Some Random Thoughts On Angel 3.19 The Price and Angel 3.20 A New World

Angel Season 3

Angel has a long lost reunion in The Price, and deals with an unexpected return in A New World.  Continuing on with another part of My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!


The Price…

What Angel Investigations Did!

Angel cleans up the hotel and grieves the loss of Connor.  A client is infected by something in the hotel and goes to a juice bar for substance.  AI finds out about the guy and they get him back to the hotel.  And he disintegrates.  And they see the creature.  AI shuts down the hotel and search the place for the slug.  Soon they find out the place filled with the creatures.  Angel thinks the creatures came from the dark portal magic he used.  Lila hears about the dark magic trouble and realizes she has to help Angle out because she was involved.  But the VP wants AI dead because he was tortured.  AI traces the creatures to a ballroom.  Freddie is attacked and possessed.  Angel and Gunn disagree over how to save Freddie.  Gruesome finds out the slugs are under the ballroom in a hidden pool.  They are chased into the kitchen.  But Gunn leaves to get Wesley’s help.  Wesley is reluctant, but hears Freddie is infected and changes his mind.  He also tells AI to never speak to him again.  Angel does not give Freddie water and the slug tells of how they are chased by the Destroyer and how he wants Angel.  Gunn arrives and feeds Freddie booze, which makes the slug leave.  As the slugs entrap them, Cordelia glows and gets rid of all the slugs.  Also, a demon shows up and a young man also shows up.  He kills the demon.  Then aims a gun at Angel and calls him dad.


My Thoughts!!

Looks like AI is finally fixing the hotel from the earthquake.  So is Angel finally over his jealousy of Gruesome generally?  Sad little snow globe.  Every time I see a snow globe I think of the St Elsewhere finale.  Cordelia mentions the Buffy Christmas episode where Angel tried to commit suicide.  I always hate the yoyo nature of AI’s business.  And client walks in.  They haven’t cleaned up the pentagram yet?  See through face hugger.  Cordelia gets in Angels face and wants details in everything that happened when she left.  Communication never seems to be AI’s strong suit does it?  Don’t blame Cordelia for being pissed.  Wolfram and Hart.  And more lawyers recapping the plot.  Cordelia is kinda taking Angels side with the Wesley situation.  While Freddie just wants everyone to get along.  So in a classic soap moment, Gruesome overhears.  Vision!  Lorne!  That guy looks bad.  And needs water.  Okay, head turning to dust is gross.  So the pentagram killed him?  Angel feels guilty, part ten.  Time to hunt in the haunted hotel.  Lorne should use a sword more often.  Freddie is basically saying they need Wesley.  Oh crap, more face huggers coming through because Angel forget to turn the Key.  Lila has a spider just because.  A magic bug to open an email, Wolfram and Hart is weird.  So now Lila has to help Angel of course.  At least Gruesome talks to Cordelia about what he overheard.  Time for darkness to make it even more scaryish.  Crap!  Freddie has been face hugged!  Will this cause AI to bring Wesley back.  If stuff keeps coming through that wannabe portal, maybe Connor could pop through or something from Pylea or whathaveyou.  The water sucking gave Gunn the obvious clue he was missing.  Always wondered if the hotel had a ballroom, which it would, and if Lorne would set up shop there.  So Angel is now faced with same kind of choice Wesley had to make.  Holy Hellmouth, that’s a lot of face huggers.  And yes, the hotel has a pool.  So heat takes them out.  Wolfram and Hart and their games.  Lost guy is prob lying.  Gunn vanishes, thought he was lost in hotel, but instead does the logical thing and gets Wesley.  Nice beard Wesley.  Betcha Wesley will get rid of them in ten seconds.  The Destroyer wants Angel because everybody hates Angel.  Gunn tries so hard to get Wesley’s help, kinda feel for both of them.  Wesley is rightfully pissed at AI for not even trying to listen.  Angel is not the best at making plans.  Freddie is gonna throw up the face hugger isn’t she?  Great, now Cordelia is glowing.  And exploding into light.  I wonder if Angel is gonna figure out what Gunn did.  He does.  And Angel seems so calm with this.  The Destroyer!  Yep, CGI monster not Destroyer.  Human is who says Hi Dad.  Connor is all grown up!  And aiming weapon at dad!


Paging Aliens.  And look, we hate Wesley, but crumple our beliefs because we are in danger.  Again.  Ask me how surprised I am that Connor is all grown up.

