Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 6.22 Grave

Buffy season 6

Buffy and Giles have to stop the bent on destroying the world Willow in Grave.  Now at the season six finale with another holy crud post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Willow fights Giles as he tries to talk to her.  Giles magically entraps her.  He tells Buffy that he has borrowed power from a witches coven.  Buffy and Giles talk in the back room.  She tells him everything that has happened since he left and how bad it has all gotten.  Giles has a good laugh.  Willow gets Anya to loosen the spell and breaks free.  She begins her attack again and Giles tries to stop her.  The Scoobies are trying to figure out what to do with the Trio.  Spike keeps going in Africa.  Willow and Giles keep fighting and Willow is winning.  Willow sends a magic fireball after the Scoobies and Buffy goes in pursuit to save them.  Willow and Giles keep fighting.  And Willow wins.  She drains all the borrowed magic out of Giles.  This makes her sense and feel all the emotions in the world.  Reeling from it all, Willow decides to end the world in order top end all the suffering.  Buffy stops the fireball, but the explosion knocks Xander out, traps Buffy and Dawn underground, and lets the trio escape.  Anya wakes up and Giles tells her Willow is going to end the world.  Buffy tries to escape the hole and Xander wakes up to go get rope.  Buffy and Dawn bicker about Buffy being too protective.  Anya teleports in and says that Willow is raising an old temple, all to help end the world.  And Willow cannot be stopped by magic.  Anya leaves.  Xander overhears and goes to Willow.  Willow mentally talks to Buffy and conjures up zombies to kill them.  Willow starts with the temple.  Xander arrives and tries to stop Willow.  She magically hurts him.  He keeps going.  Xander tells Willow he loves her.  And she will have to kill him also.  Xander again tells Willow he loves her.  Willow breaks down and her magic lowers as the pain of Tara’s death fully hits her.  Xander and Willow hug.  Giles tells Anya that the magic Willow stole made her feel again.  Anya realizes Xander is not a jerk.  Buffy and Dawn work together to fight the zombies, then escape from the underground.  Spike in Africa survives the last test.  So he is rewarded with his soul returned to him.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Giles is mad and pissed and mad.  Willow being snotty.  Love how he tells her to stay down.  Love how she smacks his spell away.  Well Giles just schooled Willow with a binding spell.  Giles, not the right time to notice that Buffy cut her hair.  Happy hug between Buffy and Giles.  Willow is still one crazy evil witch even all trusssed up.  So Giles heard from another coven about Willow.  Dang, that makes sense.  Time for Buffy to pour her heart out to Giles.  He really is concerned over the vengeance demon part.  She admits to sleeping with Spike?  Holy Hellmouth.  Laughter?  I am guessing this is the writers commentary with how dire they have made Buffy this season.  But in a good way.  Willow knows to manipulate Anya to get free.  They mention the mental ward episode.  Now Giles feels slightly guilty over leaving.  Buffy finally admits to her real dad her fears about coming back and why.  Giles line about Willow living with killing sounds like next seasons story arc.  Oh crud, Anya’s out and Willow is talking.  Knew she would use those knives.  Giles and Willow, round two.  Xander!  You let slip to Dawn about Spike’s attempted rape of Buffy, something she did not want to get into right now.  Dawn reassessing her view of Spike.  Meanwhile, Spike is being bugged.  Well, the Magic Shop has seen better days.  Is that a William Shatner book in the wreckage?  Giles looks bagged.  This place is getting trashed more than the Bronze ever did.  Willow, you are officially kicked out of Gryffindor and slapped into Slytherin.  That magic fireball is nasty looking.  A Wizard of Oz line!  Slamming Giles onto the ceiling and the floor is bad sport Willow.  Whatever that spell was, it really shocked Willow.  Crap on a cracker, she stole Giles borrowed power.  She has the Elder Wand and is now She Must Not Be Named.  Willow getting overwhelmed by hearing it all, just like Buffy did in Earshot.  Suffering has to end?  What does that mean?  The word retard is used, did they watch Angel and take notes?  Incoming fireball!  Incoming Buffy!  Incoming destroyed cemetery!  Great, now Buffy and Dawn are trapped underground with the two swords to keep them company.  Xander taking a nap on dirt.  Knew the Trio would make a run for it.  Gone forever I hope.  Anya!  Slap Giles awake like Cordelia did.  Giles has some kinda Vulcan mind meld with Willow now.  She’s planning on killing the world!  Crap!  Slayer and sister, still trapped.  Dawn, shut up right now!  Not the time to talk about Spike’s attempted rape.  And yes, you are right about everyone treating you like a child, but not the time.  Anya!  Filling in the Scoobies of Willow’s plan and how dire it is.  No temple on King Man’s Bluff?  There is now!  Courtesy of Willow raising the old one.  No magic can stop her?  Maybe a bullet?  Giles is dying?  CRAP!  Willow is being a bitch with one last taunt to Buffy.  Great, zombies for Buffy and Dawn to fight.  Yes!  Buffy finally gives a sword to Dawn!  Guess Buffy admits her sister is all grown up.  Meanwhile, Willow is destroying the world.  Xander?  That’s where he went.  Makes sense that Xander would try to talk Willow down.  Dang, Dawn is good with a sword.  And now Buffy realizes this.  Xander pulls an Oprah and really wants to save Willow.  That is good play Xander, dare her to kill you first.  You know she won’t.  Hitting him every time he says I Love You has gotta hurt Willow.  The rage powering her is slowly leaving to the grief caused by Xander saying I Love You.  Willow has the breakdown with her best friend.  Zombies gone.  Giles lives!  So Giles borrowed magic was good, brought out her feelings.  So now Anya realizes Xander is not a complete scum.  Dawn calls Buffy on her depressing assiness this season, wanting to be out of her life.  And Buffy and Dawn hug a long awaited hug.  So is Dawn gonna train as a Slayer now?  Buffy and Dawn climbing out of the hole is so cool and metaphorical.  And Willow and Xander still hugging and crying and healing.  Buffy and Dawn see the beauty of nature and the world.  Spike all beaten and tired.  And still full of attitude.  What????  The demon gave Spike his soul back????  He is just like Angel now????  SPIKE HAS A SOUL!!!!  And when the memory of his attempted rape, plus all the killings he did, and people he tortured, goes through his mind with a soul again, he is gonna flip out.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Willow gives Giles sass with “Well buckle up Rupert.  Because I have turned pro.”  Willow tells Buffy and Giles new info with “Willow doesn’t live here anymore.”  Willow tells Buffy her fate with “It was me who took you out of the earth.  Well now the earth wants you back.”  Xander gives Willow what she needs with “I Love You Willow.”  Buffy tells Dawn “Things really sucked lately.”   Which we all say well duh!


By The Hellmouth!!  This one pulls out all the feels.  Willow deals with death and how to live with it.  Buffy deals with death and how to live with it.  And Xander saves the day, like we all knew he could.  All because one spineless bastard killed an innocent young lady.  Rot in hell Warren.  Rest In Peace Tara.



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