Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 6.20 Villains

Buffy season 6

Buffy tries to survive death AND help Willow track down Warren in Villains.  And only one of these missions goes right.  Definitely not bored now as the season six finale looms in another post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy is taken by ambulance to the hospital, and she is very seriously wounded.  Willow holds Tara’s dead body and summons the being Osiris to bring her back.  He says no because the death was natural.  Willow finds out from Xander that Warren was responsible, but says nothing of Tara.  Warren parties at a demon bar and tells all that he killed the Slayer.  But the bartender tells him that Buffy lives and will be pissed.  Warren goes to Rack and asks for help.  He says Buffy is a problem, but Willow will be the real problem.  Willow enters the Magic Shop and over Anya’s protests, siphons up tons of dark magic, making her very very powerful.  Willow goes to the hospital and saves Buffy, all to get the Scoobies help with Warren.  Dawn comes home and sees Tara’s dead body.  The Scoobies track Warren, who is on a bus out of town, and they argue over what to do with Warren.  They get the bus and Willow goes to kill him, but turns out Warren is a robotic decoy.  Willow informs Buffy and Xander of Tara’s death.  And she takes off.  Buffy and Xander head back to the house and realize Dawn is with Tara’s body.  The police take the body away.  The Scoobies want Warren dead, but Buffy says he is human, therefore jail.  But they all agree to stop Willow.  Buffy goes to Spike, but finds out from Clem that he has left town.  Spike is in Africa and sees a demon and wants something special from it.  The demon says yes, but only if Spike survives a trial.  The Scoobies find out Anya is a vengeance demon again and can feel Willow’s quest.  Willow finds Warren and chases him in a forest.  He attacks her and she easily survives.  She catches him.  Willow slowly tortures Warren who pleads for his life, calls her names, and reveals he has murdered a woman before.  The Scoobies find them.  Willow magically rips his skin off, then sets Warren on fire, and he is still alive.  Quickly he is dead.  The Scoobies are horrified.  Willow leaves, now after the rest of the Trio.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Holy Crap here comes the ambulance.  And Buffy looks real bad.  And Willow has the dead Tara in her arms.  This is something that is so truly horrifying.  I hate seeing all that blood on Willow’s shirt.  Great, she is going back to the dark magic.  This is not going to end well.  Buffy looks almost dead.  Osiris just told Willow that Tara is dead dead dead.  And Willow just blasted Osiris away.  Holy Crap she is one pissed off witch, and understandably why.  AND WHY IS TARA DEAD?!?!?!?!  Not happy with this.  And Tara is not in the opening credits, so last episode was a twisted sick game to drive me nuts.  The way Willow said Warren was scary.  The Trio in jail, they are gonna die soon.  Oz and Mayberry mentioned in relation to Sunnydale could spark all sorts of debate.  Jonathan is soooo whiny.  As usual.  Andrew, you are an idiot.  Warren goes into a demon bar and will die very soon.  And Warren the piece of crap jack hole realizes now Buffy is gonna kill him.  Willow is one very piiiiiissed witch.  Those lightbulbs blowing up is scary.  Holy Crap, she absorbed the books.  That is freaky.  Dawn home.  Don’t go upstairs!!!!!  CRAP!!!!!  She found Tara.  Crap Crap Crap.  Warren goes to Rack.  You are waaaaay out of your league here Warren.  Of course Rack knows what Willow is up to.  Buffy in surgery.  And things don’t look good.  Willow.  Taking care of business.  Okay, that is one freaky bullet floating out if Buffy.  That is one heck of a resolve face.  Warren, the bus is really not that great of a getaway.  Willow, no one likes a backseat driver.  Yeah, Willow, you are seriously going to the dark side here.  Will Buffy save Warren?  Wait, robot?  Warren is very smart.  Now Buffy and Xander are told about Tara.  I think the Scoobies are really screwed here.  Crap, Buffy finds Tara’s body.  And Dawn is keeping her company.  And now Tara’s body is taken away.  This must be usual for Sunnydale cops, to investigate a real murder.  Knew Dawn would say good to Willow killing Warren.  Xander agrees too.  Buffy so wants/has to play by the rules.  Dawn can’t stay by herself?  She’s not five.  No one is happy Dawn wants to go with Spike.  And they bring up the attempted rape.  But not tell Dawn.  Okay, that blood forms a freaky map.  Willow is getting deeper and deeper.  Clem!  Clem is so cool.  Now they find out that Spike left town.  Dawn and Clem feel so cool.  Spike went to Africa?  Those hieroglyphics look creepy.  Even Spike looks scared by the voice in the cave.  Great, why do they always do trials on these shows.  Xander and Anya.  Actually being civil to each other.  Now she is telling him she is a vengeance demon again?  Great timing.  Knew Anya would help Willow, not Buffy.  Warren running through the woods is such a loser thing to do.  Axe in the back?  Don’t think that is gonna stop her.  Knew it!  Warren, Willow is waaaay out of your league here.  Heat vision.  Warren, shut up, because Willow is gonna destroy you more now.  Willow is really learning all of Warren’s crimes.  I really don’t feel sorry for a Warren here.  Creative use of a bullet.  I hate lips sewn together.  Willow is so going to kill Warren.  Buffy!  And she rips his skin off.  And the Scoobies are properly horrified.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Jonathan tells Andrew off about Warren with “He’s a nice murderer who keeps his word.”  Warren realizes something with the Vampire he is talking to “This isn’t the evil laugh of victory is it?”  Willow makes a comment about the bullet with “It’s so small.”  And Spike gets told off by a scary demon in a cave with “You were a legendary dark warrior and you let yourself be castrated.”  And finally, what Willow says to Warren, “Bored now.”


Joss, you are really freaking me out here.  Tara is dead dead dead, which is mean mean mean.  And now Willow is all cray cray for vengeance.  But can we blame her?  Scary, thrilling, violent, heartfelt, sad, and with darn good philosophical points as well, this one hits hard.



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