Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 6.21 Two To Go

Buffy season 6

Buffy has the save Willow and the Trio from a fate worse than death in Two To Go.  Almost at the season six finale with another post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

The Scoobies chase after Willow as she heads after the rest of the Trio.  Willow wrecks Xander’s car.  Anya teleports to jail and talks to Andrew and Jonathan.  Willow arrives and wrecks the police station.  Buffy gets the Trio out and escapes with Xander in a stolen cop car.  Willow follows with a stolen transport truck and attacks.  But eventually she runs out of magical gas.  Spike in Africa keeps going through trials.  Dawn has Clem take her to Rack the dark magician.  Willow has already arrived and sucked Rack’s power.  The Scoobies go to the Magic Shop to decide what to do.  Buffy thinks Willow can be rehabbed, but others don’t think so.  Buffy goes to Rack.  Dawn sees Willow who is now all powered up and a mean girl.  Buffy arrives and tells Willow to get away from Dawn.  Willow teleports them all to the Magic Shop.  Willow fights the Trio, but they are under protection by Anya’s magic, which Willow does not know.  Buffy attacks Willow and the Scoobies get away.  They fight.  Willow knocks down Buffy, sees that Anya is using her magic and takes her out.  Willow boasts that she has won and no one can beat her.  A magic blast knocks her down.  It was sent by Giles, who plans to take Willow down.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Run Scoobies Run!  They have seen worse, but because it is Willow, it is fare more terrifying.  Love how Anya just teleports away with a screw you attitude.  And Willow took care of Xander’s car of course.  That car does look nasty.  Are we back to Xander being a Zeppo again for no good reason that was never true.  That poor police station has no idea what is coming.  The Trio are truly insane losers.  Superman versus Spiderman reference?  Star Wars reference that is actually creative.  Anya!  Anya recaps the plot quite nicely, Angel writers should take note of this.  That’s right, use magic in front of the poor Sunnydale cop.  Jurassic Park coffee cup reference.  That was an impressive entrance Willow.  At least Willow is being kind to the bystanders.  Those bricks flying out are freaky.  Now being less nice to the bystanders.  The why of Anya teleporting them out is very obvious, no direct intervention by the vengeance demon.  They Will Believe A Witch Can Fly.  Love how Willow knows right away it is Buffy.  Ouchie for Anya.  That is one loud nasty scream by Willow.  Kinda reminds me of the remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  Of course Xander stole a cop car.  Andrew deserves that smack from Buffy.  They did do something.  What Jonathan says about Willow is what we are all saying.  Willow’s got a truck!  And she is not afraid to use it!  Okay, looks like Willow can run out of gas.  Magic gas, that is.  That poor truck driver.  Dawn and Clem, just hanging out.  He is enticing her with a PG13 movie?  Nice little segue to Spike.  Shirtless Spike for the ladies.  I hate rites and trial storylines.  Dawn wants Rack, which is so not a good idea.  Really wish Xander and Anya would stop bickering right about now.  Andrew can conjure a demon?  Somehow I don’t think that would go well.  Giles always had backups of backups, including with magic.  Love how Buffy clarifies things to Jonathan about what the mission is.  Save Willow from hurting herself.  Xander has a point, what to do with Willow?  Cut to Rack, who I think is about to die.  Rack is creepy with the strawberries.  Instant recharge from the magic dealer.  Is Dawn gonna find another dead body?  Yep!  And Willow is really really juiced up.  Dawn is trying to reach Willow, but it won’t work.  Now Willow is just getting mean.  Buffy!  Why has no one called Giles yet?  Andrew has such bad ideas, and escaping is one of them.  Andrew is really losing it, and doing five million geek references in a row.  Xander hates hearing the truth from Anya about where Willow is mentally right now.  Anya is right about with the marriage proposal dig.  Xander is being a jerk, again.  At least Buffy is trying to reason with Willow first.  Love how Willow switches how she refers to herself.  Now Willow plays the mindgames on Buffy.  And kinda summarizes this season as well with Buffy.  Love how Willow slowly teleports them, and we barely notice.  Oh crud, Willow found the Trio.  Protection spell.  Anya!  Doing the right thing.  Meanwhile, Spike is still fighting away, and getting burned.  Knew he would snap his neck.  Willow is swaying so strangely.  Willow is hulking out.  Now that was a punch on Buffy.  The Magic Shop is getting trashed again.  Buffy versus Willow!  Willow is really kicking the Hellmouth out of Buffy.  Sabrina reference!  Andrew, you are an idiot with a sword.  Crap, Willow found Anya.  And Jonathan finally stops being a loser.  Darn, Buffy is out and Anya is about to die.  Willow really is unstoppable.  Wait, Willow hit and bleeding?  GILES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Looking all piiiiiiiiissed.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Willow gives a cop a suggestion he takes with “Take a nap.”  Xander tells off Jonathan and Andrew with “Boys, if you don’t knock it off, I will pull this car over and you can just walk to your painful deaths from here.”  Clem expresses sympathy for Dawn with “It’s not fair.  Girl your age, cooped up in a crypt.”  Xander tells Andrew off with “And I could smack you so that your eyeballs could switch sockets.”  Willow tells Dawn who she is with “No honey, I am the magics.”  Willow tells Buffy off with “Oh Buffy, you really need to have every square inch of your ass kicked.”  Giles (!!!!) gives Willow the heads up with “I’d like to test that theory.”


Willow is sooooo getting a freaking time out after all this mayhem!!  We all have sympathy for her, but she is really testing everyone’s resolve here.  On the edge of my seat waiting for the conclusion.



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