Run Vampires Run!  The Trio are chasing them on motorcycles?  Hope they fall off and Gunn hits them with a truck.  After some amulet.  Buffy and Spike!  Fight!  And still they bicker about sex.  Xander, the child of alcoholics, drowning his sorrows in beer.  Anya stalking him.  Love how Willow and Tara are flirting again.  Till Willow overcompensates with to much laughter.  So now Buffy is joking with Dawn about all her shoplifting.  The Trio are still annoying.  Now Warren plans to get rid of Jonathan?  And Andrew goes along because he is stupid.  Xander and Anya meet!  He’s really screwing this up again.  Oh crap!  Anya does have her vengeance demon mojo back!  But her wishes aren’t working.  Anya and Hallie, having demon lunch.  Anya’s curses don’t work if she invokes them.  Buffy and Dawn, and now Dawn wants to go patrolling.  Hehe, Willow describes the fast food like a male body part.  So Tara leaves the Scoobies and she is completely out of the loop?  Tara almost said love, but Willow completes with friends.  Anya!  Finally seeing Willow and Tara.  Now Anya is onto Dawn for help with Xander revenge.  She’s trying to get one of them to say WISH and something bad.  Buffy slipped up and has admitted to being with four guys.  Xander shows up and we finally find the hidden camera.  Xander thinks it’s Spike.  Okay, this Buffy Spike thing is dragging on now.  So Anya needs someone who doesn’t like Xander and Spike strolls in.  Giles left a bottle of booze?  So now they realize its the Trio.  Meanwhile back at the idiots.  Is Spike gonna wish his chip away?  Wait, Spike and Anya are gonna sleep together!  Willow is doing her greatness on the internet.  Drusilla mention!  Willow sees how far the Trio have gone with video surveillance.  Betcha Willow is going to tap into the Magic Box feed just when Spike and Anya do it.  Are they implying Andrew is gay?  Now Xander sees the sex.  Dawn sees the sex.  Buffy sees the sex.  This feels like a bad soap opera moment.  And Xander grabs the axe because he learned no lessons from that Bewitched debacle.  Buffy told Dawn about Spike, and now Willow shows up.  Must have been a short tell all.  Even with a migraine, Spike would win.  So Spike is simply a sex toy for everyone?   Shut up Xander.  And Buffy’s look gives away her own Spike sex.  And Anya stops Spike from making a wish.  Tara is coming back to Willow.  Willow and Tara forever.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Xander tries to explain himself to Anya with “I do.  I’m an idiot.  I could have spared you from that nightmare.”  Anya tells Xander off with “Those are metaphor intestines!  You’re not in any real pain!”  Anya tells Xander exactly what she thinks of him with “No, your solution is for you to spend your whole life making stupid pointless jokes, so that no one will notice that you are just a scared insecure little boy.”


So many things happen, so many nasty stuffs blows up so many ways with so many Scoobies, you will be picking debris up for awhile.  But at least Willow and Tara are back together.  Something small to cheer for!



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