Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 7.1 Lessons

Buffy season 7

Buffy faces a new terror, Dawn’s first day at the new Sunnydale High School, as we embark on the final season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer!! with Lessons.  All in another post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

In Istanbul, a teen girl is chased by hooded people.  She is caught and killed.   In Sunnydale Buffy is showing Dawn how to fight Vampires.  And they talk of how the new Sunnydale High is opening tomorrow.  In England, Willow is studying magic with Giles.  She is controlling her powers and is getting ready to go home, unsure of how she will be welcomed.  Xander is running the rebuilding at the school and he sees the Principal’s office is over the Hellmouth.  Buffy takes Dawn to her first day at high school and they meet Principal Wood, who knows who Buffy is.  Buffy looks around the school and sees a talisman in the bathroom.  And she sees a dead girl ghost, who taunts Buffy.  Anya is working away as a vengeance demon and talking to her demon friend Halfrek.  And she is told her quality of work is not good.  Also, Halfrek warns of some ancient evil stirring.  Buffy goes to Dawn and is embarrassing to her.  Dawn also sees a ghost.  She goes to the bathroom and sees a student named Kit who is scared.  As they leave the floor gives way and they end up in the basement.  In England, Willow feels the ancient evil as well.  At the high school, Dawn and Kit find another student, Carlos, who also saw ghosts.  All three ghosts arrive and threaten them.  Dawn pulls out Buffy’s gift, a cell phone, and calls Buffy.  Buffy gets into the basement and sees the three ghosts.  They argue with Buffy and she gets by them through a door.  And she finds Spike.  Who is not well mentally or physically.  Dawn calls Buffy again.  Spike says they are not ghosts but spirits controlled by a talisman.  Buffy tells Dawn to get a weapon and leaves Spike.  Buffy calls Xander and says to break the talisman.  Buffy finds Dawn and uses a purse with a brick in it to fight the spirits.  Xander finds the talisman and breaks it.  The spirits vanish.  Buffy gives a pep talk to Dawn, Kit, and Carlos and Principal Wood sees.  He is impressed and offers Buffy a job as a counselor.  She says yes.  Spike in the basement sees another spirit who changes shape constantly into Warren, Glory, Adam, The Mayor, Drusilla, and the Master.  He rambles on about powerful and evil he is.  It changes to Buffy and taunts Spike some more.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Istanbul?  Run teen girl run!  She needs Indy to save her from the cloaked men.  I have a feeling she is not going to make it.  Yep.  These guys are brutal.  Buffy teaching Dawn how to Slay.  Dawn is right, how do Vampires learn kung fu?  Yeah, Dawn is also taller than Buffy.  Love how Buffy just lifts the stuck Vampire right up out of the ground.  Knew he was gonna attack.  Dawn looks so concentrated.  They don’t behead too much on this show do they?  What is the big bad now?????  Oh, school.  That makes sense.  They never did say where the students went in the last three years.  Giles!  Giles on a horse!  Is that Puff the Magic Dragon being played in the background?  England!  Willow!  Looking very very worried.  That’s a cute flower Willow magicked up.  So Willow is being trained by a Ms. Harkness in how to be a witch.  Wonder what her proficiency level is now.  Interesting, Willow thought Giles was gonna kill her.  Looks like the guilt has really weighed her down.  Dumbledore mention!  Xander!  Looking all snazzy in a suit.  Written by Joss!  Client meeting?  Xander has come up in the world.  Love how Xander has examined the new high school blueprints for anything evil and evil.  Of course Dawn would take stakes to school.  What’s the gift????  Xander is working onsite of course.  Buffy just reiterated three seasons of baddies to Dawn.  New Principal?  How long will he survive?  Knew someone would think Buffy was Dawn’s mom.  Looks like Buffy is famous academically or something.  Twilight Zone reference!  Gasp!  A basketball!  So no one from Dawn’s middle school came to this high school.  Twigs lead to ghosts.  Buffy would not be scared by this.  Buffy, way too wreck Dawn’s good first impression of her peers.  Anya and her demon buddy having coffee.  Anya’s gotta get her vengeance demon up.  Mention of the upcoming big bad being evil and old.  Xander!  That guy looks a bit old for grade nine.  Pencil in eye!  Hate that!  So Buffy is famous for weirdness.  Mysterious bathroom sounds means Moaning Myrtle.  Buffy caught by the Principal.  And given attitude.  Scared girl in bathroom.  Creepy ghosts in bathroom lead to floor collapse.  Yep, Sunnydale High is reopened!  Willow looks like crap.  Betcha she is talking about the big bad.  Dawn and her friend are stuck in the basement, so things are going bad already.  Principal read Buffy’s record.  That must be the size of a phone book.  Another guy trapped in the basement.  With creepy janitor.  And pencil guy.  And bathroom ghost girl.  Is this the new Scoobies for Dawn??  Dawn’s present was a cellphone??  That is actually awesome.  Sorry Principal. telling an adult guardian that you don’t allow cellphones in school is stupid and idiotic.  So shove it, moron.  Lousy lies Buffy, dead dogs and all.  The ghosts can call cellphones?  Love how Buffy doesn’t give a flip about these loser ghosts beefs.  These ghosts suck at fighting.  Spike!  Holy Hellmouth Spike does not look well mentally.  This will make no sense to Buffy because she does not know Spike has his soul back.  And has obviously been tortured.  By himself?  Trying to cut his soul out.  Dawn’s Scoobies are not very effective.  Spike just did a Giles and explained the plot.  Buffy is awfully nice and calm to the guy who tried to rape her, maybe because she can tell he is in pain.  That’s Buffy for you.  Dawn takes charge of her Scoobies.  Talk about whiny spirits.  Brick in purse is darn good thinking.  Xander, that’s the girls bathroom!  I know, who cares at this point.  Buffy!  Swing that purse!  There goes the talisman!  And Buffy does not tell Dawn about Spike.  That is suuuuuch a hint from Buffy about Dawn getting her own Scoobies.  A slightly goth girl and a hispanic boy who smokes.  So these two also have… colourful histories.  Now the Principal seems less jerky.  He’s offering Buffy a job??  As a counselor of some sort.  Spike!  Falling apart.  Warren?  Being the same jerk.  Wait, Glory?  Damn, Adam is back as well.  Is this season’s big bad a shapeshifter?  The Mayor!  Hate that laugh.  Drusilla!  And all her creepy wackiness.  The Master!  Will Colin show up next?  Always kinda dug him.  If the cowboy Vampires show up, I am leaving.  This is some really really ancient evil.  And he is really really bragging.  And the big bad this year is about power.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Giles asks Willow a question, “Do you want to be punished?”  and she replies with “I want to be Willow.”  Xander asks Buffy “How exactly do you make cereal?”  Dawn asks Buffy and Xander “So the Principal is evil?” which causes Xander to reply with “Well the last two Principals were eaten.”  Dawn asks her junior Scoobies a question never good to say on this show with “Where did they go?”  Buffy answers a question from Dawn with “There’s always a talisman.”  And Spike gets told an answer to his question by “The Mayor” with “A soul is slippier then a grease weasel.  Why do you think I sold mine?”


This is a most excellent episode that I hated.  All because it is the last season premiere of Buffy ever.   That is not fair and terrible and not fair.  And it is so good.  With a cool big bad, Spike back, characters progress, and the possibility of a Scoobies Junior.  Most excellent beginning of the end Joss.



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