Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 6.19 Seeing Red

Buffy season 6

Buffy fights the Trio again and faces massive personal trauma in Seeing Red.  Heading towards the season six finale with another post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Willow and Tara are back together.  Tara tells Willow about Buffy and Spike.  Dawn is happy Willow and Tara are back together.  Buffy breaks into the Trio’s lair and avoids deathtraps.  The Scoobies look at clues Buffy found.  Dawn tells Spike off for hurting Buffy because of the Anya sex.  The Trio go to a cave and kill a demon and steal a magical orb.  Warren and Andrew plot to kill Jonathan.  Warren uses the orb and he is super strong and invulnerable.  Xander gets mad at Buffy over Spike and prowls the streets and goes to get drunk.  The Trio shows up and Warren beats up a guy.  Xander tries to save them but cannot.  Willow and Tara get to know each other again.  Buffy runs a bath to smooth her bruises.  Spike arrives and wants Buffy to admit she loves him.  Buffy says no.  Spike tries to rape Buffy, wanting her to love him.  Buffy has trouble fighting Spike because of her injuries, but she succeeds.  Spike realizes what he was doing and is disgusted with himself.  Xander arrives and sees Buffy and figures it out.  Xander goes to get Spike but Willow says they have figured out the Trio’s plan.  To steal a lot of money.  Xander tells Buffy Warren is strong and she goes after them.  Spike regrets his attempted rape and thinks about his life and Buffy.  Spike thinks of something and leaves.  Warren steals from a truck full of money.  Buffy arrives and fights Warren, but he is too strong.  Jonathan secretly tells Buffy to break the orb to defeat Warren.  Buffy does this and Warren takes off.  Andrew tries to escape but fails.  Jonathan realizes as the police arrest them that Warren was gonna betray him.  Andrew sounds like he is in love with Warren.  Spike leaves town.  Willow and Tara get dressed in the bedroom.  Buffy and Xander are in the backyard talking.  Warren burst into the backyard carrying a gun.  Warren wants revenge on Buffy.  Warren shoots Buffy, then wildly shoots into the air.  Buffy tries to protect Xander and is hurt badly.  Xander tries to save Buffy.  A bullet enters the bedroom and hits Tara, splattering blood on Willow.  Tara falls down and dies.  Willow grabs Tara and her eyes go red with dark magic as she reacts with pain at her loss.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Willow and Tara together again!  They are so cute together.  Willow is figuring it out, about Buffy and Spike.  And Tara confirms it.  Time for a Willow freak out.  Willow finds out that Dawn knew as well.  Things you miss when you are drying out from Dark Magic.  Dawn is soooo happy Willow and Tara are back together.   That is one happy dance from Dawn.  Buffy tracks down the Trio.  Too Late!  These deathtraps are lame and stupid.  And Warren needs his necksnapped.  Wait, Tara is in the credits now!!!!  YAY!!!!  Took you long enough Joss!  Spike not part of the team sounds so final from Buffy.  And no Xander or Anya involved.  Meat zeppelin?  Hey, Anya, you cut off her wish.  The Trio!  In some caves catching a demon.  And I hope they die in a cave in.  Dawn sure likes defying Buffy by going to see Spike.  It’s all Spike’s fault he slept with Anya, she had nothing to do with it of course.  Now Spike knows about the Trio watching.  Dawn’s kinda pissed at Spike.  Jonathan wearing demon skin.  All to get a magic box with some orbs.  Warren is a jerk and now he has strength and invulnerability.  Buffy sees Xander.  Xander says boyfriend to Buffy with such venom.  That’s a lot of beer lying around.  Xander is piiiiiised about Buffy and Spike.  Willow and Tara!  Willow hacking away.  Xander, you are a downer.  The Trio!  In the same bar!  That was different, a disintegrating Vampire kick.  Spike!  Very creepy in the bathroom with Buffy.  A spell to stop his love?  A repeat of earlier magic.  People don’t learn very well here, do they?  Spike is being rather aggressive here.  Oh my God, Spike is going to rape Buffy.  He’s ripping her clothing!  HOLY CRAP!!!  Now Spike looks shocked at what he was doing.  HOLY CRAP!!  Warren is picking a fight with a jerk.  And Xander shows up.  That was a really hard hit.  Warren has to die.  Xander never heard of a cellphone?  Xander sees Spike’s jacket.  Xander sees Buffy on the bathroom floor.  Buffy covers up the bruise on her leg from Willow.  Spike!  Remembering every vile thing he did to Buffy tonight.  Spike is going nuts.  Armored truck robbery.  Kick his ass Buffy!  DIE WARREN!!!  Andrew is an ass!  Jonathan, finally remembering everything Buffy did for him, tells her what to do.  YES!!  RIP OUT HIS SPINE BUFFY!!!  Jet pack?  Really?  Oh good, I hope Andrew is dead.  Darn, still alive.  Spike leaves town?  Good riddance!  Willow and Tara!  Now Xander and Buffy are making up.  Sorta like you were an ass Xander when Buffy was with Angel?  Warren!  A gun!  TARA!!!!!!!  BUFFY!!!!  HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!  TARA LOOKS DEAD!!!!  BUFFY LOOKS STILL ALIVE!!!!!  HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!  AND WILLOW HAS ANGRY MAGIC EYES!!!!!!!!!!  HOLY CRAP!!!!!!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Tara talks to Willow and Dawn with “Yeah, that’s my cue to go put some clothes on.”  Anya tells her trouble to a jilted woman with “Sometimes intimate sweaty relations with the wrong person seemed like a good idea at the time.”  Spike spills his guts to a demon friend with “It won’t let me be a monster.  And I can’t be a man.”


Holy Hellmouth Joss!  You truly are a fiend, from the attempted rape to Warren being an absolute scumbag to the one thing I still cannot quite process.

Tara had better not be dead Joss.

Tara had better be resurrected.

Because otherwise I shall weep uncontrollably.



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