Some Random Thoughts On Angel 3.21 Benediction and Angel 3.22 Tomorrow

Angel Season 3Angel adjusts to the newly returned Connor in Benediction, and falls into a trap in Tomorrow.  Continuing on with another part of My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!



What Angel Investigations Did!

AI gets ready to find Angel, but he shows up.  He tells of finding Connor and talking and getting wounded.  And Connor is to be called Steven and is welcome home anytime.  AI wonders if anything else came out of the portal.  Connor and Holtz go to a hotel.  Holtz finds out out only a short time has passed on earth.  Holtz and Connor talk of Angel being Connor’s father.  Holtz tells him to get close to Angel and learn his evil.  Lorne helps track what else came from the portal and Gunn and Freddie go in search of it.  Wesley gets a mysterious message on his computer.  The portal device shows them Connor in the hotel.  Cordelia gets a vision.  But has trouble communicating it to Angel.  Wesley goes to a bar and meets with Lila, who invited him.  Lila has Justine show up as well and that the place is filled with Vampires.  So Justine will die.  But will Wesley save her.  He says no but Lila thinks otherwise.  Angel and Connor show up and start fighting Vampires.  Justine tries to get away but is caught by some Vampires.  Connor saves her.  Wesley and Lila can tell it is Connor in the battle.  Angel and Connor win.  And they are happy.  But Holtz is not happy.  Angel tells AI how wonderful Connor fights.  Holtz tells Connor to go be with Angel.  Connor storms out and Gunn and Freddie see this and Holtz.  Connor goes to the hotel and argues with Lorne and Cordelia arrives to calm them down.  She tells him she is part demon and Connor attacks.  Cordelia glows in defense and Connor is enveloped.  This makes the boy cry.  Connor tells Angel about Holtz.  Angel gives Connor to AI and goes after Holtz.  Cordelia tells him to be honest with Connor, but he isn’t.  Justine finds Holtz and they makes plans for her to kill him.  AI brings Connor to the ocean and he overhears them mentioning Angel seeing Holtz.  He takes off.  Cordelia sees Angel come back, but it is really Gruesome.  Angel and Holtz meet and argue and how Connor should be with Angel.  He hands Angel a letter for Connor.  After he leaves, Justine kills Holtz and makes it look like Angel.  Connor sees dead Holtz and fall for it.


My Thoughts!!

AI all worried about Angel.  Angel!  He looks so unhappy saying Steven.  Freddie is right as always.  Connor is almost all cleaned up.  Holtz looks like crap on a cracker.  Still no Lorne in the credits.  Connor is strong enough to lift the vending machine.  Guessing that demon dimension was that bad.  Holtz came after?  Prob after Cordelia and Gruesome were knocked out last episode.  But how did Connor know Holtz came back?  Boring plot catch up.  A magically powered geiger counter, courtesy of Freddie.  Give it a rest with Gruesome being jealous of Cordelia caring for Angel.  Lorne and Gruesome have a conversation about Cordelia that goes nowhere.  Hey Gruesome, wasn’t Cordelia just out with you, and had a trip with you where she didn’t call the office?  Meanwhile, the lost family member Wesley is still being ignored by AI.  Connor!  Love how Angel calls him Steven.  Exit AI stage left.  And they both cross their arms the same way.  These visions sure are different nowadays.  That’s right, entice the kid with violence.  Okay, so Wesley is also here.  Lila.  I think Lila wants Wesley and his stake.  Justine?  Who isn’t in this club?  Undead Americans.  They used that one in Buffy.  Angel!  Someone finally called Justine on being a wannabe Slayer.  Will Wesley help?  Connor has super jumping now?  Are they gonna set up Connor and Justine now?  She is too old for him.  Angel and Connor, dad and son, fighting side by side.  Wesley is gonna help.  Awww, Connor has two daddies.  Holtz looks pissed.  Cordelia can reenter visions now?  What kind of mindgames is Holtz playing now?  Sending Connor back to Angel.  Of course AI tracks Connor to the motel and sees Holtz.  That’s right Connor, insult Lorne.  Cordelia trying to calm the moody teenager down.  Right, attack Cordelia because you think she will be easier prey.  Jerk.  Again, with the glowy, now with added Connor.  This reminds me of Raven in the old New Teen Titans comic.  Would Freddie and Gunn have not called in by now about Holtz?  Now Connor lets out that Holtz is back.  So Connor beat AI back?  Justine finds Holtz.  Cue strained reunion.  Love Cordelia recaps of what the Angel writers always do.  Not surprised Cordelia wants Holtz dead, but she is right about not lying to Connor.  Had a feeling when they almost put Holtz and Justine together, that they thought the age difference was too much.  So now it will be Justine and Connor.  Holtz sounds like a broken old man, but still has plans in motion.  Connor and the ocean.  Betcha Connor overheard.  Even over the ocean and at that distant.  Yep.  Gruesome.  Motels are home to some people.  And I think they already established that.  Again, what game is Holtz playing?  He truly loves Connor but can no longer provide for him, but Angel can, so Angel gets him?  Interesting twist.  Holtz is gonna commit suicide and make it look like Angel did it.  Justine kills Holtz with fake bite marks.  Called it.  Trap set and walked into.


