Three Random Internet Memes About The Internet

Toy Story

The internet is a wild and wonderful place.  And you simply can’t go anywhere online without bumping into all those amazing memes.

So because I wanna try something new and different and possibly annoying, I now present Three Random Internet Memes About The Internet!!!


Picture Memes

The Princess Meme…

Okay, Princess Bride is always a favourite, and making a self referential joke about memes just perfectly fits my theme for this post.  Plus, I amuse easily.



Creepy Meme…

While I loved Willy Wonka, I found this movie really really creepy.  And the new one held little interest for me.  But I have always found the smug smile on this meme to be very funny.  The mockery gets to me.



Fry Meme…

Gotta love Fry.  But don’t gotta like trolling.  I should keep this one handy to call out some people whom I have seen trolling all the time.  I wonder if I look like this when I see nonsense online.


And that’s all folks!  Coming soon, Three Random Thoughts On Why Dial-Up Is Awesome!!!  Or not.



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