Angel logo


A New World….

What Angel Investigations Did!

Connors shoots stakes and Angel gets out of their way.  A fight happens between Connor and AI and Angel tries to talk.  Finally Angel wins.  Connor escapes and Angel cannot follow because it is daylight.  AI go after Connor and he gets away on top of a bus.  They track the bus and Angel takes the tunnels.  But the portal is still open and realize they have to close it.  Freddie says Wesley might be of help, but Gunn says no.  Lorne goes to get portal help.  Lila sees Wesley and gives him a book, Dante’s Divine Comedy.  Also, Lila offers Wesley a job that he turns down.  Lila mentions Judas and hell.  Connor looks around the city.  He finds a woman who is being threatened by a drug dealer.  Connor fights off the dealer and his thugs.  And wins.  Gruesome watches the portal and Cordelia kisses him.  A shot of energy knocks them out.  AI finds out about the dead drug dealers and think it is Connor.  The girl takes Connor to a motel and they eat.  And she tells him of the drugs she takes.  AI find Cordelia and Gruesome knocked out.  The girl hits on Connor, then leaves for a minute.  Connor finds the girl dead from drugs.  Angel arrives.  He tries to talk, but Connor is moody.  Connor says his name is Steven.  Lorne brings a portal expert to the hotel.  The drug dealer arrives at the motel and plans to kill Connor.  Angel tries to talk.  The expert closes the portal.  The police show up at the motel and a fight breaks out.  The drug dealers die.  Angel and Connor escape.  Angel talks to Connor about how he can live with him.  Connor takes off and sees a years older Holtz.


My Thoughts!!

AI bursts into action.  Connor shoots stakes at daddy.  Gruesome throws the axe.  Father and son dodge semi easily.  Father and son fight.  And Crouching Connor Hidden Vampire breaks out.  Just like the prophecy says, he almost kills his son.  Look out for the sunlight Angel.  Connor has moves, jumping on the bus like that.  Could somebody please close that portal?  Worth a shot with Cordelia using her demon powers.  Like how Gunn makes it clear no one can go to Wesley again.  Cordelia is of course in charge.  Lila visits Wesley?  To offer him a job?  What is her angle?  Feel sorry for Wesley here, but at least he isn’t selling out to these evils.  Dante’s Inferno.  Just to bring up Judas.  Connor and bad CGI meets LA.  Waiting for some idiot to try and mug Connor.  Thankfully Holtz did not come back as well.  Of course this guy is a rapist.  Three thugs about to die.  Cheap shot.  Of course Connor kicks the crap out of them.  It should not have been this difficult for Connor.  Now he has a friend and an extra ear.  Somehow I doubt Gruesome could stand still that long.  So Cordelia wants to get naked with Gruesome now?  Cops told Gunn all this valuable info?  Nice rundown motel for Connor and the girl.  Of course Connor finds a bra.  She so wants him.  Naked Connor.  Of course he finds a drug spoon.  That sucks finding your friends unconscious.  Parents should take tests line.  Connor about to get all sexed up, and he has only been back a day.  Nope, darn.  Connor sure knows how to wake up.  And of course she overdoses, probably dead.  Angel!  How did he find Connor?  Wouldn’t he attack Angel right away?  So the girl is dead unfortunately.  Now Connor is just acting like a surly moody teenager.  Now Connor can’t fight Angel and kick his ass?  Steven?  Is this a play on that book I Know My First Name Is Steven.  Great, the demon has a mate trying to get through.  Freddie is right and the rest are idiots.  Get Wesley!  Lorne with dimension lady.  Irish joke from Angel.  Angel is really really trying here with Connor.  Holtz brainwashing 101.  Vampire face is an issue here.  Great, now these thugs show up.  Time for Angel to snap some necks.  Oh Angel, just kill them.  Dimension lady describes cosmic no no’s so calmly.  And portal closed.  Finally taking the thugs out.  These thugs are sooooo stupid.  Getting a gunfight with the cops.  Of course Angel takes a bullet for Connor.  Just knock Connor out and take him back to the hotel.  Holtz?  Dang, that idiot, now all old and wrinkly, came back as well.


Connor as a moody, parent hating teen.  I think we all saw that coming.  Not a fan of aging characters up.  And the druggie girl died?  That’s a shame.  Would have been interesting to expand AI some more.



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