I know what they are trying to do here, but this feels waaaay too forced.  Not bad characters, but kinda written all over the place.  And at least Holtz is gone.

Angel logo



What Angel Investigations Did!

Connor is living at the hotel.  And Angel is happy.  Connor is plotting revenge.  They train then head off with AI to the drive in.  Where they are attacked by commandoes sent by Wolfram and Hart.  They defeat them and confront the VP and tell him off.  Lila keeps hitting on Wesley.  Cordelia comes home and Gruesome is leaving.  He claims she loves Angel.  Gruesome leaves town.  Lorne tells Angel of how the Vampire has fallen for Cordelia.  Cordelia has a vision of herself and is told she loves Angel.  She calls Angel to go see him at the beach.  Angel heads out to the meeting.  Cordelia gets trapped in traffic and all time freezes.  She sees Skip again, who tells her she has to evolve into a higher being.  And leave earth.  Angel is waiting at the beach and Connor arrives.  They fight.  Connor wins because he uses a taser.  Cordelia becomes a higher being and leaves earth.  Justine shows up and they trap Angel in a metal coffin.  They toss him off a boat and into the ocean.


My Thoughts!!

Gruesome shows with food and drink.  All for Angel.  Weird Pylean drink for Cordelia to gag one.  Sex jokes that are not funny.  Angel Gruesome joke not funny.  Gruesome being an idiot.  Is this the writers way of getting Cordelia out of a purely sexual relationship?  Time to catch Connor up on the plot.  The only funny part in this Angel Cordelia convo is the part about Angel being cheap.  Lorne!  He’s leaving?  Noooooo!!!!!  I LOVE LORNE!!!!!!!!!  Hope he stays.  Justine and Connor off in a field.  Waiting for her to put the moves on him.  Oh yeah, Holtz’s body.  Quick unnecessary flashback because Holtz wasn’t killed by Angel.  Makes sense Connor would make sure Holtz would not rise as a Vampire.  Wesley and Lila, together again for more verbal word play.  And Wesley getting drunk just because.  Lila is waaaaaay too obvious.  Meanwhile, Darth Holtz burns on a pyre.  Connor is fifteen.  And needs the sex talk.  Time for more Gruesome jealousy.  Freddie and Gunn never used a cell phone before to give important news.  Connor!  Reads the letter rather fast.  Warning AI, Connor agrees waaaaay to quickly to living with them, remember what Lorne said.  You better explain what a movie is to Connor Angel, since that might freak him out.  Actually really cool practice session for Connor.  Love Freddie’s version of Vampire.  Tuna and ice cream?  Yum!  Like fish sticks in custard.  Gruesome is leaving because the writers need him to.  Lorne!  Don’t Leave!!!!  Kinda cute montage about Angel and Cordelia’s relationship.  But Gruesome does not have to leave.  Gruesome is like a big lovesick puppy and I feel kinda bad for him.  Wait, not just a movie, but a drive-in?  And Freddie and Gunn are along as well?  It’s just make believe, now in 3D!  Helicopter!  Coming up, dead commandos.  Snap some necks Angel.  Wolfram and Hart vp is such an idiot.  Connor, snap his neck.  Bit obvious it is a ploy by calling Angel father and his name being Connor again.  Glowy Cordelia is stupid and annoying.  And she loves Angel!  Not thrilled with this development, like them better as best friends.  If they actually got together, wonder how much Buffy would flip.  Connor is waaaaay to agreeable, and AI is stupidly not suspicious.  Love how Freddie pretend stakes Angel in case he is to happy.  Called it!  Wesley had sex with Lila!  Now hates himself.  Wesley is a snippy little brat isn’t he?  Cause that was rude to Lila.  And I don’t even like Lila.  Off to the ocean side meeting for Angel and Cordelia, and she is late, and Angel lost his cell.  It’s against the law to be glowing and driving Cordelia.  Okay, she stopped time.  Kinda saw Connor attacking Angel.  One day of training would not enable him to take down Angel.  Skip!  Wait, Cordelia is evolving into a higher being?  Is she leaving?  This was all a test by the Powers?  Not happy here with this.  Connor has discovered tasers?  Here come Justine’s boat.  Dang, Cordelia really can’t tell Angel she loves him.  Angel in a steel coffin bolted in by Connor.  Cordelia’s choice, the universe over Angel.  FUDGE!!!!!!!  Cordelia is going to a higher plain!!!!!!!  I want her back now!!!!!!  Angel is doing the right thing, telling Connor he loves him even as he is bolted in.  Wouldn’t Angel eventually punch his way out?  Connor, you are sooooo grounded when Angel gets back.  Now they use cellphones?  Freddie asking where did everybody go is the same thing I am asking.  They had a nice big cast, now all chopped down.


This is supposed to be suspenseful, but it is not.  The cliffhanger is very whatever to me, since Angel would eventually escape.  And is Cordelia, one of the best characters on Angel, really gone forever?  I certainly hope, especially since this is a cheap way to get rid of her.



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